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Department Store Guy

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First time to share! I love this site though and thanks to all who share. I'm no longer alone.


I was 17, had my first car and my first job. I finally had some spending money and it was time for some new clothes. My mom was with me when we went into the department store, but she busied herself looking at other things, since I knew sort of what I liked by then.

I was greeted by a nice looking man, probably late 20's and he offered to help me find my selections. I was enjoying the personal attention from him, but he left a couple of times to help momentarily with some other moms. Eventually I had selected my 'duds' and was ready to try them on. I was sort of skinny then and had to try on everything to be sure it fitted.

He was very nice, putting me in the dressing room, hanging up the pants and shirts that I was going to try. He then said, 'I'll just check back with you in just a minute, don't lock the door.'

He was awfully friendly and helpful. I put on a pair of the pants and before I could turn around he came in through the door. He began by saying, 'Oh, yes, these look good on you, let's see here.' He began turning me around, running his hand over my butt and talking about the nice fit. He then cupped my groin and said, 'Yes, it fits just about right. Is this comfortable for you or are these a bit snug?'

I said, 'Well, they might be a bit snug. Would you mind bringing the next size up?' He left for a minute, but I had a really big problem. How was I going to tell if anything fitted with the hard-on that I had. It was full-blown and there was no hiding it.

When he returned he had the other pair of pants and I waited on him to leave before I pulled the first pair off, but he said, 'Go ahead, we're both guys. Take those off and slip these on and let's see what we've got.' I was a wreck, as I had never really let another guy see my dick in this state before. I pulled the other pair off and he held the new pair up for me to get into. I pushed my legs in and then his services became really personal. He pulled the pants up and fastened them before reaching for the zipper.

I had on white briefs, but my bulge was in the way. He just pushed it in with his fingers and zipped me up. He then went through the routine again of smoothing his hands over my butt and then cupping my groin. This time his hand lingered and pushed on my cock a bit. He smiled, saying, 'What's this? A little hard are we?'

'It's just because you are touching me!' I whispered. Then I heard my mom calling. She wanted me to come out and show her my new pants. I was mortified, so I stuck my head out the door and told her I didn't like these, but was getting some more to try.

While the attendant was getting me some more pants to try on, I was looking at my hard-on in the three-way mirror. I was beginning to get excited, as nobody had ever been attracted to my scrawny body before. About that time he came back in and I was just standing there in my briefs, still hard. This time he just rubbed his hand on my hard cock through my briefs. I asked, 'What are you doing'?'

He replied, 'Oh, nothing. Just jackin' around. I won't if you don't want me to.'

By then I was over the edge with excitement. Nobody had ever touched me there before. He began to jack me through my briefs, but he had to keep going back out in the store to save face. I eventually got scared because my Mom was becoming impatient. I got dressed and told her I needed to think about these clothes before I bought them.

That night I couldn't sleep for thinking about the guy in the department store and how he had made me feel. I got up the next day and told my mom that I was going back to get the pants that I had tried on the day before. She offered to go with me, but I told her I could handle it.

Upon entering the department store the guy saw me and headed to me before the other attendant could wait on me. He said hello and I told him that I decided to come back without my mom, so I could take a little longer to decide on the pants. He grinned and said, 'Go on into this dressing room right here and get those shoes and pants off and I'll bring the others right in.' I did as he told me but I had butterflies in my stomach.

He came in, laid the pants down and began to feel me again. I was already hard with anticipation. He took me out of my briefs and moaned as he jacked me. I couldn't stand the pressure and asked him, 'Can I unzip you and touch you too?'

'Sure,' was his reply.

I unzipped his suit pants and was doubly excited to touch his slightly curved manhood. You see, it was the first time I had touched a full grown penis. I stupidly asked, 'Do you have balls too?'

He grinned and said, 'I'm supposed to. Dig a little deeper.'

Boy did he have balls. His were huge compared to mine. He had to leave the room a couple of times, but he would return each time and we would jack some more. I finally couldn't stand it any longer and I came. He had brought some Kleenex to shoot into. After I shot he left and then he came back a few minutes later. I jacked him until he shot into the same pile of Kleenex. It was awesome.

The weird thing about that sex, was that it was exhilarating while it happened and then my conscience hurt me for a long time about it. I didn't want to be gay. My family would kill me if they found out, or it would kill me if they found out. To be honest, I've had a few male-to-male incidents in my life, but I'm married and have tried really hard to live a hetero lifestyle. I have shot no-telling how many loads reliving this first experience though.



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