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Early Start

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First, Oh WOW, thank you SOOOO much for this site! You have no idea how much it was helpful to people like me! I guess I want to say first, yes, girls my age got horny, yes we needed to do something about it, but it was hard to ask even your best friends, and no WAY could you ask your mum, well, not MY mum anyway, she would totally lose it.

This is about my first ever orgasm.


I guess I started to get interested about what was what down there when I got my first period. It was horrid! YUCK! Then, I would feel, I don't know, kinda antsy, tingly between periods. It used to make me very bad tempered too.

So, I went for a long time just putting up with damp knickers and an itch I didn't know how to scratch. Guys know exactly what is what down there, don't they? They should. Its all out on display. For us, or maybe just for me, a girls is tucked away, hidden. Shit, you need a mirror to see anything!

Then I heard two of my friends talking about Solo Touch. I asked them what it was and learned all about what stories there are here.

So, I got on-line and started to read. I liked the techniques, especially the girls stuff, but then I read the stories.

I wasn't half way through my first one before my knickers were soaked through. I had my hand between my legs and I found my clit! I read a story about a girl peeing herself, and for some reason that really turned me on. I thought about her doing it in her knickers, and before I got to the end, I had cummed!

So, thank you Solo Touch for giving me my first every orgasm. I haven't been brave enough to put something in me, you know, up me, yet, but I guess I'll try that soon.

I admit though, I did do what the girl in the story did. She peed in her knickers. It felt, umm, naughty, but nice too. I don't know, but I think its something I might experiment with more.

After I had my cum, I told my friend, of course! She has been able to make herself cum since she was younger (Bitch!) We talked about how differently we do it. She DOES fuck herself with her hairbrush handle, and she says she likes to say dirty words too. I like that, saying dirty words I mean. They turn me on and make me feel good. I would LOVE someone to say them TO me. I told Anna that and asked her to call me a bad name just for kicks.

She knelt up on her bed, took my face in her hands and looked into my eyes and then said 'Sophia you are a dirty bitch!' DAMN! I nearly fainted! I was turned on like hitting a switch. I Soooo wanted to do it right there and then. I think Anna knew too! She got up and said she was going out for ten minutes. She left me in her room and yeah, I did myself. I cummed ever so fast too.

I read a lot more here but I wanted to do it with Anna in the room too. I don't know, I just want someone to watch me.



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