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Dares That Just Kept Going

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Masturbation for me is amazing there is no doubt about that. Here is a story about a game of dares at a scout camp that got out of hand.

The camp was brilliant we were all having a great time laughing about making jokes, just having a lot of fun. On the second night we got sent to bed early but my tent wasn't tired yet. I was sharing with three other lads two were 16 one 15 and we got a bit bored of chatting so one of them Chris said we should play dares and we did. It was a lot of fun and we had the usual eating disgusting things and the like, but then things seemed to take a shift.

I can't remember who started this sort of dare, either way Mark was dared to take his top off he said fine and did it but them he said we might as well all be topless. So we all removed our tops. Now Tim then dared Chris to strip of down to his boxers which he did and he sat there. But now he wanted to one up as always so dared me to remove ALL MY CLOTHES. I was a bit unsure about this being quite a shy person but I never back down from a dare. So I took my clothes off.

'what the hell is that thing Pads' Tim gasped, I looked down and saw he was pointing at my soft cock. It's six inches soft I never realised that was big. So there I was naked. I chickened out of further upping the anti and just got Mark to strip to his boxers.

But nothing could stop him now and Tim wasn't just dared to strip completely but he has to have a wank too and sure enough Tim went for it. And to be honest I was getting a little sticky up. But we stopped him before any cum was released.

Tim would now of course want his own back on Mark but he couldn't dare him straight back so instead he dared me to sleep in my sleeping bag with Mark. After some umming and arring we did with me still naked and Mark in boxers. After this dare we decided to go to sleep me with Mark.

After a while I woke up with him behind me snuggling. Both of us supporting morning wood. I made a comment about it and turned to face him. I never noticed how good looking he was and I leaned in on him and kissed him on the lips. I started removing his boxers and out springs a six inch boner. It was so smooth and so soft, his foreskin was a perfect size. I took hold of his cock and slowly moved my hand up and down in time with his breathing. I kept going increasing my speed then decreasing. You could tell he was close as his cock was pulsing but I didn't want a mess in my sleeping bag so I got him to chang position with his cock outside the bag. I then just jacked him off. His cock exploded with so much semen.

I then slid out but he stopped me and when I was standing up he grabbed my cock and slowly massaged my balls. It felt divine. He commented on how I was big soft but wow you must eight inches, I just nodded my head. He kept feeling me up and then totally unexpected he did the same to me to finish me off it felt awesome, his fingers moved round my cock perfectly. Me with my hand on his hand wanting to scream but knowing I couldn't, we wanked myself off hand in hand. I cum I cum I cum I cum. It was amazing. We quickly chucked some clothes on and went out to the shower, I was glad we hadn't woken the others. What an experience.



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