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Dreams Fulfilled

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I masturbated dreaming of boys, and suddenly it became real.


When I was in junior high school I saw other boys naked for the first time. We were all reaching puberty, and in the showers and locker room, I saw their fresh pubic hair, wisps of underarm hair, and their cocks, some like a man's, others still those of boys.

I developed crushes on certain boys, the ones with new, thick hair and full, round balls already bobbing between their legs. I had begun masturbating two years earlier, when a friend showed me, and my own development wasn't much different in junior high from then. I had a few hairs now appearing, and little drops of semen when I orgasmed, but I was late developing.

I masturbated every day, often twice or more times and always at night, and I masturbated remembering the boys I had crushes on, the way their cocks bounced and giggled, and the sight of hair under their arms when they dried themselves from a shower. A few times, boys had semi-erections, and the sight of their cocks seared into my memory. I did not think it was gay to have these crushes, even though all my masturbation was taken up with imagining these boys masturbating, or playing naked, or showering in full view, often with erections.

Of course, I also instinctively knew that I couldn't really share my fantasies, either, and as I became interested in girls, I thought less about the naked boys and their cute bottoms, and more about the newly developed breasts and shaved legs of the girls in my class. My best masturbation was still imagining the boys, and I still contrived to see them naked as much as I could, though I didn't even admit to myself that was what I was doing.

Then I met Larry. We were in a play together at school, and he had a driver's license. We lived nearby, and he would drive me home after rehearsal. Since rehearsals ended late sometimes, our mom's didn't know when to expect us home, so we would go places in his car, and usually end up parking somewhere to talk in the dark. I realized at some point that Larry had a crush on me, he kind of worshipped me in some way, and I felt very safe with him. Safe, it turned out, so that when we started talking about masturbation one night on a dark road near the lake, and he asked me about my fantasies, I told him about the boys I was masturbating about. He listened quietly, and said nothing. I got really embarrassed and thought that I had probably lost all his admiration, and this was the end of our friendship maybe, even, he would tell the boys and I would be shamed.

'Do you know what I dream about?' he said.


'Your dick. I've seen it a bunch of times, and I get hard when I think about it.'

Wow. I don't remember what we said after that, I think we sat for a long time without saying much, I guess we knew what could happen, and in our silence, we agreed that it would. We pulled down our pants and watched each other masturbate. I didn't utter a sound, but Larry groaned and almost screamed when he came, and he ejaculated more cum than I ever dreamed. We quickly cleaned up his car, and hurried home.

The next night, we thought of an excuse to go out, and Larry drove to a hidden spot where, he said, we could turn on the car's interior light, and for the first time I saw another boy's hard cock up close. It was so beautiful. He had thick hair, covering his balls even, and was an inch longer than mine. But most of all, it was mine, he was offering it to me, showing it to me, stroking for me, just as I was for him. I don't know who did it first, but in a moment we had each other's hands franticaly rubbing our crotches, and then Larry began stroking me and stroking until I had to surrender my cock to him, and he brought me to the most amazing orgasm ever, so perfectly, so amazingly, like he knew exactly what I needed.

After I'd cum, he was stroking himself, and talking about how awesome that was, and I leaned over and began squeezing his balls while he stroked, squeezing harder and faster, the feel of the base of his hard cock driving me on as he stroked himself and again shot tons of cum all over. As I'd imagined in my fantasies with the boys at school, I licked his cum and tasted it. It was sweet.

Larry and I drove off together and stroked each other whenever we could. When his mom wasn't at home, we masturbated in his room, and he lay on his bed and let me slide my cock along his butt crack until I shot my load on his back. I jacked him pretty often, but more often than that, I would feel his balls while he stroked his dick, usually talking about other guy's cocks at school, which turned us both on totally.

Rumors about us began to circulate, and one day another boy came up to Larry and said he knew it was true we were playing with each other and he wanted to do it, too. Larry denied it, but told me, and then the boy came up to me, too, and begged for us to come to his house, in the den, because his parents were never around. Larry and I decided to try it, even though we were scared the boy was really queer. We got there, and he told us there was no way we would be discovered there (it was a huge house) and his parents were gone until late. He took his pants off first, and then stripped naked, which freaked me out a little. But Larry stripped, and so did I.

Before I knew it, he was down in front of me and started jacking my cock. I looked at Larry, and he was stroking his beautiful dick, and smiled to me. I had an awesome cum, watching Larry the whole time, and as soon as the other boy stood up, I was down on Larry, jacking his cock furiously.

Somewhere along the line, the other boy shot his wad, and then we were all there naked with cum all over us. I looked at the boy for the first time. Roy's cock was small and he was a bit pudgy, but it was beautifully shaped, and he had light strawberry hair around it. I remembered, now, that I had had a crush on him three or four years before, in our first gym class. We lay around playing with our cocks and talking, and I told him that.

Then I asked Larry (I don't know why) if I could play with Roy's cock, and in moments we were a pile of flesh on the floor, playing with each other, rubbing butts, and finally ejaculating on each other. The smell of Roy's crotch was sweeter than Larry and his cum was salty and strong. On the way home, Larry told me he was totally turned on watching me and Roy.

Roy's parents were both prominent lawyers, and were hardly ever home. It took them five minutes to pull in, park and call downstairs to see if we were there. I jacked Roy almost every afternoon while Larry watched me, and Larry waited for me to stroke him and squeeze his balls before he would cum.

Jacking his long dick usually made him cum really quick if he was charged and ready. After Larry let me rub my cock in his crack while Roy watched, Roy wanted Larry to do it to him. Roy's cheeks were fleshy and large, and Larry's cock disappeared between them as he pumped. Larry and Roy came at the same time. Roy had discovered, happily, that he was a bottom man. Other guys knew we were jerk-off's, but we didn't care; we had more and better sex than they ever did!



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