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Do You Miss Your Panties

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I love to masturbate and I have a panty fetish. There is nothing hotter than getting a pair of worn panties and smelling and licking the crotch while jacking off. There is no telling how many panties I have snitched over the years. If I have a chance I will jack off with the panties, shoot my load in the crotch, and leave them where I found them, but more often I have to take the panties and jack off in them later. I will sniff and lick the pussy juice in the panties until there is no smell left. At that point I shoot a load of cum in the panties and throw them away.

My question to women. Have you ever had your dirty panties taken by someone? If someone was to take a pair of your dirty panties out of the clother hamper, would you miss them? Also, how would you feel knowing that someone was using your panties to jack off? Has anyone ever found a pair of their panties with a load of cum in them?

I know this is a lot of questions but I would really like to know how girls or women feel about the subject. I have always thought that it was not likely that a girl would miss one pair of her panties but I really don't know.

I have a niece who I have always been hot for. She is a real beauty and I love sniffing her panties and jacking off. I have taken many pairs of her panties over the years.

I also enjoy jacking off with my wife's younger sister's panties. I have taken several pairs of her panties also. I have access to her house, so what I usually do, if there is only one pair of dirty panties in the hamper is get a clean pair out of her panty drawer and wrinkle them up a little and stick them in the hamper and take the dirty ones. She has dozens of panties in her panty drawer so I figure she will not miss one pair from her drawer but might notice the pair gone from the hamper. I have used this trick with my niece also.

I love reading Solo Touch and especially the stories from males and females alike about panties. I especially enjoyed the story written by Lisa, 'Uncle Took My Panties', #38142. What an opportunity missed, however. Lisa, you should have walked in on him while he was tasting your panties. That could have led to some great possibilities.

If only masturbation was more open. I cannot understand why masturbation is so taboo by our society. I see nothing wrong if two adults wanted to sit down and masturbate together. I did it once with a woman, a total stranger I met at a hotel while on a business trip. I hit on her in the bar and she said she was so horny but did not want to have sex with anyone but her husband so I talked her into going to my room and masturbate with me. We both got totally naked and she played with her pussy while I jacked off. I had one of the best cums of my life that day and she said her orgasm was more intense than it had ever been before. She said if she would only cum that hard when her husband was fucking her.

I have always dreamed of being in a room full of people, both men and women and everyone masturbating together. Everyone does it. At least every normal person does it. Why not do it in front of someone else?

Keep the stories cumming about masturbation, especially those about panties. And let's hear from more women about how they would feel knowing that a man was using their panties to jack off in. One woman told me she would feel that her privacy had been invaded and she would feel violated if she knew a man had done that with her panties. Apparently everyone does not feel that way.



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