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Desert Sun

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News Lady made me think that I should contribute.


First of all, thank you News Lady. Nice work, thanks for opening up to us. Your stories were very hot. I got much pleasure from them.

I am similar to you, not on the every day news but in the computer trade mags once and again.

No fan mail but I understand your want and need for privacy of name, etc. I never thought I would chance it by writing, but since you did, why not.

Any who, my story, I recently bought a house out in the desert. It is in a little town, no traffic light, no franchises, etc.

This house has a huge back yard with a grove of fruit trees, Grapefruit, Tangellos, Lemons, Limes, and Oranges. All tasty.

I had just finished playing golf in the morning and showered. The sun was so hot that I decided to go outside and lay out and read a book. It was in the mid 80's F.

The book I was reading was by Neil Back called 'Size Doesn't Matter', I think that I know a few gals who disagree. Neil, for those of you who don't know was a smallish, over-achieving, rugby football player.

As much as I wanted to read the book...couldn't...my thoughts were of the young bus-girl at the club. She is 23, single and hot...well as hot as a girl in a bus waiters uniform can be at a stuffy club. But she has a sparkle in her eye. Almost naughty. Any who, with thoughts of that...

I moved my lounger further out on the patio to catch the afternoon sun and decided, nobody is around, what the heck do I need shorts on for.

I had always thought it would be cool to have an all over tan, but on the coast where my other place to live is, I don't have the regular option.

So I dropped the shorts. Well... the sun, light breeze and thoughts of the young bus girl stirred a reaction and my cock was easing its way to hardom.

A few minutes later I was sitting there for the first time in my new house laying out in my back yard, stark naked with a raging hardon.

Only one thing to do at that point.

I got up and walked the grounds to make sure that nobody could see me. Lightly stroking while I walked.

Nobody could. This new house is completely confined. One neighbor on the right nobody on the left, nobody in the front or back...I was alone. And the neighbors on the right would have to violate my property to see me plus they were out of town.

So with that said, I reveled in the thought of a long day of masturbating.

I, after my property rounds, went inside and grabbed some lube and settled on the back lawn in a beautiful lounge chair and enjoyed the sun.

My chair was now facing west, and it was getting late in the afternoon and the sun was still over the mountains but for how long? Nevertheless it was very warm on my body and my skin and cock were soaking in every ray.

I dripped a few drops of lube in my right hand and gripped my cock.

I started slowly stroking up and down. The sun was warm, not a worry in the world. I could not hear anything but two birds chirping. I was stroking slowly but firm. I was surprised at how quickly my cock wanted to cum, but I guess it was being outdoors and without worries that heightened the moment. I was stroking, my cock was twitching, precum was oozing.

All I could think about was what if that little young thing from the club was over here right now.

I was building up, but wanted to bubble it down so I put my thumb on top of the head of my penis and pressed down and applied strong pressure. I counted to ten and released. Ah... I could start again. So I started stroking again, sun on my chest, cock in hand. Beads of sweat dribbling down the side of my face now....ah the sun was warm.

As I thought more and more about this gal I got more and more excited. Her breasts and tight little ass, opening up that blouse... I got closer and closer, and when I didn't want to, I let go...a shot and then tear after tear dribbled down to the base. I was a happy mess. Sticky, sun warmed and ready for a cocktail I sat out in the sun for another hour. I rubbed out another in that time frame....

I jerked, moaned, laughed, spewed and never heard anything.

Oh the joys of a house in the desert sun.



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