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Croatian Sauna

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I was travelling in Croatia with a tour for the first time. The first day I arrived at the hotel and was tired from all the travel. I went down to the spa to book a massage and use the sauna.

I didn't bring a suit so I asked the girl if they had a shop to buy one. This hottie about 23, giggled, and asked if I was American and told me that I don't need a suit, just a towel that they will provide.

I proceeded to go to the locker room and undress. At this point I thought that there were separate women's and mens facilities and really gave it no further thought.

I went out to the pool area and sure enough it was mixed company 18 and up. I tried to be calm, as I walked towards the sauna there was a woman showering next to the pool in an open shower like nothing was wrong. I tried not to stare and look too awkward, but I could feel a stirring in my cock that made me even more nervous.

In the sauna were two other guys. No problem with excitement there, so I just sat down and relaxed. I uncovered myself so that I wouldn't look like a nerd. I looked down at my cock and was proud that it had started to swell so that it looked nice and fat, but not erect. I am not gay, but you still want to make a good showing for the other guys.

A middle age French couple came in and I maintained a semi-flacid state even though she was across from me naked and then a local lady probably late 30's came in and we started a little conversation. She had nice breasts with larger nipples that stuck out about a half an inch. She didn't shave down there but kept things neat. We were making nice conversation about the benefits of the spa on health and such. She told me to do the sauna 3 times and cool off in-between.

After about 30 mins or so I went out to cool off. There were two cool whirlpools and I went to get in one. There were a number of twenty somethings hanging around and two of the girls. They made no attempts to hide that they were watching me walk over to the pool. I was both nervous and excited at the same time. I could tell my dick was hanging low and balls bouncing all around and they were saying something to each other.

A few minutes later the local lady joined me in the whirlpool. She got in backwards and gave me a great look at her pussy. I love that view. I kept feeling my dick to make sure that I wasn't getting hard while we talked. I tried to think of baseball because I didn't want to get out of the pool with a major hardon.

I went back into the sauna after the pool and the lady again joined. We were just talking when two of the girls came in. They were laying on the top bench and kept changing positions and looking over at my dick. One girl was laying on her stomach and then moved into the doggy position trying to arrange her towel. Man what a view, I was getting hard and there was no stopping it. I tried to put my arm over my lap and such. The local lady would peek down at my growing dick.

By now I was trying everything to hide it and even moved the towel over my cock like that fooled anyone. Pre-cum was getting all over, the girls were saying something in German and laughing and I was searching for what to do.

The girls left and it was about dinner time. The lady said not to be embarrassed, they are very pretty girls. I told her thanks but stayed covered up.

During the next few minutes of conversation she was more aggressive in opening her legs and brushing her nipples. She would bring one foot onto the bench and bend over to wipe the sweat from her legs giving me a great shot of her open pussy. I could clearly see her lips swelling and thought I could see the swelling of her clit. She kept catching me stealing a glance and would throw me a smile. I thought this lady was just trying to see how much I could take. I stopped covering up my cock and it free. I thought I would do the same to her. Leaning back and let her get a good look and my cock and balls. She wanted me to know she was looking and would smile at me when I caught her. This made me even harder and my cock was throbbing and desperately needed stroked.

I tried to rub it on accident or adjust myself just to ease the pressure and would occasionally give it a little squeeze. Then she got up, thanked me for the conversation and left. I thought, you dummy, she wanted you to ask her out or something. Well, what is done is done. I wasn't going to chase her across the pool with a raging hardon.

I started to stroke my cock slowly, but I thought if I got aggressive for a minute I could cum and then leave. So I did. About 30 seconds later she walked back into the sauna. I had my eyes closed, head back, one hand on my cock and the other massaging my balls.

I just froze, she sat across from me gave me an approving smile and slowly opened her legs and started to do herself. She said seeing me in that state got her hot too and she came back to help me out.

I was so glad she came back. I slowed my pace so I wouldn't cum too soon and watched her play with her clit and lips. I just love that squishy sound as her fingers moved in and out. Her nipples were really standing out now and she was pinching them. We both came within few minutes. Cum was all over my chest and stomach. Man it felt good to empty my balls.

While wiping myself off, I thanked her and asked if she wanted to go to dinner or something. She just smiled and said she'd better go. What a great start to a great trip.



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