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Diaper Masturbation

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Diaper Masturbation
I've been thinking about this issue pretty much lately, and, feel that I need to share it. There's nothing like an anonymous post to get things off your chest!
Before I start, I must point out that I am a Diaper (Nappy) Lover pure and simple. I do not wet diapers, and have no compulsion to do so. I tried it a couple of times, but it didn't do anything for me.
When wearing nappies and plastic pants, I am in a state of extreme arousal. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is helpless arousal - unachievable by any other means. The strength of arousal is noteworthy - I have measured the length of the erection with and without nappies and the padded state is good for a rock-hard tool at least 2cm longer than without a nappy on. A further indication of the excitement is the amount of ejaculate produced each time - when wearing nappies and those glorious waterproof pants, I cum a fire-hose: large amounts of semen at a consistent force ten - if I am masturbating pointing out of the nappy towards my chest, I am often hit in the face by my own cum. As an experiment, I didn't wear nappies for a period of two days, and tried to maintain the same frequency of self-relief. Apart from a softer erection, much more time required and exhaustion, I proved that the amount of semen decreased each time until there was hardly any at all. I then put a nappy on, played with myself for ten seconds, and bingo! - back to 'normal' flood and response levels.
The point is that I am a prisoner of my nappies, which I think is great. I need to masturbate at least 3 times a day to stay halfway sane, and the almost permanent hardon is back 10 minutes afterwards. If I leave it, I will automatically cum at the slightest movement I make with a nappy on - walking around etc - just listening to the plastic crackle and feeling the terry towelling rub on my penis is enough. Having this happen in public is a dead giveaway because I am forced to stop wherever I am and let it happen. I therefore need to take control of the process and do myself before it gets done for me. I have found a relatively private restroom at work where I take the last stall, and stimulate myself. I know that once or twice I have been 'discovered' at work by the noise I made with the plastic pants in the toilet, but sometimes I am so wound-up that I just don't care.
There was one time that I was at the point of cumming when someone else walked into the restroom and I didn't hear him. He heard everything - the sound of my hand pumping and the sound of my other hand furiously rubbing the plastic of my pants. Because of a lack of hands, I try to aim the ejaculation down the toilet bowl, but often the ejaculation is just too powerful and overshoots. That time was one of them, and this guy definitely caught the sound of sperm hitting the floor and wall, and my subsequent cleanup operation with toilet tissue, not to mention heavy breathing et al! Luckily I managed to get everything done and bolt before he got out of his stall. In a confined space like a restroom that has sound reflective tiling, plastic pants under clothing is unmistakeable, and unless he was really deaf, he heard every step of my exit as well...
The other great thing about masturbating in nappies is the speed at which it happens. When making love with women (or masturbating without nappies) I find that it takes a good few minutes to half an hour for me to cum. Put a nappy on me and it is practically instantaneous!
(1) I am already rock-hard and ready to go.
(2) The movement of taking my penis out of the nappy (and rubbing its head against the towelling) ensures instant pre-orgasmic status.
(3) Twenty to thirty strokes causes orgasm, or thirty rubs through the plastic and padding is enough for me to shoot into the nappy.
I use the nappy to catch my sperm about 50% of the time. At home, I lie on my bed on my back after having removed all other clothing. I rub the front of the plastic pants four or five times, then reach in and lightly clasp my straining penis while my other hand moves to grab hold of the elastic of one of the legs of the pants or the waistband. I move my penis out of the nappy, gently stimulating myself as I do so. The erection is so massive that I have to really pull the nappy up high out of the way - my penis just won't bend! I have a good tanned and athletic body, and watch myself in a mirror with my bulky nappy and pants (always white) as things unfold. I encircle just the head of my penis with my right hand, and start a pumping action while moving the plastic pants to and fro with my left to cause a crackling sound. Within five strokes, my back arches uncontrollably and (if I remember) I put my left hand in the way of the express train coming. If I don't do this (and this is about 75% of the time, depending on how excited I am) I am guaranteed to get a face full of cum. If I decide to masturbate in the nappy, I lie on the bed, and rub the front of the pants with my left hand while gently stroking my penis inside the nappy. The strength of the erection is enough to cause a major bulge in the nappy. Orgasm is even quicker this way, but a lot noisier with less mess to clean up afterwards. I have done this with guests in my house a couple of times and I know that they have heard it because I heard my best girl-friend discussing it with a friend of hers at work the next day, but I just cannot worry about noise levels when I have to ejaculate. When I reach a certain level of excitement every four hours or so, I cannot stop the inevitable, and HAVE to relieve myself.
I have about two minutes of rest where my entire body shudders with pleasure, and then my erection starts to return. I can hold off for about four hours before I have to repeat the process. In the course of writing this post I have had to go and jerk off into my nappy or risk auto-ejaculation.
I am completely satisfied with my sex-life : I am a non-practising heterosexual - and at the age of 30, three or four orgasms a day is OK. I couldn't have a long-term relationship with a woman because of what my nappies mean to me. I sometimes weaken and make love to another human, but it just isn't the same. Given my attitude, I don't think I'll get many takers, but that's also OK - I don't think that many women would enjoy jerking me off often for minimal reward!
I am a total sex-slave to towelling and plastic and can't see it changing. Well, that's me. I have some interesting stories about how I was caught in flagrante delicto pleasuring myself in my nappy in public (by accident), but not enough space to tell them here. I freely admit that I am far from normal (even for a DL!), but I love the subject and would like to let as many people know about it as possible!
Remain in the light!



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