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Early Lessons

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Early Lessons
I'm a sexually young 60 year old who found out about masturbation 56 years ago, but didn't really know what was happening at the time. My next door neighbor was a 10 year old girl who was lots of fun to play with and she was also completely uninhibited around me. I guess I was a cutie and she was attracted to me.
One day her parents were away and she invited me into her house to get something to eat (little did I know what). We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and shared a glass of milk when she suddenly told me she wanted to show me something up in her bedroom. I said ok, and off we went. When we got there, she said she had been wanting to try something she saw her parents doing when she peeked into their bedroom one night when the door wasn't completely shut. Then she said we had to take our clothes off to do it. I was young, for sure, but I already had experienced my little penis get hard and had some erotic feelings come from its tip. And, I was excited to be able to see a girl's naked body because I never had before. I remember feeling like pleasurable electric type shocks all over my body as I undressed and watched her expose that shiny hairless spot between her legs where I saw two lips sideways and no pecker. I kinda knew girls didn't have peckers, but this was the first time I saw that incredibly smooth, sleek area. And, it did turn me on.
She then told me she wanted me to put my penis between those two lips between her legs. I didn't know what she was talking about, but I complied with her request as she lay on the carpet. I was tiny and soft, but I put it all right inside her lips as she held them apart for me. Then she told me to rub it on her, back and forth, in short, steady body movements. What did I know? I had no idea that this was the sex act I would learn more about 5 or 6 years later. But it did feel good, and she was moaning as she kinda jerked around on the floor. She told me she could feel my dick all over her sensitive spots, and it was making her squirm in wiggles of pleasure. I didn't get much of the pleasure feelings like I would later on in life, but the experience made me keenly interested in my penis and its ever growing sensual feelings.
She finished squirming, and asked me for one more favor, before she gave me a special surprise. She wanted me to lick her pussy, especially the top part toward her waist. I giggled at the thought, and was a bit reluctant to put my mouth on her already wet pee area, so she said she would do it for me first. She then put my entire penis and balls completely in her mouth and began sucking on them as she twirled my pecker around in her mouth with her tongue. It really felt good and made me tickle all over. As she finished sucking me she told me to go ahead with her now because I could see there was nothing wrong with it. So I slowly inched my mouth up against her vaginal lips and started licking all over them. She asked me to go up higher to the top area of her lips and to push down harder. As I did, she started thrusting her torso up toward my mouth, and from what I learned later, she came, as she moaned and sighed a whole lot. We lay there together for another 5 minutes or so as she "recovered", then she reached over to my dangling little hotdog and began to stroke it and pull on it, up and down, as I felt it tickling in the very best way. She kept doing that for another 10 minutes, smiling prettily at me all the while. I was in heaven as I felt her sweet attention to me, and I told her I sure liked doing this. She said her mom might be getting home soon, so we'd better stop. But she sure gave me a lasting memory for the rest of my life. My first experience at masturbation, and a whole lot more!
I really liked that girl, and one day she showed me how a girl can pee standing up, just like a boy, but her mother caught us and I wasn't able to be alone with her again.



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