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Dressing Room Excitement

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I ate a late lunch at the mall and thought I'd wander around for a while. There was this girl at a bath salts kiosk, she was average looking, maybe 5'5' but had these really nice eyes that caught my attention. She asked me if I was interested in something that would make me feel good and without thinking I said 'I know you've got something that will make me feel really good but I don't think your selling it.'

At this, about ten emotions crossed her face in a few seconds and then she got this very interesting smile on her face and looked me up and down. She looked at her watch and said 'I go on break in about ten minutes. If you are serious be back here in ten.'

I said OK and walked off. My heart was pounding and I had that mix of sexual excitement and adrenalin that feels so good. So I walked around pretending to window shop but all I could think about was this chick. After ten minutes I returned to the kiosk, half expecting her to be gone, replaced by the next employee, busy with a customer or whatever. But there she was closing up her kiosk and when she saw me she lit up with a big smile. 'Where can we go she asked?' 'I know a place.'

So we walked to this store I know which has a handicapped dressing room in the back of a long row of dressing rooms. I'd jerked off several time there. When we got to the store I told her to pretend she was helping me pick out pants and she played along, turning down my selection and picking out a pair. It was about 2:30pm and the store was basically deserted besides a store clerk who did not really pay us any attention.

I said 'follow me' and we walked to the dressing room and we just walked in together pretty quickly. I doubt anyone saw us. Don't know if there was a security camera.

We went to the handicapped room and I shut and locked the door (yes this room has a lock!, cool, huh?). There is a bench and a big mirror on the wall. Well this girl must have been in exactly the same mood as me. She starts undoing my belt and pulls down my pants and underpants. She goes 'mmmmmm' and starts feeling me up. By now I am ROCK hard and she pulls off her top, bra, pants and panties. I'm thinking, geez, this is a dream come true. She straddles my left leg and starts playing with me (I'm sitting on the bench, she is standing, one leg to either side of my left leg. She takes my hand and puts it on my thigh, palm down and she lifts my thumb up away from my thigh and says 'hold it just like that.'

She starts rubbing her crotch on my thumb and she is really wet, hot, too. Then she starts playing with my penis again and really starts going down on my thumb. She starts moaning softly and playing with me harder. After a minute or so she is pumping my thumb with her vagina while she pumps my penis with her hand. Needless to say this is an incredible turn on. Remember I'm facing that mirror and am getting one heck of a show.

Her face starts to get that far off look so I figure she is going to come soon. Good thing because I can't hold back much longer. I finally blow my load with this absolutely incredible orgasm and then within a few seconds she falls against my shoulder and chest, breathing really hard and moans strongly but quietly and slows her pumping. I'm pretty sure she came just then.

After that she kissed me and got up and we both got dressed, returned the pants and left the store. She told me to stop by some time at the kiosk, which I did of course, and we dated a couple of times after that.



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