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Does My Wife Do It or Not

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I think the answer is YES


Does My Wife Do It Or Not?

To start off with, my wife Becky claims that she does not masturbate. I have asked her more than once if she did and her answer has always been the same, NO.

During our love making sessions we get naked and start out hugging and kissing with me moving my hand in between her legs to search for her clitoris. (I love playing with her pussy). As I run my hand over her mound and through her orangish-red pubic hairs I probe a finger in between her moist pussy lips until I find the object of my desire. Becky always spreads her legs slightly for me at this point allowing me easier access to her pleasure center. As I begin to massage and vibrate my finger on her clit she starts out lying still with her eyes closed enjoying me playing with it. But then as she gets closer and closer to cumming she starts having these involuntarily spasms and starts bucking my hand. Finally as she reaches the pinnacle of her orgasm she arches her back and tenses up and explodes with waves of pleasure. Without a doubt she loves it.

Now, my question is this: knowing that Becky does experience such delightful and enjoyable pleasures by me masturbating her during our love making sessions, doesn't it stand to reason that she just might occasionally masturbate herself to obtain the same pleasurable responses without me having to be there to do it for her? I kind of think so. But yet I've never definitely caught her at it. However, I think I may have some circumstantial evidence which may suggest that Becky does indeed masturbate in spite of what she says.

During a past love making session I was busily diddling her clit as usual and she was getting closer and closer to cumming when unexpectedly Becky placed her hand on top of my hand and left it there. This was a new thing but I thought nothing especially of it and continued to diddle her clit. Then suddenly I felt Becky start to vibrate her finger on the back of my hand mimicking what I was doing to her. The faster I diddled her clit and the closer she got to cumming the harder and faster she vibrated her finger on the back of my hand. She subsequently reached an orgasm with both of our hands in between her legs. It's for certain that if my hand had not been there in the way she would have been diddling her clit for herself.

A similar thing happened again on another occasion. Only this time I was propped up, supported by my left elbow so that I was up over her slightly. Becky had her arms around me and I had my right hand in between her legs busily diddling her clit. I could tell she was getting close to cumming when I suddenly felt the firm pressure of a finger in the middle of my back as it started to vibrate on an imaginary spot. It was strange because Becky was exactly copying what I was doing to her. As I rapidly vibrated my finger on her swollen clit, she instinctively diddled that 'invisible clit' there on my back. She kept this up until she came.

Remember now that Becky has always claimed and still does that she does not masturbate.

One more example. One morning I got up and prepared for work in the usual manner. I said goodbye to Becky as I closed the bedroom door, leaving her awake but still lying in bed. I got all the way out to the car when I realised that I had left my keys on top of the dresser. So there was nothing to do but go back into the house to retrieve them. Now unquestionably Becky had not heard me re-enter the house because when I opened the bedroom door I caught her there in the bed masturbating. Or at least I think I did. She was lying on her back with the blankets still over her and her arms underneath them. I could tell by the outline of her body that she was lying there with her legs spread apart. Then as soon as she realised that I had come back she quickly closed her legs together and then just as quickly withdrew her arms out from underneath the covers and placed them on top. As she did so I heard a snapping sound of what could only have been the waist band of Becky's panties snapping back as she rapidly took her hand out of them. I right away guessed that my sweet Becky had been lying there playing with herself.

I told her that I had forgotten my car keys and had to come back to get them. She made no reply. In fact, I could tell that she was a little flustered as I retrieved my keys and once again headed out of the bedroom closing the door behind me. I then made an obvious noise as if I were leaving. Then after a few minutes, I quietly crept back to listen outside the bedroom door. There I thought I could barely hear the sound of our bed shaking but I was not sure. As I listened to what I thought was Becky in there doing what she claimed she never did I unzipped my pants and pulled out my stiff cock and began playing with it. The almost unmistakable fact that I'd caught Becky masturbating was such a turn on that after a few minutes I was cumming. I pinched the head of my dick to keep from shooting a stream of cum and making a mess of things. Then I pulled out my handkerchief with my free hand and caught my cum in it as I released my dick. I then quietly slipped out of the door and headed to work.

I have imagined Becky masturbating for me and watching her getting herself off many times. I always get a hardon when I think about it. Sometimes I think of her diddling her clit and making love to herself during one of her soothing candle lit baths. I have woken up in the middle of the night and thought that I could feel the bed moving as she laid there playing with herself. It may have been only my imagination though. More than once have I masturbated thinking about the instances I've presented here. But try as I may, I've still yet to catch her where I had positive proof that she does masturbate. Of course she repeatedly claims that she DOES NOT. However, based upon the circumstantial evidence that I've offered here, what do you think? Does my wife do it or not?



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