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Discovering the Circle Jerk

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When I was 17, I had to go spend the summer with my Aunt and Uncle, in Tennessee. They had 2 boys, and a hobby farm. I got along well with my cousins, but they were a couple years older than I, and we didn't have a lot in common. I remember when we were kids, we used to go swimming in their man-made pond in the back. Not directly in the back yard, it was about 3 acres into their property, surrounded by mixed shrubbery and a small 'pool house,' which was really a glorified shed, with a door, window, and changing area with a tank and shower too. We spent several days naked. Swimming, sunbathing, wrestling. There was no shame, since we were family.

I arrived on a Friday morning, and my Aunt Veronica met me at the driveway. She tried to help me with my bags, but I only had 2, so I told her it was fine. She told me there were biscuits and gravy, grits, hashed potatoes, and sweet tea waitin for me. I put my bags in my cousin Ted's room right off the main part of the house, at the end of the hall, behind the staircase. Aunt Veronica told me he was out of town for the weekend, and they had just painted upstairs, so it wasn't fittin for guests. It didn't matter to me, I was glad to be there! I filled up at the breakfast table, and she told me to go on and see where My Uncle Trace and cousin Billy were. 'They should be about back, if you head on up the trail.'

I made my way down the dusty trail (literally), and didn't see anybody. I continued walking down the trail, and figured I'd head straight for the swimming hole. It was about 100 degrees with a tinge of humidity, and I would've jumped right in, if I wasn't on a mission. I walked through the wooden gate at the edge of the shrub line, and into the open arena style lawn, where the swimming hole was. It looked so inviting, with the sunlight hitting off the water. You could see the white stones they had, over the liner, at the shallow end. It only got to be about 10 feet at the deep end, and they must've just been cleaning it. I walked around the entire pond, enjoying the sounds of nature, and the sunlight. I slipped my tee shirt off over my head, and tucked it in the back of my shorts. I go to the shed, and took my Toms off, opening the door to the shed. I walked in, and saw Billy showering. He waved, and said 'Hey Cuz! Come on in.' Like I said before, we're family, and there is no shyness within that circle. Billy kept on showering, and talking to me about my drive, and how the coast was treating me. I wasn't entirely comfortable talking to a naked man, cousin or not. It had been a couple years since I'd seen him naked, and he was 20 at the time. I was full into puberty, and knew I'd sprouted chest and stomach hair, a full bush of pubes, and pit hair as well. Billy was your typical country boy. He had thick arm muscles, and chest muscles, chiselled stomach, toned thighs and calves, and bleached blonde hair. He had a few patches of chest hair and ab hair, but from being out in the sun every day, they were almost white. His pubes were the only tell tale that he had hair. They were a light brown color, but darker in the water. I'd noticed he grew out below too. I didn't stare much, but admired how big his manhood had grown. I knew I had a ways to go still, and was looking forward to being a man.

Billy finished showering, and walked to the door, still asking about things on the coast, and my parents. He opened the door, and I followed him out. We laid in the grass, directly in the sunlight. 'Hey T, you can strip down if you want to cuz, it ain't nothing around here.' I slipped my shorts off, but left my briefs on. I wasn't quite at home yet. We enjoyed the sun. He asked if I had a lady friend yet, which I did at the time. She was the same age as I, and we went to the same church. There wasn't anything sexual going on, although I did think about her often, and enough to get myself off thinking about making babies with her.

After half an hour, we felt a little baked, and Billy got up, and walked back to the shed. He came out again, with a pair of boxers on, and his clothes in hand. 'You wanna head on up to the house?' I said sure, and we walked back up the trail. I left my shirt off too, but had put my shorts back on, along with my Toms. We got back to the house, and Uncle Trace was walking from the small barn, where they had their own chickens and a couple dairy cows. 'Hey T! Welcome home!' I smiled and waved. 'Billy, put your clothes on. You want Mama to see your dick swingin back and forth in them boxers?' Billy laughed, and we stopped, so he could slip his jeans on. We got in the house, and went to the great room to sit and relax in the air conditioning.

