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Didn't like the Idea, at First

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When I was growing up, my best friend was the girl next door. I was the oldest in my family and she was the youngest in hers, so even though she was a couple of years younger than I, she certainly knew a lot more about everything, it seemed.

Brid and I started 'touching fannies' before either of us knew what our parts were for. We only know that we shouldn't get caught, so we did everything down behind her barn, hidden by the cane break. Eventually we 'graduated' to playing doctor and exploring and feeling. Before I even knew what it was, she was making my dick hard and playing with it and had me playing with her. Before long we were masturbating each other, not knowing what it was, and not actually reaching orgasm. We would take turns, or do each other at the same time, in various positions.

Not long after I started to get hair, Brid decided that my sister, three years younger than I should get involved. Brid said that she and Kat had already seen each other naked and she had told Kat about seeing me naked. I still didn't like it, but I went along with her, as I always did.

I was very shy around my sister, to start with. I turned my back to her to take my clothes off, and I didn't even look at her as she took hers off. But, as Brid would have it, we all three stood there in a triangle looking at each other.

Brid took my dick and made it hard and put Kat's hand on it. Kat was reluctant, too, but went along only a little more willingly than I. Then, the time came when Brid put my finger in her pussy and then in Kat's. Because it was hurting Kat, Brid spit on my finger and that made things easier for us both.

Brid and I continued to do things together, and it was some time before my sister joined us again. I never asked about her joining us, and I figured Kat wasn't interested, either.

About the time my dick got big enough to hold with more than just two fingers, Brid decided Kat should join us again. By this time, I had the feeling that, after her playing with my dick for a while, I had to pee real bad, and she would stop. In the meantime, I realize now that Brid was already having orgasms, while I was mistaking my own potential orgasms for the urge to pee.

It turned out that Kat had been watching Brid and me, and Brid knew about it. So, Kat knew how to handle my dick, and it felt as good with her as it did with Brid. So, I was lying there between Kat and Brid with a finger in each of them, Kat pumping my dick, and Brid watching. By this time, Brid had figured out that she could play with my dick longer if she spit on it, so she had Kat do the same. So Kat was there pumping me as she had seen Brid do, but when I said she had to stop, she didn't. And Brid wouldn't let me stop her. She held me down and let Kat keep it up until I finally shot off. I didn't know what it was, but it was the best feeling I have ever had, even to this day.

Brid had figured out what it was from her brothers by spying on them. She knew what it was and that I should be doing it too. At that moment of cumming, my dick felt like it was a foot long and a foot across.

We all laid there, with all three of us checking out the sperm and rubbing it around, and it felt especially good on my balls.

Needless to say, I never again objected to my sister participating, but we never did anything without Brid being there, until Brid moved away.

After Brid left us, nothing happened at all, except for solo masturbation for a short while. Then, one afternoon, as I sat in our old playing area, Kat came outside with me, and just started undressing. Without a word being said, I did, too, and we began masturbating each other. We didn't speak a word until we were done. Then, we talked about how good it felt, and how much we missed Brid. We stayed there for a while and masturbated two more times. Kat asked me if I liked her pussy or Brid's pussy better, but I maintained a middle of the road position.

We never saw Brid again, it was good that we took things as slowly as we did, or there would have been trouble, for sure.

I didn't realize I had it so good, but, ahhh, the memories.



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