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Desperation in LA

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A true experience


September 1981 found me on holiday in the USA, staying in a large hotel in Los Angeles.

I was 21 years old at the time, no girlfriend, and regularly masturbating at least once a day. I knew that the opportunity to have a wank on holiday would be severely limited as I was travelling with a friend. My naturally shy nature made me dread using the bathroom to go to the toilet, let alone masturbate, so I had tried to toss myself off as much as possible at home in the days leading up to our departure hoping that this would tide me over for a while. Unfortunately it didn't really work.

The unusual motion of coach travel never fails to give me an erection, and a full day coach trip around the sights on our third day in LA, added to my enforced celibacy, left me sporting a massive and painful hard-on for most of the day. Many times I remained in my seat well after everyone else had got off the coach hoping it would subside sufficiently for me to alight and enjoy the tour. I glanced longingly at many a public toilet throuhgout the day, wondering if I could quickly nip in, toss myself off as quickly as possible,and rejoin the group with no-one being aware I had gone missing, but the close proximity of my friend to me throughout the trip, and my apprehensiveness, prevented me from acting on this urge.

The early evening saw us back in our hotel room and the desperation of my aching balls was not helped by a need to empty my bowels, a situation that was now growing quite acute. Fortunately my friend was feeling very tired and wanted to take a nap, I was not brave enough to use the toilet while the room was so quiet, so I said I would go out for a walk for a while. He was quite amenable to this, so I quickly made my way downstairs to the hotel lobby and found the public toilets on the next floor down. I flew down the stairs and almost ran to the very last cubicle, farthest away from the urinals, and locked myself in. At this point I did not know whether to take a dump first, or masturbate. Both needs were of almost equally paramount importance.It was a very warm evening, and my desperation seemed to make my cubicle overwhelmingly airless, so I kicked off my flip-flops removed my t shirt and instead of dropping my shorts on the floor I took them off and hung them on the hook on the door with my shirt. Wearing no pants, I was now totally naked, but well prepared for my long awaited wank, and much needed shit.

I noticed that I had leaked an enormous amount of pre-cum into my shorts so proceeded to dry them off with some toilet paper before it permeated right through and left an embarrassing stain. As I leaned forward to put my sticky shorts back on the hook I dropped them on the floor and had to bend down to pick them up, it was then that I saw the feet of an occupant of the adjoining cubicle under the dividing wall. It was clear to me that he had been in there before I had entered and he had not made a single sound while I was engaged in sorting myself out, but he must have been only too well aware of my presence. I was a little surprised at there being someone so close to me and this stopped me from being able to take a crap as I felt too inhibited. I decided to wait until he had finished and gone. I started to idly caress my semi erect cock and smeared the copious amount of pre-cum that was still leaking out, onto my rapidly growing shaft. After a couple of minutes of masturbating and getting desperately excited and close to cumming, I knew that I was going to groan out loud when I ejaculated, and this moment was getting perilously close, so I glanced under the cubicle divide, hoping that my silent neighbour had gone, I was disappointed. The feet were still there and were still facing towards the toilet bowl, just as they had been when I first spotted them. I remember thinking that this was very strange, he certainly could not be seated on the toilet and his feet were too close to it to allow him to piss easily, and anyway, since he had not moved his position while he was seated next door he must be either pissing like a racehorse or having trouble starting. It must be the latter I thought as I could still hear no sounds whatsoever. My penis was now at full erection and my stomach was hurting, desperate to void its contents, my anus was opening up, and I could not stop a number of loud farts emanate from my arsehole, this I found most embarrassing as I felt sure that my neighbour was listening, somehow I managed to stop myself from following through, though I was groaning softly, and decided that since he could only hear me and not see me, I would return to masturbating myself silently, some hope, as I knew it was going to be a huge orgasm and I would be unable to cum in silence, but I would worry about that when it became critical, and anyway I was beginning not to give a fuck whether there was anybody else there or not! I had been leaning forward, but I now pushed my bum forward and leaned back against the cistern behind me and started to stroke up and down my length with one hand while carressing my very full balls with the other. I could not help but make a loud grunt which was so obviously sexual in nature as I masturbated furiously to my desperately needed climax!

Suddenly I heard a noise over my right shoulder from the vicinity of the next door cubicle. (I am left handed by the way, and masturbate with that hand). This sound made me turn around sharply and I was utterly horrified to see a hole had been drilled in the wall to my right at above head height and an eye was peering through at me. My neighbour had obviously been spying on me through my ministrations and had seen everything, his ideal vantage point, and my natural left handedness, had given him the perfect view of a complete stranger wanking himself to a wonderful orgasm, a voyeurs dream scenario I would imagine! I guess in his excitement and desire to get as close as possible to the action, he must have lost his footing momentarily and that was what I had heard.

