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When I was a freshman in high school I was into sports and as a result of after school practices had to ride the 'late bus' to get home.

As I lived on the outskirts of town this involved a rather long ride as my stop was the last.

After a long day of ogling the softer sex and indulging my fantasies, I was anticipating finding the time and a place to relieve my pent up sex drive.

There were two of my female classmates who shared my bus stop. As a result we would sit where we could chat during the ride.

While both were cute, one had a bit of a weight problem. However, I was smart enough not to show preference.

One Friday after a week of attending the obligitory classes on the subject of sex, Sue who was the rounder one sat down next to me while Linda took a seat nearby. Our conversation was dominated by the classes we had just finished. I had to hold my books on my lap to hide the obvious. I almost lost it when she asked if I masturbated?

Embarassed I drew up my courage and answered to the positive. She explained that the two of them were pursuing a career in nursing and wondered if I would show them how boys do it?

Intrigued and just as curious, I agreed if they would reciprocate. The bargain was struck and I was to meet them at Linda's in the morning as her parents worked.

The next morning I sat on a barstool in linda's rec-room in front of the two girls with my pants down, sporting the largest erection of my young life. After examination I wrapped my hand around my engorged shaft and began to manipulate it. I stopped long enough to show them the pre-cum and how the testicles draw up. Due to the state of my exitement it didn't take long before I emitted a copious amount of semen. In wonderment the girls examined the product.

I wiped up with a handy paper towel and pulled up my pants over a still engorged penis.

The girls retired to Linda's bedroom as I awaited anxiously for my turn. Finally Linda opened the door and ushered me in where Sue was propped up against the headboard with her shorts and panties down, her knees drawn up, the sheet covering them and her hand between her closed legs. I could hardly discern her finger moving. She then gasped and withdrew her hand barely showing a hint of pubic hair pulled the sheet over her and I was dissmissed.

As frustrated as I was, I now realize that this event only served to perpetuate the mysteries of the female gender I wish I could now resurrect.



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