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Doing IT With Little Brother

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Doing It With Little Brother
I was blessed with a wonderful mother who sat me down when I was girl (age 9) and told me about masturbation being a wonderful, natural, and healthy thing for girls and boys at any age. She was quite aware that I was already into it, as my little hands were in my pants for as far back as I could remember!
At that age I had not yet experienced the big "O", but I did get nice warm and tingly feeling "down there" and on occasion a little moisture- that part worried me a little- but my mom assured me that females get wet when they are excited. The only part that I think she was incorrect about was that it should only be practiced alone and in private.
At the age of 17 I suddenly learned how doing it with someone else and especially seeing someone do it was also a wonderful thing! At 17 I was still a virgin (almost 20 years ago . . sigh) but I had done a little groping with a couple of boys and plenty of kissing. The furthest they had gone was getting a hand under my top and into my bra, as well as rubbing me through my jeans. I had fondled a couple of teenage erections through their pants, but had yet to see or touch the real thing. I had heard plenty about it from other girls (oh we do talk!), but no "hands-on" experience at that time.
Three nights before Christmas in 1980, my parents were out shopping, leaving me alone with my 15-year-old brother Michael (he's gonna freak if he ever reads this!). I walked down the upstairs hallway (apparently very quietly) and opened the bathroom door, and there was Michael, standing in front of the sink, completely nude, holding his erection in his hand, panting for breath, and semen all over the sink and his hand! I froze and stared. He turned his back to me and started yelling and screaming, but I stood there as I realized what I had seen, fascinated with the white globs of his semen on the counter.
He finally reached over and shoved the door closed in my face. I stumbled to my room, knowing I should apologize, but just overwhelmed with what I had seen. I realized that he had probably ejaculated just before I got there, and wished to hell I had been a few minutes sooner. After a very long 15 minutes or so, I went to his room and tapped on the door. He, of course, told me to "get lost" (paraphrasing here- his words were a bit stronger). My brother and I were unusually close with very few fights and nonsense that most kids go through (really terrific parents), and from the hallway I begged him to forgive me and apologized over and over. After several minutes of my groveling he opened the door.
I again explained that I was sooooo sorry and would never embarrass him again like that. He had calmed down enough to apologize for the choice of words he had used in his anger. We both finally agreed that it wasn't that big of a deal, and left it at that.
Well of course it was on my mind nonstop every day. I had started to entertain ideas of spying on him- anything to see him do it. I knew that was wrong, but I knew he was my best chance of seeing a guy come. Looking back now, I guess I could have asked about any boy to do it and they probably would have, but that was a little bit forward for a 17-year-old to ask some guy to do that! I had been masturbating regularly by then, and thoughts of seeing my brother doing it brought me very nice orgasms. It finally occurred to me that the only way was to talk to him.
About a week after this all started, we were left alone one evening and just as I was about to find the nerve, he announced that he was going over to a friend's house. I quickly asked him if he could talk with me for a minute and he agreed while keeping his eye on the clock. I nervously brought up the night that I embarrassed him and, of course, once again apologized. He listened but looked almost as uncomfortable as me. I reminded him how Mom had taught us both that it was normal and natural and I thought we should be able to talk about it. He looked at me like I suddenly had a third eye appear in the middle of my forehead!
I told him I didn't really know how guys did it (actually I had a pretty good idea) and it was obviously very different from how girls do it. He stopped me cold by suddenly asking, "Do you do it?" Fighting off the embarrassment, I admitted that yes, of course I did. This was followed by an incredible silence. He looked at the clock, insisted that he had to get going, and he was out the door. I was pissed at having missed the chance to bring it up.
Okay so it isn't as easy as just "hey can I watch you do it?". Plan B. A few days later we were back in school after Christmas break. One afternoon, with Mom downstairs (what was I thinking?), we were both in our rooms as I prepared the next step. I decided to have him catch me at least partially naked- that way at least we would be even. I thought of taking a shower with the door ajar, leaving my bedroom door open a crack while changing . . . then he knocked at my door. My heart jumped as he called my name. I called out to hang on a sec, then quickly pulled my top over my head. Halfway to the door I hesitated and took off my bra, tossing it on the bed. My hands were shaking as I held my shirt up to cover myself and opened the door.
He glanced down and quickly back up. I'm sure he had caught glimpses of me running around in my underwear over the years, but this would definitely be more. He wanted to know if I could drive him to the mall in about 20 minutes as Mom was busy in the kitchen. I opened the door wide to allow him full view into the room. There was my bra on the bed. As I turned to walk away from him playfully he could see from my bare back that I was half undressed.
I took my time answering him as I stopped in front of my dresser, giving him a side view, and dropped my shirt to the floor. "I guess so" I replied and turned to make sure he was still there and watching. Oh he was. Staring directly at my modest B cup chest, on display. He mumbled something, turned and headed back to his room. I ran over and closed the door with a shiver at my first real exhibition experience. It felt so sinister and naughty! My God, I'd flashed my tits to my own brother!
