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Driving Cross Country With My Cousin

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I was horny and old memories came flooding back


It had been almost a week since I last jerked off my cock and I was very, very horny. I was traveling across the country, riding with my older cousin who was a cross country truck driver. He was only 21 and was one of the first guys to teach me to masturbate back when I was not yet in my teens.

Now, at age 16 I had become an expert and dedicated masturbator and enjoyed the pleasure of making myself cum. Back when he had taught me, I knew something about masturbation as I had seen some older guys do it while we were swimming down at the creek in the woods and while he was visiting for a week that summer we talked about it. He asked me if I beat my meat and while I wasn't sure just what he meant, I asked him if he meant jacking off and he said, yeah, some guys call it that. I admitted that I played with myself but that it would only tickle really good, that it didn't shoot off like the other guys did. He explained that I would have to be older before I could shoot a load when it tickled, but encouraged me to keep at it and it would happen. He showed me his cock, big and hard and then he felt mine and dropped my pants. I let him play with me as it felt pretty good. He showed me how to stroke his huge, hard cock and we did that for a while. I liked the way he made mine feel but I never really did tickle hard like I did when I did it to myself but I was able to get him close to shooting off then he took his cock in his hand and finished the job. I remembered how his cum shot out all over the ground.

As I got older, sure enough mine would shoot cum when it tickled and now, four years later, my cock was as big as I remembered his being. We never had another chance to play with each other again but I did find several other guys that liked to do it and had often had my cock jerked off by a friend and had given a lot of hand jobs myself so I liked the excited arousal that came when I had sex with a friend. One friend was a couple of years older and he had taught me the most about jerking off when I was about 13 to 14 and another friend I had taught how to do it when he was about 11 and we jerked each other off every week or so. Now, it had been about the longest I had gone with out having an orgasm in many years and I really was feeling it.

Sitting in the truck, riding all afternoon, jerking off was all I could think about and my cock was hard all the time. Cock juice had been seeping out and wetting my pants. I kept wondering if he would be interested in picking up where we had left off four years before. Finally, out of either bravery or horny desperation, I asked him if he remembered that summer he came to visit me. Yeah, he smiled and said he remembered it. I said that I sure did remember it. So, he asked what did I remember. So, I told him that I remembered that afternoon down in the woods. He looked puzzled and asked what did we do? We dropped our pants and I played with your great big, hard cock and you played with mine. Oh, yeah, he smiled, I remember that. Mine is a lot bigger now, I added. I'll bet, he said and it probably tickles every time now doesn't. Yeah, I laughed, that time it just wouldn't tickle but it did feel good. I remember that I shot off a big load and have always wondered if that turned you off, I mean I don't think you had seen that before and maybe you thought it was disgusting. I laughed, no, not at all, I remember being surprised but was wishing I could do it like that. And, you can now I am sure he said. Yeah, I sure can, I told him. We sat quietly for a while as we rode along and finally, I spoke. I haven't done it all week. He replied, then I bet you are really horny. Yeah, I am I told him. Well, I guess I am too since I haven't done it either since before I picked you up. I'll bet that I could make you shoot off myself, you wouldn't have to finish it off like you did that time, I said. Recon, I could make yours cum, he asked. Yeah, I know you could, I told him.

After we rode along silently for a while, I said to him, I sure would like for us to do each other. Tell you what, he said, lets get a motel tonight and we can have plenty of time and a good place and we can have fun. I'd like that, I told him, how soon can we stop. He said we had to make at least another 100 miles before we could stop and that he knew a good place we could go to. We spent the next two hours sharing stories of different times that we had masturbated and getting hornier and hornier. He told me that I was the first guy he had shared masturbation with after he had learned from another guy when he was 13. He told me that he had taught three other guys how to do it and that he really liked to have someone beat him off but that he mostly did it to himself and that he hadn't had anyone do him for about three years. I asked him how he learned and he told me about the time his older neighbor was with him in a barn and told him all about it, showing him his hard cock and getting him to take his clothes off and they played with each other. He said that he really didn't tickle very much, just like it had been with me but that he did like it when he made the other guy shoot off so a few days later when the guy wanted them to do it again, he was willing. He said it was the third or fourth time they did it before he was able to feel his cock tickle when the guy stroked his little cock. After feeling it that first time, he always liked to do it and soon he would do it to himself in bed at night. He told me about some other friends that he did it with but said he liked it best with that guy who taught him. I'll make you feel so good, you will think I am the best, I promised. Sounds good, he laughed. I described a few times I had done it, telling how I liked to do it to myself while sitting on the toilet and described the times when I was really cumming good and I could hear someone walking toward the bathroom and could hardly stop jerking it until the moment before they walked in. I only got caught once, and that was one of my jack off buddies so it wasn't a problem. We arrived at the motel, highly aroused, ready to cum.

In the room, we took our clothes off and compared the size of our cocks. Sure enough, now my cock was nearly as large as his and we both were dripping cock juice. I sat on the bed and he stood between my legs and I stroked his hot, slick cock and in a short time, had him spurting huge jets of thick, white cum across the room. Then I lay back on the bed while he sat beside me and he played with my cock, exploring and examining it until I couldn't take any more so then he began a steady pumping and shortly, I was making a fountain of cum. I had never before seen my cock shoot off so much. It was a most wonderful pleasure. We showered and went out to eat then that night before we went to sleep, we again brought each other to fantastic orgasms, then again the next morning and every day afterward during the rest of the trip.

I have wanted to make another trip with him and we have one planned for next month. My cock is already looking forward to it.



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