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Dominic's Deliberation

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Dominic is a guy in my building who likes getting caught masturbating apparently. I normally would pretend I didn't see anything, and leave the showers, but this morning I stayed for the show.


Dominic lives in 2B, right down the hall from my apartment. Our building used to be a warehouse, and our floor is mainly studios, with a locker room at the end of the hall. It's a weird scenario, but just imagine it's like the dorms at school.

The first time I saw Dominic jacking off, was about a week after I moved in. It was June, and the building was like an oven. I was shirtless, and in my boxers almost all day. I think people were working, since it was about two in the afternoon. I had a few boxes left to go through, but I was exhausted and over heated, so I grabbed a towel, and some fresh boxers, and slipped on some flip flops, and walked down the hall. I heard a shower running, but I'm not a shy individual, so it doesn't bother me seeing other people naked, or being seen naked. I walked in, and went around the corner to where the lockers were. It was steamy and warm, so I stripped off my clingy, damp boxers, and left them on the bench, with my clean boxers and towel. I walked around the corner, and there he was. Dominic is Cuban, I believe. He has very strong features, and dark olive skin, with long wavy black hair. He's build like a stallion, and over 6 feet tall. When I walked around the corner, I saw him with his back against the tiled wall, surrounded by steam. He was jacking ferociously at his dick, which by the way is huge. I'm not good at guessing, but he can put both hands around it (as I'd figure out later). I stopped, and turned away, grabbing my things and quickly slipping on my boxers before leaving the locker room. I went back a half hour later, and there was no sign of Dominic, aside from a puddle of water, and dripping shower head.

A couple of days after that, I saw Dominic again, but this time in the laundry room. He had his back to the door, and I guess he didn't hear me walk in, because he had his pants sagging, and I could easily tell they were opened in the front. He was leaning against the heavily loaded washer, which was shaking roughly. He had both hands on either side, and was leaning against the washer, with his head tilted back. Once again, I quickly left, and waited to do laundry later.

Last night I worked a late shift, and came home, watched a couple of my dvr'd shows, and decided to shower before bed. I slipped on my flip flops, and grabbed my things and headed down. I heard a shower again, and walked into the locker room, setting my things on the bench. I kept my clothes on in case, and walked around the corner. Sure enough, Dominic was jackin away, back against the wall, hot steamy water cascading down his muscular body. I studied his motions, and it was really exciting. He had one hand at the base of his dick, and the other hand was stroking the head, while he bobbed his shaft up and down with the left hand. He has a hint of tan line, and very dark pubic hair. I stayed around the corner, just peering around the corner. He stepped out from under the water, and let out a low moan, as he shot cum straight out into the middle of the room. He threw his head back as more and more cum shot out. I couldn't believe it! I usually only shoot a couple shots, and then I drip a lot of cum, but never that powerful. I turned and waited by the bench, until I heard the water shut off. I slowly started to undress, and was wrapping my towel around my waist, when Dominic walked by. He nodded at me, and walked on by. He didn't even have a towel on, and his dick was still hard, bobbing out in front of him as he walked out toward the hall. I couldn't believe the balls of this guy! I had a semi by the time he left, and jerked off when I got back to my room, before falling asleep. I'm not sure if he knew I saw him, but I'm positive he couldn't care less.



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