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Double Hands-off Masturbation

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Here's a mutual masturbation game my partner and I play when we are in the mood for 'something different'.
I am a big fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand electric vibrator. It does particularly magic things to me when I use it with the 'cum cup' attached. This clever attachment for men is a tulip-shaped slotted rubber device with an opening sufficient to accommodate an erect cock head. The other end fits onto the Magic Wand's vibrator head.
The soft rubber cup provides a snug fit so that the vibrations from the Wand are all transferred to my cock's head. The sensations are incredible and the orgasms are intense.
My partner and I enjoy watching each other get off. Mutual masturbation is a regular component of our sex play, especially foreplay. She has become a fan of the Magic Wand and we now own two so that we can play simultaneously when the mood strikes us.
We have devised a hands-off mutual masturbation scenario that involves using both of the Wands. The end result is orgasm, either singly or mutually, after a prolonged and well-teased session.
I purchased two on/off switches from the hardware store that have one end that plugs into the wall receptacle and a plug at the other end. It's essentially a short extension cord with an on/off switch built into the middle of the cord. So, if a Wand is plugged into it and left in the high position, the switch can be used to turn the Wand on and off.
We sit facing each other. One of the Wands is used to masturbate her and the other to masturbate me. She organizes her Wand's vibrator head so that it is placed up against her clit and held in place by closing her legs against its length. I organize my Wand by placing my erect cock head in the cum cup and using a soft belt wrapped around one of my thighs to hold it in place.
I control the on/off switch to her Wand, and she controls the on/off switch to mine. So I decide when, how long, and how frequently her clit is stimulated, and she decides the same for me. Each of us is charge of the other's stimulation and are totally hands-off with respect to our own.
Either of us can turn the other 'on' whenever we feel like it and the other has no say in when, how long, or how frequently the stimulations are applied. Depending on how 'mean' one or both of us feels, our partner's pleading to 'make me cum' can be - and usually is! - ignored. Watching your partner's face and body react to your teasing is really fun. Of course, turnabout is fair play, and you may be teased in return. Or not.
The uncertainty of what's about to happen, plus the knowledge that someone else is in charge, makes for pretty erotic and exciting stuff. We're both highly aroused when we're setting up the 'equipment' for our session, so those first few vibes pack quite a punch.
Sometimes we play in the nude, sometimes in costume, and sometimes fully clothed with her Wand tucked up under her skirt, and my Wand up against my cock that is poking out from my zipper. All three are fun and are very different.
The game is enhanced by trying to hold out as long as possible, while making the other cum first. This is very difficult to do because you can't stop your partner from playing her or his own game with you. A series of short on/off bursts of the Wand's vibrations when I'm close to orgasm drive me crazy, much to her delight. She responds best to a sequence of long followed by short vibrations when she's close to cumming. (Isn't it amazing how different we are?!)
A 'problem' is that it becomes increasingly harder to keep track of what you're doing to the other when you are close to cumming yourself. Usually one of us will finish off the other and wait to have the favor returned when the partner calms down, or we'll both leave the vibes running while we mutually explode.
This is a huge amount of fun and very erotic. The pleasant and fully satisfied exhaustion level afterwards matches anything I've ever experienced in sexual play.



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