Aunt Veronica had brought us some tea, and we talked about my family in North Carolina, how my Dad's job was doing. When they were moving back. I didn't have the answers, but anything was acceptable. It was more about engaging each other in conversation. Uncle Trace said he had to 'use the facilities', and left us talking about new video games. Call of Duty was huge for my cousin, but I wasn't much into gaming. He told me that Ted had gotten a really good job, managing the local Walmart. It was a small town, so I was sure it didn't take much, but it was still impressive. He had to work mostly mornings, and would be home about 2:30, which was within an hour. Billy asked if I wanted to go with him to run into town and pick up some liner. He'd noticed an area around the pond that had a tear at the edging. I agreed, and followed him out to the garage. He had a lifted Dodge Ram quad cab, and it was fire engine red. I crawled up in the passenger seat, and we took off. It only took about 5 minutes to get into town, and the errand itself was about 20. We also stopped at the DQ, and picked up a couple chocolate malts. He showed me all the new developments, which only took another 15 minutes. The town was growing, but most of it was family owned, so I noticed the businesses almost resembled houses.

We got back to the house, and saw Ted's car in the drive way. He had a Mustang with a convertible top, which I thought was sweet. My parents bought me a car when I got my license, but it was Toyota Corolla, which had really good safety features... but it's not a very impressive car. We got in the house, and Billy asked his Mom where Ted was. She said he was showering, and we could wait for him. I told Billy I'd be right back, and had to get something. I remembered my Mom had sent some candles for Aunt Veronica and a card. I opened the door to see Ted towelling off. 'Hey Cuz!' He smiled, and reached out to shake my hand, which left him holding the towel in one hand, and nothing covering him. I shook his hand, and he kept on towelling. Now, Ted and Billy are completely different. Ted was 21 at the time, and definitely looks more like Uncle Trace. He has long dark wavy hair, scruffy face, and dark hair from just under his chest, all the way down. His nipples also have a lot of hair, which makes him look very masculine. He has the typical country boy build, with an obvious farmer's tan, and very thick pubic hair, but I'd also noticed he'd grown quite the manhood. He asked how my Mom was, I think she's his favorite Aunt. I filled him in briefly, and said I had to give something to his Mom.

I left his room, and brought the gift and card to Aunt Veronica. She aww'd and oooh'd when she opened them up. They smelled like apple pie, which I didn't think was that great, but women are different. I ended up helping Uncle Trace move some old car parts from the garage. He was taking them to the local scarp yard to cash in, and needed the extra space. He was getting a car for Aunt Veronica, and the large garage had previously been used for a lot of his hoarding. Now they needed all four stalls. I got sweaty fast, and took my shirt off again, tucking it in my shorts. Uncle Trace was wearing a stained up wife beater, that you could see through. He and Ted are almost twins, except for the age difference. Uncle Trace has long dark hair, but he was starting to gray a bit on the sides. He also had a thicker stubble than Ted, and his chest hair started at his collar bone line. You could see his wet body hair plastered against his chiselled frame, through the shirt. I guess he left the tank on, to soak up all the sweat. I finished helping him, and even swept up the stall, after we were done. I needed a shower bad, and excused myself when we went in. The shower felt great! They have soft water, and I love how it soothes your body, and you don't feel the roughness while you wash up. I wrapped a towel around my waist, and headed into Ted's room. He was laying on his bed, using his computer. I commented on how fancy he's gotten over the past 2 years, and he laughed, stating times have changed. I found my briefs, dropping my towel, and pulling them on. 'Man, you're not a kid anymore Cuz!' He pointed at my patch of pubes and manhood. I got a little embarrassed, but left my briefs just under my sack, admiring myself. 'Well, I'm not as grown as you Cuz.' He smirked, 'no, but give it a couple years. My dick's grown about 3 inches just in the past year.' 'Really!?' 'Uh-huh, it just took off, and now I'm hung like a horse.' I laughed and shook my head. 'Wanna see? I'm not joshin you.' 'No, I got an eye full when I walked in on you earlier Cuz.' 'Nah man, that was dry dick. It gets bigger.' He stood up, and undid his jeans, pulling out his manhood. It did look impressive, now that it was completely dry, and warm. It sort of hung there, with his large, perky balls holding it up. He pushed his jeans down a little, and slowly pulled on the shaft. It grew straight out, and pointed at me. I was impressed, greatly. I asked how big it was, and he said he measured it at 8 and a quarter, and it was 7 inches thick around. I couldn't believe it. I had never seen a big dick like that before. He lifted it up, pressing it against his abs, and it went clear over his belly button. My eyes must have been huge, cause he laughed and said 'Told you so, Cuz.' We heard a knock on the door, and Aunt Veronica said it was time for dinner. 'We'll be right out, Ma.' I came back to my senses, and finished dressing. Ted put his manhood off to the side, and buttoned up his jeans. He put on a button up shirt, with long tabs, that covered his crotch, and winked at me. We walked out to the dining room, and sat down. I noticed Ted adjusting in his chair, and we both smirked at each other. Uncle Trace said grace, and we chowed down on the grub. Aunt Veronica makes a mean Shepherd's pie, and we also had sweet potatoes, steak tips with fried onions and mushrooms, and home grown, home made coleslaw. It was a feast, and I filled up quickly. Billy and Ted took me out to the garage, and showed me the extension they were workin on in the back. It was a full sized theater room, complete with red carpet, and black leather furniture. Everything was covered in plastic, and the ceiling was not finished. They were installing the projector, and had to wait for the parts to come in from China...which they emphasized half a dozen times.

