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Early Shift

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Yesterday I had an absolutely fantastic wank, it was as good as the time you phoned to hear me cum the other day. I had been looking at porn online then decided to use a story I made up as I went along - based on the scenario of you being alone at sea and in need of some entertainment - the imagination is a wonderful thing! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did yesterday and put something on Solo Touch for me to get myself off on, it goes something like this....

We've been on board a small research vessel for just under a week doing surveying and monitoring about 2 miles offshore. We're part of a separate research groups so have seen very ittle of each other so far, schedules are different and hectic and we have single sex cabns so theres not even any opportunity for night time gropes in the dark. Knowing our love of masturbation, I lie on my bunk at night wondering if you're stroking your big hard cock just a few meters from me as I drift off to sleep.

One of the projects on board involves 24-hour monitoring in shifts. A couple of the team have had difficult gaining their sea legs and I offer to stand in. Glancing at the roster my heart skips a beat and a tingly feeling creeps in between my legs as I see I'll be sharing the shift with you! - a 6am start the next day, but I have a feeling it will be worth it. The next morning my alarm rusely awakens me from my wet dream in which two mens hands are running over me, working their way slowly towards my legs to ease them apart. I silence the alarm quickly and swing my legs off my bunk before I can drift back to sleep and see where the hands explore next.

Up on deck the air has a slight nip and the sea is calm. The last shift people look tired and worn. We exchange pleasantries, quicky go over the events of the last 4 hours and they head for their beds. I head for the kettle and a few minuites later you appear. I'm busy studying the various laminated charts and don't hear you come in.

I'm suddenly aware of your presence very close behind me and straighten up, leaning back into you. Your arm comes around my waist and you pull my hair to ne side to kiss my neck softly. Your tiny, barely there kisses instantly make me wet and the horniness I woke with a little while before returns. You stroke my neck, your rough palms reminding me of the hands in my dream as they slowly lower to my collar bone and find the zip to my fleece. The zip opens with little clicking sounds; I haven't said a word and nor have you but my breathing is quickening with anticipation. You circle my tits, tugging each nipple in turn and I push my back into you, feeling the bulge growing in your jeans. I lean back further an kiss you, at that moment you spin me around and rip at my fleece. The zip snaps under the force and my tits are exposed to the cool air of the cabin. Your tongue flicks over my left nipple cupping it in your hand and licking the flesh.

I lean back and brace myself against the table enjoying the sight of you lapping my tits. After a few moments I see you reach for your belt and let your cock bounce from your boxers. I push you away from me to see while you slowly stroke your shaft. Still we have not said a word. I unbuckle my own jeans and let them slip to the floor with my damp knickers. Then I push my bum onto the table and rest my heels on its edge, my legs fuly bent.

I slowly part my knees to give you an excellent view of my glistening clit and my pussy hole is already wet and wants a fuck. I lean back slightly and rub my fingers over my clit, feeling my pussy clench slightly as my aching cunt is stimulated. I have my eyes fixed on your big hard cock as you massage it slowly and you have your eyes fixed on me, loving watching me start to bring myself off. As its been a few days since I've wanked I get wet really quickly, letting my fingers explore the edges of my pussy and smooth juices over my asshole, always returning to my clit within a few seconds. I start to close my eyes for longer periods as I feel my orgasm build, enjoying the sensations as they run through me.

When looking at you I absent mindedly lick my lips, wanting to feel the head of your cock brush my mouth so I can suck on it and feel its stiffness against my tongue. My wanking intensifies at the thought of your gorgeous cock in my mouth and I move my fingers more quickly, beginning to squirm and slide around on the charts beneath me. You move closer and grab my wrists, pinning the above my head and then you start to tease me, holding your cock just milimeters from my cunt, I'm practically begging you to fuck me and you're loving it. You call me a 'dirty cock-loving bitch' and ask me if I want your big hard cock rammed up me like the whore that I am.

'Fuck! Just fuck me!' is all I can manage to say. Suddenly you release my wrists and hold your full balls as you wank and my fingers instantly get back to my clit. With my other hand I start finger fucking myself, 2 then 3 fingers pumping in and out, I'm so fucking horny!

Next you drop to your knees and just blow gently on my clit, teasing me again so I don't cum too soon. Enjoying me getting impatient as you blow on my clit and stroke yourself. You can see my juices running down over my asshole as I brush a finger over there.

I loose my cool: 'Fuck's sake, just fuck me, PLEASE!' I scream; I'm panting and exhausted from being on the brink of climax for almost an hour. You're fantastic at keeping me on the edge. My fingers start to pump my pussy with force: 2,3,4,5,6 hard pumps in time with the movement of your hand on your cock. I'm loving it and grunting, waves of pleasure running up my spine as resume fingering my soaking clit. Its so slippery to touch I can barely keep my fingers on it as I frig it hard. Your hand starts to move firmly and I can see you're about to cum. At that moment I start to cum hard, you can see my cunt hole pulsating, juice oozing from it. The sight makes you shoot long spurts from your cock, landing on my tit, my lower lip and my neck.

You hunch over me panting and I lie back, my legs wrapped around your waist, drawing you onto me so your balls brush against my still throbbing pussy lips. You look up just in time to see me lick your cum from my lips. You reach up and stroke your hand over my torso, wiping the hot cum into my skin before giving me a tender kiss. I lie there panting, thinking I should go a few days without wanking more often!

Let me know what you think. This turned out a little differently to last night's so I'm going to indulge my wet pussy again now before I sleep!



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