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Does This Arouse You ?

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I contributed several stories last year and thought it was time again. For those of you who didn't read them, a little recap. I'm 54 happily married with a large sex drive. I've been a frequent masturbator since I was 13. Even now at my age I'll induldge at least 5 times a week. I'm 6ft 80kilos and stay fit with a trim body.I have some chest hair, just enough to cover each pec lightly, a thin line down over my stomach that spreads out across to a thick patch of black pubic hair that stretches from hip to hip.I have a light cover of hair over the front of my thighs.

My penis is 3 to 4ins flaccid, just under 6 and a half inches erect but very thick, almost 6ins around. I'm cut with a bell shaped knob the same thickness as my shaft. When I'm flaccid,a vein is visible running from my pubic bush along the length of the shaft, and it becomes thick and blue when I'm erect, along with many other veins around the sides and underneath. My balls are large and loose and move a lot, sometimes contracting and rising as I orgasm. I've always produced large amounts of precum and seem to have more the older I get. If I stand and masturbate, my favoutire position, I'll drip to the floor and form a pool. I have always been a large ejaculator,probably not as strong as I used to be, but after a long session, can still produce 10 to 13 contractions. My best distance was 6ft 2ins while standing.

I've always been faithful to my wife through all our years of marriage, so masturbation has been a wonderful help to me.

However a few years ago, I did sometimes use a phone chat line with some amazing encounters.They were always on line, never in person. The best by far was a women who had a love of male maturbation.She was married and faithful like me, but masturbated regularly.Her real passion was watching men masturbate, to see their different bodies and styles. We spoke many times and shared mutal orgasms, and then she suggested I make a video for her.At first I was reluctant, but eventually I did. She worked out 4 different scenes.The plan was for me to masturbate on 4 seperate ocassions and video each one.She was very particular with her instructions.First she requested me to sit on the edge of a lounge,legs spread and start to play. She asked me to talk through the whole process, to tell her what I was doing and feeling. I become ercet very fast, within seconds, so by the time I'd sat on the lounge, fully clothed and pressed record, I was hard. She asked me to play and touch myself firstly through my clothes. There's a lot more detail, but I don't want to bore anyone.After 5 minutes I was naked, sitting on the very edge with my legs spread, slowly stroking.I had large strings of precum hanging off my knob, and my balls vere hanging down and slapping against the lounge . Her instruction was to last as long as I could, giving her a good look at my penis and method. This time I used the simple thumb on top fingers underneath, with a very firm grip. Ocassionally I would slap the shaft hard against my other hand or thigh and back up on my stomach, causing the precum to flick out in front of me or up onto my body. She asked for me to cum over myself, so when it was time, and I'm very vocal, I sat back on the lounge and started to yell as my penis began to contract. The first couple of spurts didn't go past my navel, then 3 ropes sprayed up near or over my head and face. with another 3 or 4 strong burts hitting my chest and the back of the lounge. This was my first show, with 3 to come.

Her next instruction was for me to stand at the end of a sofa table and orgasm along the length, so she could see exactly how much I poroduced. The one catch was she wanted me to let go of my penis as I started to spurt. The result was very interesting, but I'll write more details next time if anyone would like to hear the rest. I should say when she recieved my tape she rang me and I listened to her as she watched it for the first time. That was amazing! She eventually made a tape for me.I'll conclude now because this is probably goig on too long. But if you'd like more let me know. More importantly, what I really enjoy is to know if any ladies have found this arousing, hence the title. If so, please make a comment and tell me how old you are and if you masturbated over it, and what you like the most.I'd love some details.

Thanks for reading this and let me know if you want more.



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