We went back in the house, to the den, and Billy put in Mission Impossible 2. It was one of his favorites, and I never mind action movies. We were half way through the movie when Ted spoke up, 'Hey T, you wanna go to a party with Billy and me?' I said sure, since there wasn't much else going on. Billy looked at Ted, 'Are you sure you still wanna go to that?' They stared at each other, when Ted said 'I think T would have fun. Besides, he aint a kid anymore.' Billy looked at me, then back at Ted and shrugged his shoulders. I was really curious at this point, and wanted to know what kind of party we were going to. They told me it was just a party, so I dismissed the ideas in my head.

We left the house about 11:00, and drove through town, leaving southbound. A couple miles up, Ted pulled off the main road, and down into a suburban type neighbourhood. It surprised me, because there were so many farms, and large properties, that a suburban subdivision seemed a bit out of place. We drove deep into the neighbourhood, and then down a secluded area, lined with trees. The houses on this end were spaced out nicely, and were much larger than the houses in the subdivision. we drove a couple of miles, and came to a large brick manor type house, surrounded by tall metal fencing, and had a gate with a camera. Ted rolled his window down, and waited a couple of seconds. The gate opened, and we drove down the driveway toward the back of the house. There were cars parked up and down the driveway, and a few on the back lawn, and terrace. There were people everywhere, some appeared to be around my age, and a lot of the people were closer to Ted and Billy's age.

The party was quiet outside, but as soon as we walked in, the music was deafening. People were everywhere. It seemed like a regular house party, except the house was a mansion. We made our way through the crowd, toward the back of the house. Ted gave me a Dr. Pepper, which I gratefully accepted. Aunt Veronica didn't allow any sort of soda in the house. It was strictly coffee, tea, milk, and honey. I followed Ted and Billy through the house, and everyone knew them of course. A couple of really hot girls were all up on Ted, which embarrassed him a little, but as the night went on, he seemed to enjoy the attention. Billy was introducing me to some wrestling buddies of his from High school, and his mechanic, and a couple guys he worked out with at the local gym. It was nice meeting different people. Coasties were generally not as friendly as southerners or mid westerners. I missed the friendliness. The party was a blast, and after 1:00 in the morning, people started to leave. There were still quite a few people there, when Ted told me he and Billy were going upstairs with their friend, whose parents owned the house. His name is Jagger, and he's quite the hipster for being in a small town. I had met him shortly after we arrived, and noticed his style was quite different. He was a tall, buff guy, with shaggy blonde hair, and a pierced lip. He was really tan, and had a white tee on with a deep V neck, where you could see a patch of darker chest hair, and the hint of a tattoo. he had a chequered vest on, with skinny jeans, a brimmed hat, and Toms. He had commented on my shoes, and I appreciated someone who wasn't wearing cowboy boots, or flip flops.

Ted told me they were going to watch porn and jack off. If I didn't feel comfortable, I could hang out down here, and chill. He said they wouldn't take that long, and punched Billy on the shoulder. I said I wanted to go, but not sure if I wanted to join in. 'It's all or nothin T, you can't be a spectator Cuz.' I agreed to join, and followed them up the butler's stairwell. It was a hidden staircase at the back of the kitchen, and no one seemed to know of its existence. The door actually looked like part of the woodwork in the large kitchen. It was very quiet as we walked up the stairs, and made our way down a long corridor. There were doors on either side, all the way down, and a sitting area at the end. We walked around the corner at the sitting area, and there was another walk way with windows on one side, and spaced out doors on the other. The windows overlooked a large courtyard, with an in ground pool, and trees, and statues. I felt like I was at a hotel.

