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Discovering Other Guys

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i saw other naked guys for the first time when i went to middle school and we all had gym class. i had masturbated in secret for a long time, and i knew a lot about myself, but i'd never seen any guys before. i was pretty fascinated and entranced, and i looked a lot at guys' dicks and butts, and the hair on their pubes, though i tried to look non-challant like i was just getting dressed and stuff.
i pretty soon had crushes on a couple of guys, expecially a boy named paul. he was blonde and good looking, and his dad was some kind of minister. he only had a little bit of pubic hair, and it was light, and i remember his balls were very round and firm. i would try to time my dressing so we ended up in the showers together, and at night i would masturbate thinking about his body.
one day he invited me to his house for lunch. he lived two blocks from school and went home every day. i went, his mom just wanted to know what church we went to and stuff like that, but after that we became friends. i began to notice that maybe he had a crush on me, too. i wanted to tell him that i masturbated thinking about him, but because his dad was a minister and everything, i would never say anything like that.
then he totally suprised me..we were walking over to my house from school, and he asked if i'd ever heard of masturbating. i said yes, i had. he said that he heard some other guys say that i probably did it a lot. then he went on with lots of questions and one thing after another until by the time we got to my house, he asked me to show him how. well, i was really excited! my heart was pounding, and i must have been bright red.
my mom was going to be home for a while, then she had to go and pick up my sister. we went upstairs and pretended to be doing stuff like always, but we were both nervous and excited at the same time. when she left, we went into the bathroom and closed the door. i took off my pants and had a big erection, and i talked about different kinds of erections, like really stiff, and just hard (i could see that paul was hard), and i showed him how i like to rub. i remember being really, really burning i was so hot, and i took a long time playing with myself and showing him before i came. i felt really calm and excited both.
i was afraid to ask paul to do it in front of me, but of course i really, really wanted it to happen. but he didn't do anything, he just said he was really nervous to try but maybe when he got home at night he would.
well, the next day he told me all about it. he loved it. i was afraid that in gym i would get a hard on thinking about it, but i was so nervous that didn't happen. i wanted so bad to see him again, but it didn't matter because i was having great orgasms just thinking about it. a couple of days later, when i knew my mom would be out again, i asked paul if he wanted to come over. he said sure, and this time he wasn't so shy...as soon as we got to my room he said 'let's go in the bathroom', and when we got there, he slid down his pants.
he was already pretty hard, but he rubbed himself for a long time while i watched. i was so thrilled, i couldn't believe it. his dick was perfect, and his balls were so great. and then he started to cum, and i was amazed, he had lots of cum, and i only had just a little then.
well, after he finished, we stayed in the bathroom and he watched how i jerked off, and i told him what feels really good, and pretty fast he had his hard on again. we jacked of several times that afternoon. i remember feeling very warm and happy and tender because i thought paul was very nice, and i felt very safe now showing myself to him.
paul was really scared to masturbate as home, because of his father, but we would come to my house whenever we could, and we had really happy times stroking together. a few times i showed held his dick and showed him things, but mostly we didn't do anything but watch the other, but that was all the excitement we needed.
we found out once that we both had a crush on another guy, who had lots of pubic hair and almost a beard, and we had fantasies that robert would join us, and would talk about seeing him in gym class. we liked girls, too, and shared our fantasies about them, more and more as we got older. Sometimes we would just talk about ordinary things while we stroked and watched each other.
paul and i stayed friends until we went to high schools in different towns...



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