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Curious Little Sister

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I love Solo Touch and been reading stories especially the ones involving a brother and a sister so I decided to finally share my encounter for some of you to enjoy. This happened some years ago.

For a little physical image of me....I'm a late teen and on the final stages of *hardcore* puberty, my cock can get to about 7 to 8 inches now. I would consider myself attractive cuz a lot of girls would like to go out with me in a nonconceited way.

Everyday I had been noticing my younger sister begin to develop more and more in her teen years. Her tits had developed into a c-cup and getting closer to a d already, she is getting too attractive now I've been starting to daydream with little fantasies.

I decided to take a little action now to see how well my sister had grown since those good old days in the bath tub together. As soon as she comes home from softball practice she usually locks her door, throws a towel over herself and walks to the shower.

This day I couldn't take it anymore after watching her go to her room with her uniform up and nicely tight with her cute little ass sticking out. I had been horny all day and decided its now or never.

As soon as she closed the bathroom door, I ran quietly into her room and did whatever I could. I ripped out my cock, sniffed her panties sucking on the little dried up wet spots, jacking off to the aroma of her pussy. All of a sudden I saw her webcam on her computer staring right at me almost calling me to use it.

The idea sparked into my head faster then I thought. I turned on her webcam and began recording an empty spot facing her bed. I hid the page on her desktop and crept out of the room. I locked myself in my room and waited the longest time for her to get out of the shower.

She finally walked into her room and my heart began to pound thinking of all the possible consequences that could happen if she found out.

Fifteen minutes gone by and she left her room fully dressed saying that she was going to go by her friends house until about a half an our before mom and dad came home.

This was my perfect chance to get in there and go see what I caught on video. I turned on her screen and stopped recording and rewinded the video.

JACKPOT! there was my sister right there stripping her towel off in front of my face. She was looking at herself in the mirror making funny faces and finally sat on her bed giving me a full view of everything. Her pussy was nicely trimmed and her tits were bigger and more perfect than I thought.

She lowered her hand and began playing with her pussy but never got to anything. She rubbed it for a few seconds and then stopped, giving a little sigh. I was so disappointed but her gorgeous body took that anxiety away a little.

I began jacking my cock at this sight when I heard a footstep right in front of her door and I knew it was way to late to hide anything.

She screamed at me scared at first but then mad. I tried apologizing to her but it wasn't working. She was just saying that I invaded her privacy and what not, just don't tell mom or dad pls! I kept yelling and she told me to get the fuck out of her room. That was the first time I ever heard her curse so I knew she was furious.

I ran into my room with my cock still hanging out, scared out of my mind to the point where I was almost shaking. However I did see her trying to get a few glimpses at my dick lol.

A few hours went by and my parents called in to say they were going to be a little late. Total silence followed my sister and I.

She finally came into my room to check on me. I didn't even know what to say, she actually came in smiling. I began laughing back not knowing what was going on until I noticed she didn't have anything on except her panties and a shirt.

'I knew you did that stuff you nasty!' she said laughing.

'What do you expect, I'm a guy' I replied nervously.

She began explaining to me how her friends do what she found me doing to her boyfriends and one even did it to her brother. She told me that she has always wanted to see a penis in real life.

I explained everything to her, even why I was doing what I was doing masturbating I explained to her. She asked me millions of questions until the golden one popped out.

'Can you show me what you mean. heh, you know what you were doing in my room.' I could not believe that she finally asked me the question that I hear in my fantasies. At first I denied trying not to be obvious but after getting threatened that she was going to tell my parents, I pulled my pants down, my cock was stuck against my boxers making a tent almost poking her leg.

'The whole thing idiot!' she said and she pulled my boxers off herself. 'now go on!' she yelled. I told her I couldn't cuz I need something to make me cum faster like porn or something or it would probably take me a lot longer, an obvious lie.

'How about you just take off your clothes to be fair!' without even blinking she took off her shirt and I had a good enough view of her bra and panties. But like how she did to me, I did to her. I reached over and pulled down her panties and ripped off her shirt. 'There! much better'

'You could have asked you know! you could have even asked me before you stalked me with my webcam. I wouldve showed you if you showed me anyway.' she was trying to cover herself, but I, feeling very stupid with what she just said began to jack off without saying another word.

I opened her hands free for a better view and just stared at her big tits and sculpted vagina. I had to let go of my dick for another touch would have made me come right there but I wanted this to last as long as possible.

I think she thought about this as a queue for her to touch me or something. She asked me if she could feel it but before she finished the question she grabbed my hard rock and began tugging on it the same way I was.

'Am I doing it right?' she asked so innocently but before I could answer, her cold fingers on my dick made me hold my breath and I came all over my room, her tits and her stomach, rope after rope.

She licked everything off complimenting on how amazing that was and began dressing back up.

'Hold it! girls masturbate too you know' I told her.

She turned around and began smiling asking me more questions. Without a word, I directed her to my bed and guided her to lay down. I spread her legs as wide as they could go and just stared.

'You ready?' I asked. She nodded and I began my work. I started with her tits and began feeling with them pinching and squeezing at them. She told me that it tickled and told me to keep going. With that I got even lower and spread her legs again and directed her hand to her clit and showed her how to please herself.

She began gasping and flinching as each second went by and before I knew it my dick became hard again. She told me she felt as if she wanted to pee and I told her to keep going but she said it was too sensitive.

Her hand lifted up and I just took over before she could move again. I rubbed her hard clit with my right hand and stuck her first finger into my first vagina. I knew I had hit the spot because she got quiet, stopped breathing and I felt her pussy lips contract on my finger. Wave after wave of pleasure hit her while I watched this amazing sight.

After it was over she finally opened her eyes looked at me and we both laughed. She leaned towards me and gave me a deep kiss.

She noticed my rock hard cock again and she grabbed it and using the cum from before as lube, rubbed my cock again until cum flew everywhere again.

We got up quickly and I ran into the shower to wash off where she joined me. My parents don't know and we do this every chance we get when our parents leave. Our love hate relationship has never been better then this.



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