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Early Days

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I'm not sure exactly when I began to masturbate, but I think it was when I was around 11. I remember feeling how good it felt when my penis would rub up against the bed that I would squeeze my dick between my thighs. During that age, my legs didn't have any hair and they were pretty soft and smooth, so I figured out a way of using my two fingers to push my cock down between my legs and then closed my legs, allowing my dick to pop out. Sometimes I would help it a little bit by pulling at the base of my cock, but for the most part, it would come out with just the pressure of my legs. When I got the timing down, I got pretty good at it - and my smooth legs would rub the full length of my shaft on both sides at the same time. I didn't cum during those days, so when I came, I just closed my legs and pushed my dick down and held it there until the pleasure subsided.
As I got older though, my cock got much harder and by then I started shooting cum. I tried to stop the cum from coming out, but wasn't always successful. Besides, when your dick is much harder and stiffer, the constant rubbing of my fingers on one spot in the middle of my penis would break the skin once in awhile and that meant I had to stop masturbating for awhile (or at least until I couldn't hold off for long).
My brother, who was 2 years older than me used to buy Playboys, so I used to sneak and borrow them when he was out and jack off to them. I remember when I was 12, there was a newsstand that I would steal this small nudie mags. During those years in 1966, shoplifting wasn't so much of a big deal then but luckily I didn't get caught. Also during that time, most of the adult magazines only showed naked women's breasts which I got off looking at them. I can't for the life of me remember exactly when I changed over to using the 'fisting' method, but I use that way ever since.
I discovered another new way to masturbate around this time when I would be taking a shower. Interestingly, I was reminded of it when I read that someone else did the same thing on another masturbation website. I'd take a hand towel and wrap it around the showerhead so the water would cascade down in one strong stream and I'd place my dick under the water until I came. I found as I did it more often, that the best feeling was when I kneeled down so the distance from the showerhead was the farthest from my cock. The feeling was incredible! I laid my dick out in the palm of my hand and made sure the water would just keep beating on it, moving my hips slightly in and out so the water would hit the head once in awhile and back down to the middle section. When I came, the force of the water kept hitting it, milking the cum out of me until I couldn't stand it anymore. I literally was frozen with pulses of pleasure going through my body as the water kept pounding my dick with my hand flat as a board under it. The only shortcomming of it all was that I would use up all of the hot water in the house and my folks would be banging on the bathroom door asking me if I was alright.
I remember one of the best times was when I went on a trip with my parents and my brother. By this time, I was buying my magazines, although I was pretty nervous and I was still only about 13. I looked a little bit older for my age and during those days they didn't care much. I liked to buy the men's magazines that were more raunchy than Playboy or Penthouse. I decided I wouldn't go fishing once and told them I'd stay back at the hotel, so I spent a lot of time in the shower and didn't have to worry about not having enough hot water.
If there's one thing I can remember is why I love handjobs so much, especially when some girl does it to me. When I was around 17, I went down to a local adult theater to watch porno flicks. This was when they had one small theater with maybe about 6-7 rows of movie seats, maybe 30-35 total and they would be projecting it onto the screen using a 16mm film. In this one film called 'Flossie' or something like that, the guy was lying out by the pool and the girl was giving the guy a handjob. She would jack the length of his cock and every once in awhile rub his head using the palm of her hand and then stroke it up and down. She kept alternating back and forth and pretty soon, the guy started spurting thick gobs of cum all over her hands and his dick. My dick was so hard watching all of this but I was too scared to take it out and just masturbate there. I'm sure there were other guys wanting to do the same thing or was beating their meat in another row, but I didn't notice anything. After getting out, I jacked off in my car and then did it a couple more times when I got home. After all of these years, I see now that someone has come out with an adult video series called 'Handjobs'. I love those because they don't show the guy's face, just the girl jacking off the guy with close ups of the cocks cumming and everything.
Anyway, thanks for keeping up this website. I just love the stories!



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