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Doing It Now

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I will openly masturbate texting this and if it causes you to it too,either cock or pussy,I hope you will reply with a comment so we can do it together again.


This isn't a story about masturbation but one of it. I'm actually sitting here in just a T with my cock in my hand and texting this with the other. I love jerking off which guys my age are supposed to and have been doing it on Solo Touch way before I was 'legal' but don't worry, I'm more than ok now, I just don't still look it. I'm short(5'5' 125lbs). No good build just still stickboy looking like a twink and guess a nerdy one at that.

But I can say I'm 'hung' at least in proportion to the rest of me. Like an honest seven, nice and thick hard and happily uncut. Nice balls for a little twerp too and plenty of hair. Hair is hot to me and part of being male. Mine is light reddish brown, virgin forest on my pubes, pits too, forearms and a treasure trail. So I'm jerking off and sure ready to. Haven't jacked a load for at least 48 hours and that mound just behind my balls feels near capacity.

I saw where that's where sperm collects when you don't bust it. Ah yeah, this is already fun at least for me and the idea that if posted it might get some other cocks(and cunts!)up and running is exciting. Maximum boned now and already feeling the urge to bust it. But this hardon once it really locks in will wait and I may be young but have studied the fine art of masturbation and edge expertly. It's tougher the longer you go but, WOW,the final bust is AWESOME!

Precum is now coming out in sweet beads and the second edge has pulled my balls up some and they are separated like pool balls in a cue (not as big though ha ha!). Lots of precum now and it doesn't have much taste but after awhile I start to get a cocky smell that really makes my little nips bud. My sperm though smells like the air in an indoor pool and the taste is hard to describe. Took me awhile to try it but it is essential now for a good whack. And when I nearly miss an edge and get a little surge of it before I actually cum it is AWESOME!

I have jerked off with a couple of boys but never a girl and have never tasted other guys but the smell was the same as mine. Oh boy, I'm really getting into this now-been stripping back the foreskin and sliding the slimey bare head over the blond hair on my forearm and it is soaked with cock juice! Balls are really up to the base of the shaft. My sac is shiney tight-better cool it a minute cause I want to make this last.

My glasses are getting foggy, ha ha. That's better. Walked around a bit not touching myself and am wonderfully comfortable with the feel of my hardon inhand again. Will slow down and put off the next edge although I'd love to get that little surge! Maybe it's being uncut that gives my masturbation this cocky smell that hangs over me by now like a curtain of aroma but it's not that I'm into cheesey foreskins-that's disgusting, really!

And I have not done much with girls I'm pretty sure I'm not queer. I did get involved in 'T rooms' once though-last summer my last year in high school. The school was just uphill from a branch of a city department store and I by accident discovered that in the mens room on the lower level there someone had made a 'glory hole' between two of the stalls. I'd go there and sit in one of them and masturbate. It was always busy there around four when school was over and never other students-older guys. The hole was focused right at toilet seat level and I'd whack away seeing some guy eye balling me doing it. More times than not, the guy would finally stick his hardon through the hole and looking at that right there with me was wild-just almost missed an edge now telling it.

Man, I'm getting close! Well, a few of those cocks were simply mind-boggling to my masturbating eyes and guess I was expected to do something beyond the rules on here but I didn't even want to do that. But a few of the really hot uncut ones I couldn't resist feeling and two of them I actually jerked off to really spermy shoots. Of course then adding my own to the white cloudy stuff on the bathroom tile. Usually though,I would end my masturbation sessions there by standing up with my shorts piled on my shoes and pump my load off on the side wall and watch the slugs slowly slide down like snails leaving sperm tracks and making a white clouded puddle at the bottom.

Whew! I'm not going to get by another edge after maybe now a dozen? Gonna go do it and you can guess I'm gonna shoot it off in the cupped palm of the hand I've been texting this with and then slurp it up.



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