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Don't Leave Home Without It

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DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT-the essential masturbation kit.

The seasoned masturbator has learned over many years a few aids that are most rewarding in the endless quest for ultimate pleasure. I would like to share with you what is in my bag to heighten my arousal, erection and fulfillment.

Vaginal penetration and increasingly frantic thrusting to orgasm surrounds and holds an a penis in both physical and mental grips. To simulate those conditions and reach satisfaction, relief, delight and ooooahhh there is one helper that can be used in a variety of wonderfully effective ways-the simple latex glove, I find medium size best suits both my hand and cock. The inside surface feels, when well lubricated, as alike to the vaginal slit as I can imagine. For a quickie, simply slip the glove onto your hand, squeeze the lube tube, and grab your cock in a frantic rush to wonderland. Better, lube inside the glove and slip it over your rigid pole, begin with firm slow strokes, increasing your rate towards the top, pause- hold it back, then mercifully build again to a shuddering orgasmic explosion, filling the glove with warm sticky juice. Better yet, make the glove the nerve centre of a pussy simulator. Get a used toilet roll tube, pull a long soft sock through it and shove the glove into the sock/tube (blow-up the glove to make sure it is fully extended in the sock/tube). Turn the end of the sock and the glove over the end of the tube and secure with a rubber band. A few generous squirts of lube, well spread inside the silky tunnel, and it is ready for action. Jam the useless end in a bathroom drawer allowing the loaded end to hang down, ready to receive your swollen cock. Take a deep breath, and slowly slide your whole length into your new pussy. It's just so good, as your breath and thrusting quicken, you pass the stroke of no return, and feel the climax rising up, then with a gasp of joy, it spurts from your wide-eyed knob, randomly into the extremities of thumb and fingers.

Condoms are another favourite aid to my most memorable masturbation occasions. Slowly unrolling a pink latex sheath, with a well lubricated head, over your tip and down to your balls feels great and sends shudders of urgency from your rampant member to your brain . I like to look at my enveloped erection in a mirror, full-on, then from the side. As the condom gently grips my cock, it somewhat reduces the sensations so that the inevitable is enjoyably prolonged, and when that can no longer be denied, produces the visual bonus as the white stuff squirts into the tip and overflows, covering the head-as well as containing the emission. Actually I conserve the outpouring for it is without doubt the best lubricant for when the beast rises to delight you again, and again.

Cock rings softly but firmly hold and bunch-up your scrotum to the base of your stalk so that the testicles are pushed up to display prominently, with skin stretched tight, shiny and smooth. They can be bought for silly prices at sex shops, in flexible rubber- or rigid metal or leather cages. At little cost, I make mine from used condoms cut down, to suit the desired tension-between 1 and 2 inches of sheath left on the ring, depending on how big your you are. Stretch the ring on when your erection is filled out and pull it tight, far down toward your bum to enclose the whole ball sac. How good it feels, and see how good it looks, bound and proud, standing rearing to go.

Which brings me to the most essential material in my bag-sublime lubrication. Just as the natural juices exuded in an aroused vagina enhance the thrusting friction that brings the indescribable orgasm, so a good lube ensures maximum pleasurable slippery strokes and an explosive end to a solo session. Water-based not only make the most sense, also they are great to use and approach the ultimate lube, my own semen, which I save by ejaculating in a condom.

Those are my ever reliable aids to fantastic solo experiences-hope your trials are rewarding.



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