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Diaper Masturbation Fun

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This is one of the ways I have deveoped to enjoy masturbation. Hope others find it enjoyable as well!


I have developed my own means of enjoying masturbation, and while it may seem unconventional to many, I assure you that its not only a great way to cum, its not as unusual as one may have thought. Adult diapers are an excellent means to have an orgasm without making a big mess, and they feel great, both wet and dry. When I have the time to spend at home I will masturbate in the means described below.
I like to put on an adult diaper and drink a big glass of water, and after awhile, just let it go, filling the diaper with wet warmth. It always gets my cock hard and feels so good as the diaper swells up and molds itself around me. I will surt the web, reading about other peoples experiences, or find some erotic stories that I like, then lay down on my bed with my big electric vibrator. Slowly I stroke my cock from the outside of the wet diaper, which is now warm and slightly stiff. The vibrations can be felt everywhere as I touch myself. As I get more and more excited, I will flip the vibrator up to the highest setting, and send myself over the edge, and cum in the wet diaper. As I come down, I turn off the vibrator and relax.. theres no need to clean up right away, as the diaper has held everything. Frequently I will let myself drift off into a brief nap this way, wearing nothing but my wet Depends. Later when I wake up, I will usually try to empty my bladder into the diaper before I take it off. The sensation of the urine running down my balls while I lay on my back is great. Adding a Depends Boost insert, increases the absorbency greatly. I will use a Boost pad when I go to bed, or plan on wearing a diaper for several hours. Then I carefully get up, and go into the bathroom to take off the diaper and clean up. If I have the time, I will put a clean dry diaper on after my shower and wear it as long as possible. If I have the time alone, I will spend the day in the house wearing nothing but a diaper and a big T shirt, and masturbate as often as I feel like it. Almost every night I wear a diaper or pull up type brief to bed. I find that putting on a diaper is very relaxing and erotic. The secure feeling seems to help me sleep as well. Early morning masturbation in my nighttime diaper is a favorite of mine. I also enjoy wearing cloth diapers, but they dont seem to feel as good when wet, even though they feel wonderful dry, just out of the dryer. My wife is aware of my diaper play, and will also participate at times. She will let me diaper her after I put one on myself, and we will caress and masage each other, grinding our diapers together, building up the tension and desire until we cant stant it any longer, and pull them off each other. Frequently I will undo her diaper and mount her while she lays on the open diaper, and after our orgasms, will let our combined juices run down her bottom to collect in her diaper. I will then refasten it for her, and hold her while she relaxes and often falls back to sleep. I encourage her to wet if she feels like it. When its time to clean up and get dressed, I will get out the wipes and tidy her bottom up so she can jump into the shower.
While some may think that this is rather obscure, I can assure you that its not. There are many others, mostly male who masturbate this way. Private chat rooms are always running in the most popular internet services, and someone with a sincere interest is always welcome. There are several diaper newsgroups that can be helpful if you can wade through the spam. Buying adult diapers is not a big deal, theres plenty of online/mail places that will ship confidentialy. I usually buy them at a drugstore, and no one has ever made any comment. While there are people who get into the whole adult baby theme, I am what is called a DL, (Diaper Lover) as I am interested only in diapers and not any baby play. I would invite anyone to get themselves a bag of diapers and give it a try, and perhaps write about their experiences here. I would also be willing to email with others interested in trying diapers if it was allowed here.



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