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Driving Fun

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This happened 35 years ago.


I don't remember how old I was but I must have been around 15 because I really wanted to learn how to drive a car and get my drivers license. I had an early morning paper route which required me to deliver my papers before 6 am. At 4 am when I got up there wasn't a sole awake and I could jack off without worrying about getting caught. Sometimes (only during the summer) I would pull my shorts and underwear off one leg and peddle my bike through town playing with myself. Other times I'd stop somewhere like the high school stadium and hide between the bleachers and jack off.
But this experience isn't about those solo times, its about my encounters with an older man. Well when your 15 a 30 year old was an old man. I'm not sure how we met but I do remember Myford was very nice to me. He would drive me in his car to deliver papers when it rained. He'd pick me up after school and we would just drive around and talk. He asked me if I had any girl friends. I said 'no but I sure liked playing doctor with the girl that lived next to me.
Over a couple months I felt like he was my big brother since all I had was a sister. By now we would drive out to the river and park and he always had a present for me. Like a candy bar or a comic or something like that. There never seemed to be enough time to spend with Myford in the morning because of my paper route and I couldn't stay out very late at night, so I started sneaking out of my window at like 1 am. Every time we planned to meet he was there.
The fourth time I met him at 1 am he said he had a special surprise for me. But I shouldn't tell my parents or he would get in big trouble. I said no problem I would never tell anyone. I couldn't wait. I was so excited. Well we headed for the river road. Just as we got to the river road he stopped the car and turned off the lights. It wasn't our normal place to park but I trusted him. He said stay right there and he got out of the car and closed the door. He walked around to my side of the car and opened the door and said scoot over. I did and he sat next to me and closed the door.
He had never done that before so I said what's going on. He said 'move over and put your hands on the steering wheel its about time you learn to drive'. Well shit that was about the most exciting thing I ever heard. As I took hold of the wheel he scooted over right next to me. He reached over and took my left hand and placed it at 10 oclock and my right hand at 2 oclock on the wheel. Then he started the car. I had already done a lot of practicing so he said 'lets go'.
As I slowly started going he let his hand drop to my leg and he just left it there. I didn't care he could do anything he wanted if I could drive. I was driving real good so he relaxed and started squeezing my leg. With all the excitment I got an erection. He noticed and asked if he could touch it. I said no. He took his hand away and moved away from me. I'm thinking to myself whats the big deal let him if he wants to. But I was really shy about that and instead said 'hey if you take yours out I will play with it. He didn't say anything and unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear. I was straining to look at his cock and swerved the car a little. He said 'pull over up there and take a rest'. I pulled over and turned off the lights.
He said 'man you are a good driver'. I said 'thanks'. As my eyes adjusted I could see him playing with his cock so I pulled mine out and started to jack it. When he saw my hardon he stared and jacked faster and faster. I couldn't believe it but I speeded up too. Just before I got the feeling he stopped jackin himself and just watched me. After I had the feeling he got out of the car and walked around to the drivers side and got in. He asked if I liked what we did and I said 'yep'. He drove me home and I snuck back in my window.
Two nights later he picked me up at 1 am and I got into the drivers side and drove away. Much to my surprise sitting next to Myford was one of my friends Bill. I didn't know they knew each other. I also noticed out of the corner of my eye that Myford hand his hand on Bill's crotch.
More to cum later.



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