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Dear True

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She wrote, 'He let so many boys see me, Cheryl and Tammy naked and masturbating. I am not sure how many there were that watched those videos. At times there were seven or more boys in the family room watching us. I still shiver every time I think about it.'


When I first glanced at the title to 'True Humiliation' I felt a wave of erotic juice surge across my hips. It seemed so light and beautiful and seemed to say, 'true humility'.

You just did something brilliant, publishing that. I believe you came here as a place of healing, and laid your soul bare.

Also, there are people who are going to find that deeply erotic. Here is what I think you did, True. You found yourself humiliated. I can barely imagine how profoundly so. And then you began to claim and collect yourself, and you brought your experience to us here, in all its raw erotic beauty, all those taboos of privacy busted open and that sense of being made to feel worthless.

Now you've felt that. There are people here who crave that experience profoundly. It may seem difficult to imagine, but people crave that depth of letting go; that loss of control. In sharing yourself, you've opened the door to healing your humiliation through humility.

You see, this time it's you, revealing the scenes that were first stolen from you. It's you, sharing the simple truth of who you are and what you experienced. Samantha we know you make love to yourself; we know you crave your pleasure and you heat yourself on the fire of your own desire.

You've been through something that has changed you. Unlike most people, your masturbation, including your uneasy moments, your most private time and your first f-f experiences, are all available to others; if only in their memory. And you know they're going to get off thinking about you and your friends, as well.

Yet think of what they are doing: they are submitting themselves to the beauty that you love yourself gently. I think they are harsh for what they did, and I think as well that they are learning softness for themselves in the process; by soaking in your vibes.

And I promise you they are envious of your beauty.

I suggest that it might feel really beautiful if you did yourself surrendering to that truth. No matter what happens to you, you surrender to loving yourself, gradually loving who you are.



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