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Doctors and Hospitals Got Me Started

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Getting naked and hard for doctors, orderlies, and fellow patients was an early turn-on in my life.


I guess I was a late bloomer. At 14, I hadn't yet discovered masturbation. I knew all about erections, however. I got one during a physical exam from a new doctor when I was admitted to the hospital that year for what turned out to be a case of anemia. When I got out, he asked me to come to his office for follow-up exams every few weeks.
I liked those exams because I could stand naked in front of him, and he seemed to enjoy it. He didn't even seem to mind when I'd get hard. One time he asked me if I ever 'played with that thing.' I said no (actually I had, but not to orgasm). He then asked me if I'd like to see my sperm under a microscope, and I said 'Sure.' He proceeded to start stroking my hard young cock with his bare hand (no rubber gloves were used back in those days), but I got nervous, I guess, and lost my erection.
Later that day, I walked down to a wooded area near my house and worked up the courage to take off all my clothes and finish what the good doc had started. It was a secluded area but neighborhood boys like me often played there. Maybe I was hoping I'd get caught. I had my first self-induced orgasm that day, and it was great! I felt guilty about it, but not guilty enough to stop doing it. It wasn't the last time those trees got to see me naked, hard, and pumping out in the fresh air!
The next time I went to that doctor for an exam, I didn't get hard, and he commented (in a disappointed voice, I thought), 'You're not coming to the party this time.' I knew he really wanted me to. Actually I wanted to, but I guess I was too nervous (remember, I was only 14).
A few years later, at age 21, I had to be shaved for hernia surgery. A young handsome orderly came into my hospital room to do it. It was very exciting. He first told me to remove my pajama tops, and then said 'Well, you might as well remove your bottoms too, because you'll have to eventually.' Do you suppose he wanted me completely naked for as long as possible?
I lay there self-consciously while he first shaved my chest hair off. Then he moved to my genitals and slowly and carefully removed all traces of pubic hair, moving my semi-hard cock from side to side as he did so. I had masturbated before he got there, so that helped me keep from getting fully hard (I thought he'd freak if I did). But when he left the room, I took my now bald cock and balls in hand and had one of the best orgasms I've ever had! If anyone had walked in at that point, they would've gotten quite a show!
Speaking of shows, another time when I was still in my 20s, I had to share a triplex hospital room with a couple of male patients who were much older than me. There was no shower in the room, so I decided to give myself a sponge bath. I took everything off and proceeded to wash my trim body while they watched - bug-eyed and entranced. I did get a hard-on that time because I was so excited about being naked while they watched me.
So you can see why I've always liked going to the doctor and being in medical facilities. I associate that with some of the most stimulating sexual experiences of my life. They got me started on a lifetime of wonderful masturbating!



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