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Doctor Friend

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This is a true story


Straight away introducing the characters, I am Shoberg, my wife Catalena and my friend McCaster. Me and my wife are working and we have two children, a seven and two year old boys. We have been married for the last eight years and we have a successful marriage.

For the last three months my wife has been suffering from some problems. Basically irregular and painful periods. My friend McCaster is a Doctor specializing in gyneacology. Cathalena and I visited him and and he prescribed some medicine. Two weeks passed and Cathalena started getting severe irritation and itching in the vaginal area.

We again planned to visit Caster and the same evening he came home just for a casual visit. After having a couple of drinks, I mentioned to Caster about Catalena's problems. He said he cannot comment until he examines her. Then I requested if he could examine her now because I had a very busy schedule planned for the next day. He immediately agreed. By this time the kids were already sleeping.

Caster suggested that Catalena should lie down for the examination, so the three of us went to our bedroom and the examination began. Catalena was wearing woollen pants and a tee shirt. On top she had a long gown as well. It was really cold and snowing outside. As soon as we entered our room she laid down after removing the gown. Caster lifted her T shirt and felt her stomach and then asked her to remove her pants. She hesitated and I told her to follow instructions and She did as instructed and again lied down. She was wearing a black V shaped panty. Now Caster pulled her panty down and asked her to keep her legs apart and he then inspected her vagina and said she has a fungal infection and advised her to remove her pubic hair. (she had thick hair) I felt bad at the same time excited in seeing my wife lying down wearing just her top and showing her pussy to another man.

I asked him what could be the cause for the infection and he said that it could be an STD or might be due to lack of cleanliness or excess sweating etc. He asked me how often we have sex. I answered shyly almost every day. Then he wanted to inspect my penis and I was shocked at that. I said later. Cathalena and Caster laughed out loud at my reaction and Catalena said 'Come on honey, there is no need for you to feel shy, me being a lady I am not shy. She nor Caster understood that I was hesitant because I had an erection and it would be embarrassing. This time Cathalena (still half naked) pulled my shorts down and they both had their mouths open seeing my boner. I apologized and they both laughed and said that was not a big problem. It was then I noticed that Caster also had a hard on inside his pants. So I said 'Enough of teasing me, I can see that your cock is hard too.' Then he too was in an embarrassing situation. There was silence in the room and he continued to examine my cock by pulling the foreskin down, my dick was wet with the precum, he said I also have the infection and we both have to undergo medication.

Cathelena broke the silence, she said now I guess the examination is over we could get back to the bar and have another drink to get rid of the embarrassment. Caster also apologized saying he couldn't resist his emotions seeing such a sexy lady naked. He also said that he noticed that Cathalena was equally aroused pointing at her wet pussy.

I asked him now all three of us are aroused what to do now. Caster said that he would go to the toilet and masturbate and be back in 10 minutes. Then I suggested that all of us do it together so that we have company and it would be a pleasure too. They both agreed to my bright idea and all of us stripped naked, we all sat round on our bed and masturbated. It was one of the best climaxes I ever had.



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