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Dorm Mate

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John was hot guy with a great body, and he knew it. He rarely wore a shirt, showing off his great swimmers physique, He had rather small pink nipples perched on big pecs, and they were constantly erect. I had seen him in the dorm shower, and he had a fat, but not particularly long dick, but really large nuts that didnt hang down. (The king that make a guys dick sort of stick out over them when he was still flacid. I suspected that John had messed around with the guy in the room next door, because I heard through the wall one day John say to him that he bet he had a larger dick. Now this guy next door was huge, and there was no way John had a bigger dick, but I heard John tell him that he was a big grower. I didnt hear anything after that, but a few minutes later I checked the door and it was locked.

About 30 minutes later I heard John leave. Well one hot fall day, John stopped by my room and plopped down on my bed, only wearing a pair of shorts. He moaned about how horny he was, and how he really wanted to get off. I teased him that maybe I should leave and he could take of that problem. He looked straight through me and said...or you could stay and take care of it for me. I was speechless. I had jerked off thinking about him a lot, and couldn't believe my ears. In no time he was groping the front of his shorts, and I could see his hardon. He stared at me while he pushed his hand into his shorts, and he could see my raging boner tenting my shorts.

He told me to lock the door, and come over to the bed, as he slipped his shorts and briefs off. He was indeed a grower, at least 7.5 to 8' with a perfect bell shaped head, light blond pubes, and those huge nuts. He starting slowly jerking off, and rubbing his nipples with his other hand. I quickly joined him on the bed, with my rager in hand. He reached over and cupped my nuts, then starting rubbing the head of his dick against mine. It was incredible. Soon he had rolled on top of me, grinding our dicks together. We were both getting close, precum covered our dicks, and his breathing began to get heavier and uneven. He rolled off of me and said he was close but didnt want to bust a nut so fast. He asked me to suck on his nipples for a while because they were very sensitive.

I obliged him, flicking them with my tongue, a nipping and sucking on them alternately. He was moaning and writhing on the bed and he begged me to suck him off. I refused... because I didnt want to seem to be gay, (lol) but did lick down his perfect abs, and licked his cute sexy navel. I stroked him, and in les than 20 seconds he erupted with 4 huge blasts that shot onto my hair and over my head onto his chest. I rolled onto my back and quickly stroked myself to an amazing orgasm. He quickly grabbed a towel wiped up, pulled up his shorts and left. The remainder of the semester, we hooked up at least twice a week, and we progressed to mutual bj's and kissing, but no anal. Unfortunately, John flunked out that semester, and I never saw him again. However I still jo thinking about his hot body, and the fun times we had together.



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