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Daughter Watches

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I'm here again and certainly didn't think I would be. This past week I shared my experience regarding my daughter Erika walking into my room while I was masturbating.

Last night, she stopped over about 6pm for dinner. We opened a bottle of wine, made a salad and talked. After some chit chat, Erika looked at me said, "Mom, what are your thoughts about the other night?" I said,"um, well, there certainly aren't any secrets anymore." She came back with, do you think it's weird that I watched?" I said, "no, not if you are O.K. with things." She said, I am and I've been thinking about it and, I don't know, it's kind of weird I guess."

I answered her with, "a good weird or a bad weird? She said, well, kind of a good weird." I said, "that O.K. with you?" She said, "yea, um, I kind of can't stop thinking about it." I replied, "neither can I, would you like to watch me again?"

This gave me huge butterflies. I'm sitting there and can feel my knees shaking. I was so excited! I feel much more comfortable that she prompted it.

Her answer to my question was a quick, yes!" I tried to play it cool and not jump out of my chair. I said, "I would really enjoy that, I sometimes fantasize about being watched." She said, "Mom, I masturbated about it." I said, "I thought you might, I did too. I got very turned on and I think my squirting was evident of that." She said, "yea Mom, I haven't seen that before." I replied, "and I had not done it before."

I couldn't sit another minute. I got up, nodded to her and she followed me into my bedroom. She sat on the end of the bed and I stood a few feet away near the arm chair and undressed. I walked over to her and stood in front of her. She stared at my pussy and said, "I like your hair Mom." I looked down and said, "I'm glad you do."

I walked over, laid on the bed and Erika turned around facing me. I was so turned on. I spread my legs and Erika is three feet away from me. Her first words were, "oh my God Mom." She got up from the bed and I thought she was leaving. She undressed. Oh my word. I had not thought about this. Erika is now nude. I have not seen her pussy in forever. Now it was my turn to stare. Erika faced me and spread her legs. She has a strip of hair and smaller lips. I got nearly faint. I could feel myself breathing.

I started fingering myself and Erika did the same. All I could think about was, I was masturbating to my daughters pussy and she her mothers. Within a minute Erika said, "use your dildo Mom," I leaned over to the night stand and grabbed it. I pulled my legs back and plunged it in.

Erika had two fingers in herself and I could hear her wetness. That turned me on! I fucked myself faster and could feel it coming. I said,"Erika, It's coming, I'm going to cum honey, oh God yes." The build up was incredible and then I pulled out my dildo and squirted. The first stream hit Erika's tummy, the second, her legs and the bed. I must have squirted a cup. I was shocked.

At that moment, she curled up her legs, squeezed tight and moaned. She was cumming. She started rubbing herself again and said, "I can cum again." I just laid there with my legs spread watching her. She did cum again.

We were exhausted. We lay there breathing not saying a word. A few minutes later, we got up. I hugged her. It was so odd feeling her naked body. We hugged for at least a full two minutes. Erika brought her arms down to her side and then onto my ass as we hugged. I then did the same. It was so erotic! We rubbed each others ass and continued to hug.

As we hugged and rubbed each others ass, Erika took her hand and brought it around to the front. Oh My God! I could feel her fingers! I froze. This was not on my radar. I could feel her fingers in my lips. Without thinking, I lifted one leg up onto the bed and opened my pussy. There was no denying it, Erika was rubbing my pussy. I then did the same to her. What an amazing feeling!

We laid down on the bed and masturbated each other. I thought it was just going to be rubbing. It wasn't. Erika put her fingers up inside me.

More to follow.....



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