You can imagine the ride to the mall started off pretty quiet. I finally admitted to him that I had done that on purpose, as I figured I owed him since I had seen him naked. He blushed and reminded me that I had not just "seen him naked" and I agreed. Teasing, I said next time I would let him see my butt too. "Still not the same" he insisted, and I began to see where this might be going. Just in time- look, there's the mall! Whew!
My goal had been to see him masturbate, not to do it in front of him! As I thought about that over the next couple of days, I soon realized that letting him see me might be the key to letting me watch him. I considered the situation and knew that it had to happen. Sunday afternoon. Dad was out of town, Mom was shopping (all afternoon for sure). Michael had plans for a basketball game with his friends- I had other plans. He was taking a shower before leaving and I waited a few minutes after the water stopped to knock on the door. He opened it wearing a towel around his waist. I wore a knee-length bathrobe. I pretended to need to get some of my makeup from the cabinet in the bathroom and he let me into the steamy room. I casually allowed the robe to fall open and reveal that underneath I was wearing a very pretty black bra and matching panties (my favorites). I let the robe stay open as he told me to hurry up, that he had to get ready for the game.
Thinking quickly, I whipped off the robe and complained how warm it was in the bathroom. Now in just my underwear, I caught him looking me over when I glanced at the mirror. I told him that I had been thinking about what he said the other day in the car, and that he had a good point. It's only fair that he gets to see more of me. I faced him, only 2 feet away. He looked uncomfortable and confused. I sensed that basketball was quickly leaving his mind. I could feel the perspiration all over me from the hot bathroom.
"Come into my room for a sec" I told him and I grabbed a towel and walked into the cooler hallway. As I went into my room, I glanced back, hoping he would be there. He was!
No need to close the door since we had the house to ourselves. He stood there in just a big blue towel. I turned away slightly to see myself in the mirror. As I reached up to slid my bra straps down, I asked "so what would you like to see?" I pulled the cups away and again exposed my breasts to him, turning the bra around and undoing the snap. This time though, the hot bathroom and the cold air had turned my nipples into rigid points. "Well I've already seen those", he said casually, but he stared at my nipples like they had him hypnotized.
"Have you seen a girl naked before?" I asked. "You mean her . . . privates?" he stuttered. "Yes," I replied. "A real live pussy." I couldn't believe I had used that word, but it felt so daring, and I was desperate to get him naked and stroking! He shook his head no and I motioned for him to sit on the edge of the bed. As I took my place a few feet in front of him I began to explain that I was a little self conscious about myself down there (I really was) because my "pussy lips" were a little different from the other girls I had seen in the gym class showers. Mine have always stick out a little too far and became very thick and prominent when I was excited. As I explained this my right hand had naturally strayed to the front of my panties and was pressing up firmly, causing that familiar feeling. I had his total attention. I finally slipped my other hand down inside and slipped my fingers down over the wetness- I was very excited and knew I could do this.
After a moment of hesitation and teasing, I lowered my panties and let him see my dark patch of pubic hair, with my already puffy, wet lips hanging down through the hair. He kept muttering religious things like "Oh Jesus" and "Oh God" as I stood there with my panties around my ankles. When I asked him to take off his towel, he whipped it off and tossed it aside, showing his wonderful erection. It was better than I thought. Finally, a real cock right here in my room!
I stepped out of my panties and climbed onto the bed, right across from him, legs wide open. I looked down to see my virgin pussy open like a flower and I let him examine me while I toyed with my aching nipples. It was far better than I had imagined! I ran one finger over my opening and deposited the wetness right over my clit (which was now starting to poke out into the light of day). As I began playing with myself I whispered for him to touch himself, and I nearly came when he did! It was incredible. He squeezed it so firmly and left it slide up and down, then reached up and licked him palm. With his hand wet he went back to stroking, this time with a squishing sound as his pumping increased.
Well it didn't take long for either of us. I was at least half way there when he suddenly gasped and shivered and a strong squirt of semen shot out and landed on my leg. I hit my orgasm instantly at seeing that and fought to concentrate on watching him as I came in convulsions over and over. He kept shooting his cum, on the bed and on me- I remember it seemed so warm! I had the best orgasm I had ever had at that point in my life, squealing and gasping and lewdly fingering myself openly. After a rest period, while we laid back and continued to look at each other's bodies, he helped me strip the bed to wash the sheets. I headed for a nice warm shower and he left (very late) for his basketball game.
I was hooked. To this day I adore seeing a man come. I watched him many more times over the next 1½ years until I left home. We eventually experimented by masturbating each other, and at my request, we learned the joys of oral sex- the first time he came in my mouth was another major highlight! We never had intercourse, but I have no regrets. It was the beginning of a my awakening and openness and probably had a great deal to do with how I am today!
Hope you all liked hearing this. I have been dying to confess all these years! Sharon



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