I believed that my catching him redhanded so to speak, would result in him making a hasty exit from next door and I would be able to finish in peace. This eye did indeed move away from the peephole when I looked directly at him, but I was far too desperate and embarrassed to leave my cubicle until he had gone. So I remained sitting there still rock hard which surprised me, as I felt that the shock of being watched so closely in my most private and personal moments would have shrivelled my erection, but I was quite obviously about as desperate for relief, on two counts, as I had ever been in my life. I sat in shock for about a minute, and then looked over my shoulder again to see that the eye had returned its gaze to me and my cock. Since I had not moved he must have thought that I was OK with this turn of events, and he then knelt on the floor of his cubicle, he had at some time past stripped naked, spread his legs as wide as he could like a limbo dancer and presented his erect penis under the divide and began to wank himself with his right hand while pointing to it with his left indicating for me to assist by taking over masturbating him. I leaned forward to the wall and said very softly so that only he could hear that I was not interested, and his erect cock quickly disappeared back to his side. The element of fear that was generated in me by my neighbours explicitly sexual actions led to my guts churning and my arsehole crowning, and I had to plonk myself rapidly on the toilet as I dumped noisily and abundently with a huge sigh of relief, all the time being watched by my voyeuristic friend who whispered encouragement, made gross comments about my desperation, and told me that he was about to shoot his load all over the back wall of his cubicle as he recounted how he had watched me over the last 15 minutes as I became less and less able to control my masturbatory lust. I had not been observed voiding my bowels since I was a baby, and I had never allowed anyone to watch me masturbate, but by now my balls were so tender and so full of sperm and my cock was leaking pre-cum like a tap, that I could think of nothing else but to get myself off.

Without flushing, I leaned back again and took my throbbing erection in my hand and said to myself 'Fuck You, whoever you are, I am desperate for a wank and if this is what turns you on, then you are going to see my biggest blast of cum ever'. I knew that I had to bring myself off, as I could not possibly go through another day feeling this frantically horny again. I was now hopelessly sliding my hand up and down the full length of my rock hard shaft and over the head of my cock while I caressed my balls with my other hand, I could not stop myself from giving out a deep groan born of sheer desire and longing to reach my desperately needed climax. It was that groan that sent my unknown, and essentially unwanted and unneeded, masturbation partner over the top.

He groaned loudly, and as I turned to look at his eye staring through the peephole at me, he mumbled loud enough for me to hear, that he had shot his load all over the cubicle wall and it was now trickling down to the floor. He was now going to watch me do just the same.

I was now beside myself with lust, my neighbours lewd verbal description of his climax and his uninhibited comments upon my obvious desperation and sexual agony, had transported me to unbridled heights of desire, despite my best efforts to ignore him and concentrate totally on my own wanking pleasure. I knew it would not be long now before I reached my climax and my cock twitched visibly and grew even harder. As I reached the point of no return I involuntarily leaned forward, spread my legs wide, and aimed my penis toward the toilet floor, a voice rasped at me to sit back as he could not see so well, but I was only interested in my own pleasure and continued to masturbate in my most favoured way, my whole body now obsessed with reaching orgasm and ejaculating. Then, at last, I came, gloriously and unrestrainedly. My toes curled and my first stream of sperm rose from my cockhead like a mini fountain, but it was nothing compared with the next three, maybe four, spurts that erupted from my penis slit, and accompanied by a massive deep moan from myself, arced through the air and splatted against the lavatory door, only just missing my clothes on the hook. Furthur smaller jets disgorged from my cock, until I could take it no longer and sagged back against the cistern allowing the last of my sperm to dribble out unaided by my left hand. As I came down from the largest and most satisfying orgasm of my life up to that time, I heard a voice whisper 'fucking Hell, when did you last cum, a month ago '. I ignored this final comment, as I had everything else he had said, but took it as a compliment, in fact I was too satiated to say anything. I sat there for fully ten minutes enjoying the post orgasmic glow of my totally self satisfying masturbation marathon and eventually heard my neighbour unlock his cubicle door and leave with no further word. I cleaned myself up and made a hasty departure when I felt it was safe to do so, still aware that he knew what I looked like, satisfying myself that he had concentrated more upon my cock than my face, but that I had no idea what he looked like. Throughout the rest of our time at that hotel I was slightly trepidacious whenever I was near the hotel foyer or reception area in case he was out there. I never used those public toilets again.



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