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Dating Michael

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I love Mike


This started a few months ago. I had been dating a guy from work, nothing serious, but still fun, when he got tickets to see a play on a Friday evening. By Friday, I was getting pretty excited, I got all gussied up and ready to go, when I got a call from him. He told me he was getting back together with his ex.

I was furious! I was pacing back and forth, thinking about what an ass he was. That's when my son Michael, who's 19, came home from work. He asked me what was wrong, and tried to console me. He really is a great kid. I told him about how I was supposed to go on this date and that I got stood up. Mike, put his arm around me, and said just a sec. He went into the other room and I guess made a phone call. I heard him say something, I couldn't really make out what it was, but about five minutes later, he walked back in the livingroom, put his arm around me again, and asked me out on a date with him!

I was flabergasted! But, had to accept. He then said he had to go change to match my dressiness. I heard the shower turn on, and my heart was fluttering. About 15 minutes later, god what I would give to be a man and be able to shower and get ready in 15 minutes, Michael came out, looking as handsome as ever, we interlocked arms and out the door we went.

The drive to dinner was nice conversation, we talked about things like; him starting to take classes at the local college, girls, plans for the summer, etc... We got to the restaurant, I was pretty shocked my son chose this place, it's pretty expensive, that, and I knew it was his 'go to place' to take dates, if he liked the girl.

We had a very nice dinner, small talk, and overall I couldn't have asked for a better evening, certainly not with that jerk that stood me up. After dinner, the waiter came around and asked us if we'd be interested in dessert, I started to say no, but Mike asked for the menu. I said that I was pretty full, but Mike said that would be ok, we could split something.

We shared a banana split, it was very romantic, after, he paid the bill then we headed home.

The ride home, I started to thank Michael, I had such a wonderful evening. He parked outside, not in the garage like normal, walked around the car, opened my door and walked me to the front door. Again, I thanked him for a wonderful evening, he said that it was he who had a great time. He then leaned in to kiss me, I forgot this was my son, and we kissed... we kissed a little longer then I had expected. He then turned, walked back to his car, and parked in the garage.

I had such a wonderful evening. I couldn't sleep. So, to help me get to sleep, I decided to do what I always do to help me sleep. I guess I was a little louder then normal, because next thing I knew, Mike opened my door, and asked if I was OK. He had heard me panting heavily, and wanted to make sure I was OK. I apologised, but couldn't really cover up the fact that I was on top of the covers, naked with my fingers deep inside of me.

Mike then asked if he was the one who caused my excitement. I told him, 'yes, I had such a great time tonight, with such a handsome man' He responded that we'd have to do it again sometime.

About two weeks later, he asked me out again, this time we went to see a movie that I had wanted to see, I don't even remember what it was. That Friday evening, I got all dressed up again, as did Mike, he went out, parked out front, came up and knocked on the front door. I was feeling pretty special the way my son was taking me out and making these feel like real dates.

We got to the restaurant, and again, small talk all through dinner, I got lost in the conversation until Mike looked at his watch, and said that we had better go if we wanted to make the movie.

We got to the theater, the movie was pretty crowded, but we were able to find some seats in the back. About half way through, it got to a 'steamy scene' and in the moment I put my hand on Mike's leg. To which, he put his hand over my hand. It was really feeling like a real date.

After we got home, again, Mike walked me to the door, this time, I figured, if this were a real date, I'd invite him in, so after he kissed me goodnight, I asked him in for a little bit. He came in, we sat on the sofa, it turned out we were there for maybe another two hours. The conversation soon turned to what Mike had seen after he took me out the first time. I told him, I had such a nice time, that I'd probably be doing it again. He got a big smile on his face, and said that he'd be doing the same. We sat on the sofa and talked some more, I was getting kind of uncomfortable in my dress, so I said I was going to change into something a little more comfortable. I kissed him again on my way back to the bedroom.

While I was in my room, I got the sweats out of the drawer, but then thought, 'no, I wouldn't do this if such a nice gentlemen were out in the living room' So, I went into the closet and got some lingerie. I put it on, and I might ad, I was look'n pretty fine.

I walked back into the living room, when Michael saw me, his jaw dropped. I asked him if he liked, he nodded, so I went over and put on a little soft music. He got up, I took his hands and we danced. I kept telling him how much I appreciated this evening, how much I appreciated him. He looked me in the eyes, and told me how beautiful I was. So, I leaned in and kissed him. After a few seconds, our lips parted and the kiss got a little more sensual. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but I told him, I was going to go take a shower.

I don't know why, I certainly hadn't planned on this, but since I had such a nice evening, I asked if he wanted to join me. He said, 'Alice, you look so beautiful tonight, I couldn't possibly say no.' We walked hand in hand back to my room. He started to undo his belt, untuck his shirt. I turned on the water, while it was warming up, I went back into the bedroom, Mike was still half way dressed, I guess he didn't know quite what to do, so I walked over and helped him take his shirt off and slide his trousers down, then his boxers. I took off my top and panties. We walked back to the bathroom, and got in. We soaped one another up, carressing each other's body. I asked him, if he wanted, there wouldn't be any intercourse, but, if he wanted, he could sleep with me tonight. He said that sounded wonderful.

Since then, for the past four months, on the weekends, and occasionally once or twice during the week, we sleep together. We usually just sleep, sometimes we'll masturbate each other, but we haven't and won't have intercourse. It just feels nice to cuddle with someone, being in his arms feels wonderful.



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