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Dream Canyon

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I have always enjoyed sunny days in the mountains around Boulder, Colorado. On days off I have often gone up to wild places above town to get naked for the day, and walk for miles through the forests, climb on rocks, get tanned all over, with penis and balls hanging wonderfully out to enjoy the sunshine, and just feeling very alive.
There is a place called Dream Canyon where many go to do this; mostly guys but sometimes gals too, and so it is quite safe to spend the day there completely nude. If you encounter anyone else, either they will be naked as well, or they will know what it is there, and they will not be offended. It's a ways to walk in from where one parks to the edge of the canyon where people use sunning rocks at the cliff tops and a steep trail drops to the canyon bottom. Along the creek are trails through the trees along pools and bubbling little falls and large flat, smooth boulders to lie on in the sun.
Some sunny days the canyon seems deserted, yet there are always a few cars parked back at the trail, so it's rather exciting to strip off clothes and climb down the trail naked, and wonder who one might encounter and what they might be doing. I have seen people doing about everything there in the canyon in the sun. It is a place where people openly masturbate in view of each other and with each other. On other days, the canyon is quite crowded. But it is on the less crowded days when it feels more relaxed and less self-conscious, and encounters with anyone else are more natural.
I am a guy who loves my woman, but I also love my own trim, athletic body. I love to go naked there in the canyon, among others doing the same. In the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature and the situation, it's great to feel my beautiful cock fill and bounce as I walk past others. It is so relaxing and sensuous to stretch out on a warm rock with legs open to the sun, partly engorged penis and relaxed balls hanging free, as others walk by to see and be seen, and compare and share what it is to be in these wonderful bodies with these amazing cocks between our legs in the warmth and the sunshine.
One day I recall in particular, it was a tall, trim, tanned guy who strolled by my rock, his semi-full penis proudly swaying as he walked. He 'broke the ice' and with a friendly smile, let a hand fall to his penis giving himself an un-self-conscious few strokes. That's the signal that it's OK to show each other our cocks, to look at each other as much as our curiosity wants; that it's OK to play with ourselves and get hard and display our excited hardness to each other. Then it's OK to relax and show each other what we share as guys, and as human beings; and it's just fine to show the excitement of the curiosity, and to watch and enjoy as our hands stroke our cocks and fondle our balls, and finger assholes, and we open our legs to give each other full views of it all.
Since his body was trim and healthy, and his smile seemed friendly and safe, I nodded for him to step over,we shook hands, exchanged friendly words, and sat to share a towel. Then our hands were free to explore each other. It feels so alive to be naked in the warm sun, in full, unashamed view there in the canyon, holding another guy's hard penis and feel mine being held in his hand. We compare the feel and shape and how it feels to stroke each other, and to feel and finger balls, and run hands past balls, under asses and squeeze firm ass muscles. I am uncut, he was, and he was fascinated by my foreskin and folded it back to see it stretch out and disappear along my hard cock. Then he wanted to see me pull it up again, which is difficult when I'm that hard.
As we stroked and fondled it became irresistible to get on knees and let our hard cocks rub together, and have a playful little 'sword fight', and push cock heads up under balls and thrust cocks between balls and legs, and grabbing the other's cock between thighs. We took turns wrapping a hand around, and gently stroking our two cocks pressed together, and with another hand squeezing our balls together, feeling them rolling together in our smooth sacks. It was getting a little 'smeary' as our cock heads rubbed together.
And then we heard a little sound of a throat clearing, and there a few yards away on the trail was another guy, standing naked, pumping his hard cock with one hand and feeling his ass with his other, watching us play.
With that I was ready, and we three knelt on the rock in a circle and started off seriously stroking for each other; jacking and jacking, hard, so completely naked, free hands reaching for assess and fondling balls, stroking pecs, holding the other's shoulder, staring down at this incredible show of three magnificently engorged cocks being pumped in tanned fists, straining on the verge of intense ejaculations. We pumped harder, we abandoned ourselves to wild, crazy masturbation until, WOW! We all came off in an awesome release, displaying and sharing that massive triple orgasm, shooting semen in little pools and dribbles onto the rock between us, gasping for breath, feeling so intensely alive, so manly, so wildly human with each other!
We then went for a splash and rinse off in a cold, crystal pool in the creek and said, 'Thank you gentlemen' to each other for an awesome afternoon in the sunshine.
It's snowing today in Colorado, and I am thinking of the warmth of summer in the canyon again.



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