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Debbie (2)

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I had just turned 13 and my sister was 14 almost 15. Our baby sitter Debbie was 17 and had already given me the Bath of a Lifetime (other story). Since that bath, I had become very brazen about running around naked in front of my sister and the baby sitter Debbie.

This night my sister had something on her mind and it ended up being really fun. We were both playing in our respective rooms and Debbie was watching TV, when all of the sudden my door opens and my sister throws a piece of paper in my room. I opened it up and read it. It said 'You show me yours and I'll show you mine'. Very juvenile I know, but we were just curious kids.

I could feel that rush of excitement flowing through me as I went to my sister's door and went in. She was sitting on the floor in just her t-shirt and panties (what she wore to sleep in). I had the shorts on that I slept in. I came in and she told me to lay down on the floor in front of her. I laid down and she immediately moved around to my feet and pulled my shorts off. I was a little shocked but a lot excited at her seeing me up close. She moved back around to the side and asked me if she could touch. I said 'yah'. She started to study and touch me and was putting her face right up to it. I was perfectly hard after only a few seconds of this. She asked me 'what do you do with it?' I said 'What do you mean?'. She said 'when you touch it, what do you do with it?' She was assuming I had played with myself before, which of course was right. So I reached down and started to touch myself to show her. After a few seconds she said, 'Okay, let me try'. She reaches out and starts playing with me the same way I had just showed her. It only took about a minute and I was spewing cum all over my stomach and her hand. She played with it for awhile just looking at it and running her fingers through the cum with wide eyes and smile on her face.

Next was my turn. I went to the bathroom and wiped up everything and came back out with my shorts on. My sister was already lying on her bed completely naked. This was the first time I had seen her naked or any girl naked up close. Okay, so I had only seen pictures up until then.

Anyway, I reached out and started touching between her legs, when suddenly the door swung open and in walked the baby sitter. My sister pulled the covers over herself, but Debbie just walked over saying, 'What are you guys playing in here. She walked over and lifted up the covers to see my sister lying there naked. She looked at me and asked me if I had been touching her. I stammered not knowing what to say. Neither of us did. Debbie said, 'Don't worry this is how we all learned'. She told me to go ahead and keep playing. I reached out again and continued to explore between my sister legs. Touching everywhere. Debbie was just watching us. Soon my sister reached down, parted her lips, and started touching the top of her pussy with her finger. Debbie told me to try doing what she was doing. So I put my finger there and rubbed. Debbie said, 'No no, do it like this' and she held my hand and my finger and showed me how to slowly make little circles on my sister's pussy. She would have me lick my finger every so often. My sister was squirming as I continued to do it. Pretty soon I had pulled my hand away and Debbie was rubbing my sister all by herself until eventually my sister exhaled and let out a really big moan. Then she fell back and just laid there breathing heavy like she had been out of breath.

I learned an even more important lesson that night. It's just as important, if not more important to know how to make a woman cum. Thank you Debbie. And I think my wife would thank you, if she only knew.



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