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Dad Takes Me In

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At 26 I'd hit bottom with a rough, fast, lifestyle. No job, no cash, Mom had passed away a few years back. As a last resort I called my Dad. My parents weren't married and didn't really know each other well. I was an unplanned kid. Dad was a stand up guy though and helped support me. I'd only seen him a few times in my life.

Hearing my sob story he welcomed me to come live with him and look for work in the West Texas town he lived in.

Dad was as redneck as they come. He'd been married and was now divorced for quite a while.

When I arrived he had cleaned out a spare storage room and set me up with the basics. Nothing fancy but that was him. Made me feel at home best he could. He worked a lot of hours and we'd rarely see each other. One evening we were both home and began talking. It was odd. He was pretty much a stranger. He was taller than me. Brown hair like mine with some grey coming through. Thin, wirey with the muscles that come from hard work, not the gym.

He was used to solitary living. Mornings he'd wake, pull on some BVDs and make coffee. Wearing shorts was a minor concession since I knew he slept in the raw as I did. With one bathroom there wasn't much ceremony. Showering, shaving, taking a piss, he wouldn't even close the door, so I followed suit. Close quarters gave me the chance to compare my naked body to his. I had his shoulders, legs, eyes and smile. His cock hung long and balls hung low like mine.

As we talked I commented on his movie collection. Action, Westerns, I recognized and a few unlabelled at the right end of the shelf. I asked him what those were. He smiled a little awkwardly and said 'You busted me. They're skin flicks'

'Really? Mind if I watch them?'

'Well, sure...I guess. You're old enough, and I can't complain about something I enjoy'

I got up and popped one in. Dad's eyes widened, 'you mean right now?'

'Sure...I've seen 'em all before'

The tape was good. Two guys, one woman. And everything you'd expect going on.

Dad got up and got a beer. He brought me a coke since I wasn't drinking.

Feeling bold and enjoying the time with my dad I said, 'So do we need to make a schedule for beating off.'

He laughed and said, 'I don't know about that.' I guess as long as it's just us around I don't really care '. And, of course, if you're alone, feel free, I jerk off a couple times a week.'   

'Cool, wanna get comfortable?' and without waiting I pulled off my jeans and briefs but left my wife beater on. My cock was already hard, as I could see his was. I leak a lot of precum, so I rubbed it all over my rigid rod.

Dad looked surprised, took a long swig of his longneck and said, 'why not? I'm usually buck naked at home anyway' He stood up. The bulge in his jeans made me even more eager. There was a small wet spot so I figured he was dripping some juice too  He took off his shirt, boots, socks then unbuttoned his jeans, let them drop to the ground and stepped out of him. His low hanging cock was now straight out and rock hard. He twisted his fist around to spread the precum around. He let out a low moan. 'Oh, man, that's a nice feeling' and he sat down again, legs spread wide and began working his rod and ball sack. If he was hesitant before he wasn't now. He smiled at me sheepishly. I looked at him and his furry chest and crotch and grinned back. We were on autopilot. Working our poles like guys always do when jerkin' off. Then dad surprised me by hanging his naked leg over mine. I rubbed my hand over his hairy muscled thigh. He groaned again. I reached over and pinched his hard nipple.  

With his juice covered fingers he reached over and did the same. Watching each other as much as the porno we continued fisting our dicks. I reached over again and fondled his balls, feeling each one gently in his hairy nutsack. 'what the hell' he said and reached over to play with mine. I spread my legs wider and he massaged my balls and the area between the nutsack and my asshole. Dad knew how to make a guy feel good. Guys know guys. We explored each other everywhere we could reach with our free hand and kept up pumping our slick pricks. Without saying much, we both knew it was time to blow a wad. We sped up and suddenly he arched his back and thick ropes of spunk flew up and all over his hairy chest and fast. Three gushes of cum followed. He was covered in his own warm sticky strong manscented spunk. Seeing that I moaned, 'Hell yeah!' and my fucking cock erupted. My cum spewed out too. I hadn't blown a wad since I had moved in. My hot jizz even hit my face as well as my chest and hand. 'Fuck!' Dad said exhausted. He reached over and rubbed my load all over my chest and legs. Monkey see, monkey do, I massaged his cum all over his chest, legs and all over his still swollen dick and balls.

We were spent. We sat and caught our breath.

'Well, after that, I don't think we need a damn schedule. You can beat off any time you want'!

I'm too used to being butt naked and bustin a nut when ever I feel like it. Too old to change, now' he slapped my sticky leg and got up. 'Relax there. I'm gonna go shower. Then you can clean up, or not! It's your home too.'



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