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Double Dutch Rudder

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My friend Dan and I were watching the movie Zach and Miri Make a Porno when we got an idea. If you haven't seen the movie, there's a part when a guy is naked and tells another guy about the double Dutch rudder which is a way of masturbating by having a friend move your arm but never actually jerk you off. When this part came on me and Dan laughed and joked about how that would be weird. Well when the movie ended, we had nothing to do. I looked over at Dan and I noticed his hard dick through his shorts, which I wasn't that shocked by seeing as how we just watched a movie with tons of sex.

'Need to take care of that?' I said laughing. Dan looked down and realized what I was talking about. 

'Oh shit! Well, I haven't been able to jack off in a few days.' Dan said as he covered his boner. 

'It's ok, I'm actually pretty horny too.' I said. Me and Dan had talked about masturbation before but we had never done it in front of each other or even seen each naked since we were five. 

'Well, why don't we try that double rudder thingy, hah!' Dan said kind of joking.

'Hey, I'm really horny. I'm up for it if you are?' I was curious to see if it was fun. 

'Well, sure!,' Dan said, 'Let's go to your room.' we went into my room and closed the door. Then I sat on my bed:

'So we should jack off until we're hard, and then we'll start.' so we both took our shirts off, then our pants. I had on boxers which I slid off, letting my semi hard, five inch dick out. Dan had on boxer briefs, which barely concealed his six inch rock hard dick. He pulled them down and his dick sprang out. We both started jerking off until I noticed we were both ready. 'Ok. Let's stand up facing each other.' 

'Now, I'll grab your arm and you grab mine.' we both started moving each others arms up and down. It felt so good, like you were jacking off but at the same time getting a hand job. The only bad thing about it is that you don't know when the others gonna cum, so I blew my load all over Dan's chest. I started laughing and saying 'oops!'

Dan stepped back, 'dude, what the fuck!?!' 

'Oh, sorry man. Didn't mean to.' he wasn't really that mad cause I could tell he was holding back laughs. 

'Well, as payback, you jerk me off until I cum.' Dan said. 

'Okay...fine.' I didn't really mind. I had always wondered what another dudes dick felt like. I grabbed his dick that was warm and throbbing in my hand. I started jerking and Dan started moaning. He got louder and louder until he came on my arm. It was a fun experience that I suggest other guys try out. Just watch out for cum!!



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