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This really happened, and only last week. I should say, it also happened with my husband's 'permission?' no, that is the wrong word, perhaps 'love' is better. My dragon; she who sleeps, coiled around my sexuality, takes many forms. She is my mirror, my spirit. It is she who demands total honesty from myself, even when my thoughts and feelings venture far into darkness.

And so, at my attempt to deny my libidinous feelings for older men, she awoke. Only when I tried to truly convince myself that I would never, ever, really do anything about it did she awaken from her slumber and I felt her growl of disapproval between my thighs as she bid for my attention.

And so, with discussion with my adorable soul-mate, we decided it would happen.

As with many things in my life, it happened unplanned and unbidden.


The beach is idyllic at this time of year. Especially where I live. The dunes are magnificent, almost static with the lack of winter storms to reform them. The hollows that are suntraps beckoned me that day. I found one like a crucible; an almost perfectly circular cup into which I found myself stepping until I reached the precise centre. My towel covering the epicentre and me, like a sacrificial virgin, laid on the towel.

Have you ever stared into the depths of a totally blue sky? Stared until the very molecules of the air appear visible? Stared until you feel yourself floating into the infinte depths of blueness? I knew, without doubt, that I had to be naked, and so I eased my bikini bottoms down and unclipped my halter necked top until I became sun-kissed.

I lay back, closed my eyes and allowed the spirit of nature to make me one with this place. Oh how my senses heighten when I am naked outdoors. I heard the gently zephyr of breeze on the spry grass as a cacphony of sound, blocking that out, I heard the distant laughter of children playing in the surf as if they were miles away, on another world.

When did I hear him breathe? I really don't know. Suddenly, he was there. I opened my eyes and saw him. Under other circumstances, I may have been repulsed, appalled, but even as these thoughts touched my consciousness, She snarled her disapproval. How dare I? I chose to be naked, should I be so surprised that someone, seeing me, would linger? Again, I looked at him. He was in his 50s I would think, and the look in his eyes transcended mere lust. He was not staring, he was worshipping my body. I locked eyes with him and the unspoken passed between us. In that moment, we both knew. I parted my legs, exposing the smoothness of my vagina (not 'cunt' today) to him. In return those soft petals filled and opened revealing the nectar within. He rose, walked down the sandbank and knelt at my feet. In return, I raised my knees, bringing my heels close to my bottom and let my knees flop apart. He, in turn, knelt up. He looked with such intensity at my sex. I felt that I could almost come merely from the look in his eyes. My dragon shared the warmth of her approval with me. He placed one hand on each of my knees.

I looked at his eyes, and said two words. 'Bless me.' He reached into his shorts and pushed them to his knees. I saw his shoulders begin to move as he began to masturbate between my open thighs.

He knew, as I did, that my need was as great as his. His actions sped up as I closed my eyes and communed with the Goddess. I felt that one hand on my knee begin to grip as he neared his peak. Then, like a gentle rain, I felt it on my breasts, my face, my belly and yes, even on that secret flower already weeping the dew of her nectar onto the sand.

I looked up and he had gone, as I knew he would.

I lay there, covered in his sperm, smelling that distinct male-ness of him. 'Well?' She enquired of me. 'Would you?' Would I? Had he leaned forward to enter me, would I have resisted? No. But then, what he did, what he needed, was what happened. I breathed in deeply. Inhaling the very essence of him, as I let my tongue seek out the blessing he left on my face.

There, in the sand, without need of touch, I orgasmed hard, wetting the sand with an ejaculation of my own.



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