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Dirty Is Best

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MF, although only in my mind.


Most guys don't even know, but a girl feels wildly different about sex at any given point in the month. Immediately after my period, I am soft, romantic, during the middle of the month and towards the end, I get hornier and wilder in what I think about and what I do. Until the day or two before my period, I feel downright dirty.

This is what I thought about this morning when I found myself alone in the house.

My period is due tomorrow. I am lucky in that I can tell almost to the minute when I am due. Regular isn't the word. Of course, that means that today I knew I was going to feel really horny and sure enough, when I woke I had that all too familiar ache and need to cum. I got up when I heard my family leave the house and deliberately wandered around clearing up and getting breakfast totally naked. I loved the thought that someone might see me, especially the old guy who lives next door. For a moment, I thought about him fucking me, but I needed something FAR more perverse. I ate breakfast, then I went out into the garden, still naked and squatted down to pee.

By the time I walked slowly back into the house I was so horny! I wandered upstairs and tried to settle on something dirty to think about while I masturbated. For no apparent reason, I found my brother's bedroom door open. He's 18 and a bit of a slob really. There is usually unwashed football kit in his room and that's when I had the idea. I went back into my room and put on a pair of pantyhose, (no panties) and a pleated skirt and white top. (An old one I don't wear any more with tiny buttons down the front.) Then I walked back to my brother's bedroom. I sat on his bed and just kinda breathed in the air. I was so hot! I found his laundry hamper and took out a pair of his boxers. He had obviously gotten hard in them because there was some precum on the front. Then I knew what I wanted. I imagined him walking in on me in his room. He called me names...called me a disgusting little slut and then, in my fantasy, he ripped my top open. (I actually tore it myself as I thought it) I ran around the room from him, tried to hide my small breasts from his looks. Then I threw myself on my back across his bed as if he had thrown me there himself. I struggled and each movement made my pussy ache more. Then, I let my imaginary brother force my legs apart. 'I'm gonna show you.. you little cunt.' At this point I ripped my pantyhose and fingered myself furiously as I imagined my brother fucking me. As I got closer I fought to hold the orgasm off until I could get his boxers and then, just at the tip of the orgasm, I licked his precum off his shorts. WHAT a fucking explosive orgasm. It just wouldn't stop and I felt wave after wave. I couldn't stop myself from screaming his name over and over.

Afterwards, I felt so exhausted that I slept on his bed for about an hour. When I woke up I felt, as I feel now, embarrassed and deeply ashamed of what got me off. The trouble is, I couldn't say for sure that I wouldn't fuck him in real life if the opportunity happened and I was at the right time of my cycle. I feel dirty,... but hey.. that's exactly how I wanted to feel this morning. I have other what I would call dirty fantasies. One time, I heard my mom and dad fucking and I rubbed off imagining he was fucking me. Another time, I took my brother's girlfriends panties from her stopover bag. I knew they had fucked and that her panties would be full of her cum and his. I imagined him fucking her while she licked me out.

I wonder if any other girls have incest fantasies, or if I am the only one. As I said, I don't think I would ever do it for real, trouble is, I don't KNOW that.



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