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Don't Ya Just Love It?

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At college, in my year there is a girl called Rebecca. She is one of those toffee nosed, stuck up bitches that think they are 'in tune' with so-called feminist issues. Rebecca always has a strange look on her face and whenever one of our lectures touches on women in art or music, Rebecca's face mirrors the tone of the lecture. I once asked her what was the matter and she said, 'I feel the pain of being a woman' All in all, most of us thought she was just too stuck up to be true.

She didn't have any female freinds either. Most of the girls on my course were cock mad and I think they thought she may be a lesbian.

The halls of residence were like purpose built houses each of which contained ten bed-sit type rooms. Rebecca was in the room at the end of my floor. Whenever there was a party, we all had to find the most distant rooms to hold it in as the saintly Rebecca would complain if it was too loud, too late... too anything really. So, all in all, NOT Miss Popular.

At three am one morning, I was wandering back to my room. I wasnt drunk, it had just been a great night. Good company, good conversation and a little wine and beer to ease things along. I climbed the stairs and saw that Rebecca's door was open, and almost unbeleivably, there was moaning coming from inside. Saint Rebecca? Getting laid? No,, SURELY not. Actually, no, she wasnt. I peered into her room as I passed the door. (Inside, she had several lamps all of which were covered in coloured silk scarves so the light level was not too bright, but very sensual and colourful. On the bed was Rebecca half leaning against the wall, knees spread and right hand jammed firmly into her panties. And she was crying. I tapped on the door (which prompted a sudden removal of her hand and a slapping of her legs together) and went it. I asked her what was wrong and to my utter surprise, she flung herself into my arms and sobbed her little heart out. No one liked her, everyone thought she was weird, no body wanted to be her boyfriend... the agnst of three years poured out onto my shoulder. Now, I had thought that what she needed was some sense fucking into her, and had masturbated about her sometimes too, but here, now, I had no such thoughts. I hugged her back and held her until she stopped crying. Eventually she calmed down and I used her kitchenette to make us both a coffee. Then we sat on the bed and talked. What I thought was a stuck up cow actually turned out to be a very unhappy and sensitive girl. As the night wore on, she even said, '...and I can't even make myself cum.' (oh, and yes, she was a virgin too.) I asked her if she had really tried to make herself have an orgasm and she said that every day of her adult life she had tried. Then, from God knows where, I had a moment of inspiration and blurted out. 'It's because you see yourself as totally alone. Masturbating merely adds to it because its something you do on your own.' Rebecca looked at me with very large wet brown eyes and nodded. Oh how the silence tore around the room in the next few seconds. I knew what I was going to say, but for all I knew I would get the all too familiar curled lip and look of disgust, but I thought what the hell. 'Rebecca, umm why don't you try now... with me in the room.' (Here, I want you to know, I did not want to fuck her, or even to join in. Somehow, it had gone beyond that.) Rebecca leant over and kissed me really slowly and for some considerable time. As we kissed, eyes closed, I became aware of her breathing deepen and I realised that she had her hand between her legs. Without breaking the kiss, I moved her so she was laying back on the bad and knelt by the side of her. I carried on kissing as, with one eye, I watched her flip her long t shirt up and out of the way and pushing her hand into her panties as she spread her legs wide and drew up her knees. I could see her middle finger tenting up the material and sinking inside her in a long slow gentle finger fuck. I could also see her nipples pressing up hard. My God, how Rebecca could kiss!!! I let my hand run down her side and down her leg which she seemed to enjoy. She broke the kiss for a moment to ask me to take her panties off which I did to reveal the most beautifully trimmed pussy. She was wet as all hell and her lips were puffy. I kissed her neck and ear and was rewarded by her arching her back and then,,,, oh how lovely,.... then Rebecca had her first ever orgasm and it lasted for what to me seemed like years. I held her, kissing her gently as she came down from it and then lay beside her on the bed. Of course, I was hard as all hell, but you know, something told me that I shouldnt try to get her to do anything for me... somehow I had been trusted with something really special, and not even me, pussy hungry as I was, was going to spoil it. The strange thing was that she actually offered, rubbing my cock through my pants. I pulled away from her and said, 'No, Rebecca. This is for you tonight, not me.' I gave her a final peck on the cheek and left for my room. I undressed and got into bed when I heard a knock. (As I was about to jack myself off I was more than a little pissed off about it) I went to the door and yanked it open and there was Rebecca. Without a word, she kissed my cheek and pushed something into my hand. It was her panties, still warm and very very wet. 'I want them back when your done.' was all she said.

I went back to my bed with my prize and smelled them. Suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, I realised I was smelling a virgin pussy.I alternated between jacking with them to my face and looking at her cum stains in them. I didnt last at all long as you can imagine, but when I came, I had them tight across the end of my cock and filled the crotch with my sperm. It was a lovely, glorious orgasm. But then I realized that I had filled her panties with my cum. I didnt think that was what she wanted. I padded down the hall and knocked on her door. Sheepishly I said.. 'Sorry, Rebecca, I er... I came in them. You want me to wash them for you?' She didnt say anything. She took them from me, and pulled them on. My sperm against her pussy!.

Three weeks after that event, we became lovers.

It is now four years after that lovely night and Rebecca is now my wife.



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