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Doin' What Big Sister Done

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Back in high school, I lived in a country neighborhood with lots of sprawling woods and private places. Coming from a good Catholic family, I had a sister a year older than me and one a year younger than me. This particular event involves my older sister, Kim.

Kim was a true beauty: face of an angel, flowing auburn hair, bright, deep blue eyes, and a smile that melts hearts. Her body was flawless-many said she had the best ass in school and I had to agree even if she was my sis. Her tits weren't big but they were nicely shaped (more on that in future stories) and she had firm, tanned legs. Obviously, she was never at a loss for a date and had several long-term boyfriends.

Being the mischievous brother that I was, I was always trying to catch glimpses of my sisters whenever I could. As luck would have it, that was quite often! Even though I had a beautiful, sexy girlfriend of my own, Jenn (who you'll learn more about later), I was always aroused living with two sexy sisters who often had equally attractive friends over for sleepovers, pool parties, and fun in general.

This particular night, Jenn and I were messing around outside after dark, getting into my dad's endless cache of brews in the garage, and feeling quite good. The rest of the family was away, and Kim was in the house with her current boyfriend, Tom. Jenn and I noticed that all the lights were off except a dim light off the hallway to the living room. Curious about what might be going on inside, we grabbed a six pack and headed towards the bay window that looked into the living room. There on the sofa, we saw my sister and Tom, fully dressed, but making out passionately. Tom was positioned between Kim's spread legs, dry humping as they played tonsil hockey. Quite an arousing seen to say the least. I grabbed Jenn's tight ass and kissed her on the neck as we continued to watch the show inside.

Things were heating up inside and soon Tom was tracing the outline of Ki's breast outside her shirt, pleading to let him see her tits. Playing coy, Kim unbuttoned her shirt but left her lacy white bra covering her titties. Her nipples indicated her arousal, pointing through the thin fabric, and Tom quickly began licking and sucking the protruding buds. Not to be outdone, Kim ripped off Tom's shirt and began unzipping his pants. This had Jenn and I in quite a state and Jenn asked me if I would do the same to her. Soon I had Jenn's shirt over her head and unclasped her bra, taking it a step further.

'Mikey, that feels so erotic being topless out here with breeze on my tits,' she whispered in my ear. I licked each nipple, sending shivers through Jenn as the night air made them tight and erect. She began to rub my hard cock through my pants as we tried to continue watching the show inside.

Hearing moaning now, we peered in to see that Kim had taken Tom's cock out and had his pants around his ankles. She tentatively licked the head and must have tasted his pre-cum and quickly backed away, not certain she wanted to take it all in her mouth.

'How about a hand job, then?' Tom asked as he undid her button-fly jeans and slid them down to her knees, exposing her matching white panties with a visible wet spot in the middle. He massaged her clit from the outside as she began stroking his cock.

Getting more aroused by the second, Jenn surprised me by pulling down her shorts, keeping her panties on, and asked me to get behind her. I said only if I could pull my shorts down, too, and she said 'Please' with a seductive smile. I slid my shorts down and positioned myself behind Jenn, rubbing my underwear-encased cock between the cleft of her sweet ass cheeks and reached around to massage one of her firm, 34DD tits. I was in heaven!

As we glanced back in, Tom now had his hand inside Kim's panties and was working her clit with his thumb. Her breathing was getting ragged as her hips raised off the sofa to meet his touch. She continued stroking his throbbing cock, as best she could, and Tom looked like he was about to shoot his load all over Kim's bra and panties. Then, she stopped and asked him to get behind her while she was on all fours. Were they going to do it doggy style? I didn't think so because, to my knowledge, Kim was still a virgin and probably wouldn't have unprotected sex anyway. Tom looked a little disappointed but seemed more than interested to see what she had in mind. As Kim got on all fours, she slid her panties around her knees and bent over so Tom could clearly see her dripping pussy. She reach back and began fingering herself, slowly at first then speeding up, telling Tom that he could play, but no fucking. Tom quickly got the idea and began stroking his cock while focusing on Kim's ministrations. They were getting close and so were we.

Jenn apparently had seen enough and needed quick relief. She turned around, dropped her panties and knelt in front of me, pulling my underwear down and began stroking me, using her saliva as lube. It felt wonderful as I watched her jilling off and alternated between watching Kim and Tom and watching Jenn jack me off!

Soon, we heard moans coming from the living room. I looked up to see Tom shooting rope after rope of cum all over my sister's beautiful, tight little ass and the small of her back. Some even landed on the sofa. At that, Kim's ass rose even higher as she grunted and groaned as she came hard, obviously sent over the edge by Tom's own explosion. As she came down from her mind-shattering orgasm, They collapsed together on the sofa, Tom lying on top of Kim.

This about put me through the roof as I said a little too loudly to Jenn, 'I'm gonna cum!' She said 'Me, too, babe' and began to shudder as she came with a rush, juices dripping over hand. I couldn't take any more and blew my load right past her onto the side of the house and into some of the bushes before a few final drops landed in her lovely blonde hair and dripped down to her tanned, freckled shoulders. We were spent but quickly pulled up our clothes and ran off into the cover of darkness, giggling with giddiness.

The next morning, Kim and I sat alone at the breakfast table. 'Enjoy the show last night, Mikey?' she asked. Feigning ignorance, I said I hadn't been to a show.

'C'mon, I saw you and Jenn peaking in the window.' Busted. 'Â 1/2And I heard you shout 'I'm gonna cum,' she said with a sly grin.

'I didn't shout,' I corrected her, sheepishly admitting we had watched.

'Well, I don't mind. Actually, it kinda helped me get off knowing you two were watching and doing the same thing,' she admitted. 'You might want to clean the cum off the siding, though. I hear it stains.'

'You might want to clean the cum off the sofa, too,' I winked back. She just smiled.

I never did clean up the cum. The stain is still there all these years later. What a great reminder of an incredible night.



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