Anyway, so we walk down the walk way, and the last door on the left goes into a small hallways, that opens up into a media room. There were a few guys already there, and a movie was on, with a girl masturbating openly in front of a couple of well dressed gentlemen. They were watching intently, and oddly, as she pleased herself. Some of the guys in the room were shirtless, or naked, and they all had their dicks out, stroking away. I waited to see where Ted and Billy were going to sit, and they ended up on a couple of stools by a ledged counter top in the corner. I sat in between them, and waited nervously. The girl in the movie was getting really into her masturbating, and the gentlemen watching her, slowly took off their clothes, revealing very large dicks. Ted was already naked after a couple minutes, and his manhood was proudly standing straight out, with his hand resting at the base. He nudged me, and nodded. I looked over at Billy, who still had his tee on, but had taken off his jeans and boxers. He had a hardon as well, but it wasn't as impressive as Ted's. I slowly unzipped my jeans, pulling them down. I was semi-hard, and when I pulled my briefs down, it looked impressive, hanging there, half stiff. I sat back up on the stool, and put my fist around my quickly hardening manhood. Ted nudged me again, as he started to stroke up and down his thick shaft. I started to follow his lead, as did Billy. It was a weird feeling, being so open with my cousins. Even though the room was dark, you could still see everyone's motions in the light from the movie.

Awhile had gone by, and the girl in the movie was now between the two gentlemen, getting fucked from both sides. I noticed Ted continuously adjusting his posture in the stool, and Billy seemed to be pretty comfortable. I continued stroking, and the only thing keeping me from cumming, was my uneasiness and having to keep my feet hooked on the bottom of the stool, to keep from sliding off. I noticed a few guys moaning, and panting around the room. One guy stood up, and walked toward us. I wasn't sure what he was doing, but he had a semi, and his chest and stomach seemed moist. He stood in front of me, and said 'Excuse me' as he reached between Ted and me, pulling a box of tissues back from between us. He grabbed a few, and then set the box down at the end of the counter, near Ted. He nodded at Ted, and wiped at his body. I noticed him dripping cum onto the floor, but he didn't attempt to mop it up. He walked back to his chair, and sat down, slowly getting dressed. One by one, I'd noticed guys standing up, and getting dressed again, or wiping themselves off. Jagger seemed to be taking his time. Not that I noticed, but he still had his hat on, and I could clearly see him slowly stroking his dick, which stood quite tall and proud. I looked back up on the screen, and the girl was on all fours, with one man doing her from behind, and the other was getting head from her. I wasn't sure how much time was passing, but I didn't want to be the last one there, so I tried to focus on stroking. Ted kept adjusting himself in the swivel seat, and I heard him breathing heavier. He started to moan, and I heard him whisper 'Oh fuck...' as he started to cum hard. It was almost like a fountain, spraying straight up, and fanning out, to splatter against him. I even felt some of it get on me, but I looked up to see his eyes closed. He kept stroking up and down, and his chest and ab hair looked splattered with white cum. I was a little shocked that some of his cum got on me, but not enough to lose my focus. I felt the rush of my orgasm, and bit my lower lip, while I came. I aimed straight up out, so I'd cum on the floor instead of on myself. I didn't realize how far I'd shoot, but it hit the guy's head in front of me, and he turned to say something, but ended up smirking, and wiping the back of his head with his hand. He had already cum, and I guess was just waiting out the rest of the movie. I was stopped cumming, and let my dick go, bobbing loosely in the cool air. Billy was moaning a little, and he stuck his feet out, sliding halfway down the stool, to rest his feet on the floor, legs straight out. He came with short spurts, and splattering a little on my arm. Now I had cum on both of my arms from my cousins. This was strange. They both giggled a little at me, as I got up and reached for the tissues by Ted. He took some tissues from the box, to mop himself up, I took some, and then handed the box to Billy. We found a small trash can at the end of the counter, and dropped our tissues in.

We were getting dressed again, and I glanced over at Jagger, who was still slowly stroking his dick. I wondered how he would look cumming. His dick seemed longer than Ted's, but not as thick, but maybe it was the distance. We snuck out the back and drove back to the house. It was quite the experience! I had never seen a circle jerk, only heard of them. The experience didn't affect my relationship with my cousins either. The next day we slept in, got breakfast, went swimming (naked of course), and sunbathed. The summer flew by, and Ted's farmer's tan turned to a deep brown, like Billy and Me.



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