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Cousin's Pool

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I've read some posts here about people using pool jets for masturbating. I've done that, and love it. Here is my story.


My aunt and uncle have a pool, and over the years we've visited them often. They live about two hours away. From the time I was about 10 when I had discovered that it felt good to put my crotch in front of the pool jet, I've snuck a few seconds at a time when I could, but never had a chance to do it for very long. I would masturbate in my bed at night thinking about how good it would feel to be able to stay on that jet until orgasm.
Finally when I was 13 I had my chance. I had arrived that day at my aunt's house, and she was the only one at home, so my mother and she went shopping, saying I could stay home if I wanted to. I immediately knew what I wanted to do, so was really excited.
No sooner than they had backed out of the driveway than I was stripping naked out by the pool (they had a big fence around their yard so there was plenty of privacy. I had gone skinny dipping with my cousin, who was my age, many times as kids, and loved it, but had never had a chance to do it alone.
I got into the pool and enjoyed the sensation of being naked in the water. It was just so much better than with a floppy bathing suit. I made a couple of visits to the water jet, hanging in front of it for a minute or so getting hard and excited in anticipation. I got more and more turned on, and my hard little penis (it was about 4 inches long) was really getting sensitive.
I had just settled in front of the jet to do the real deed when my heart almost stopped from hearing my cousin's voice greeting me. 'Hi Ron, I didn't know you were here.'
I looked up to see him about five feet away watching me, and pushed away from the side of the pool. My first instinct was to pretend I wasn't hanging in front of the jet, but that probably made my boner visible to him, so he obviously could see what I was doing.
He kind of giggled, and got undressed himself, and I could see he had a partial boner, probably from seeing what I was doing. He jumped into the water and we fooled around like we always did, and I got less self conscious about what he had caught me doing. I wondered if he ever did that, and he answered that question by taking a turn in front of the jet. He hung there for a minute or so, then drifted off, and I could see his boner. He motioned for me to take his place, so I did. I felt funny about it, but after all, he'd seen me earlier, and he had just done it.
We spent the next half hour or so taking turns at that jet, and now I know he was doing what I've seen people call edging, where he'd get close to orgasm then back off for a bit. Of course I was doing the same thing, since we were taking turns.
After doing that for a while, he got more intense, and hung there with one hand up on the pool deck and one hand holding his penis in the jet. I watched as he tensed, then he pulled himself up so his penis was above the pool deck and he started squirting white cum out onto the deck, about 5 shots worth, holding his penis firmly. It was quite a sight for me, since I'd never seen anyone else masturbate or ejaculate, and it really had me turned on.
'Your turn,' he said, as he slumped back into the pool. As I lined up, he said he didn't like to cum in the pool since it left clumps of congealed sperm that was obvious evidence of what he'd done unless he took the time to clean it up with a skimmer. He said his sister had complained about it once, so he never did it again. That was interesting news which I decided to process later.
I hung there like he had done, with one hand on the pool deck, the other holding my penis in just the right spot, and I felt my orgasm coming quickly. I jumped up like he had done, but missed my first shot, which went into the water, but got the rest on the pool deck. When I was done, I slumped back, and my cousin got a skimmer to chase the part that had gotten into the water. Once he got it, we splashed the semen off the pool deck so it was in the grass, and relaxed.
We talked a while, with our penises still tingling from the experience, and agreed that was fun to do together. So fun that we did it again about a half hour later.
I asked about the remark he'd made about his sister, and he said, very matter of factly, that she (who was a year older) did it a lot when she thought no one was looking, and his little brother, who was 10, did, too. He was easier to catch because he didn't take precautions. As for himself, he only did it when he was sure he was alone, or just his brother was home (he let on that they did it together a lot), and often came out at night when everyone else was asleep and did it. He caught his sister in the act once when he did that; she had beat him to the pool and was having a good session when he walked out. She let him watch, then sat on the edge of the pool and watched him do it, and was very interested when he raised himself out of the water to shoot on the pool deck. They'd only done that a couple of times.
Well, from then on, my cousin and I did that a lot together, often at night. One night when we were done and went back into the house, his sister was in the family room and had obviously seen us, and said in a joking way, 'You guys are dirty.' But she was on her way out the door to the pool, so I knew she was going to do it. My cousin and I stood at the door and watched her, and I got really turned on and couldn't help masturbating by hand while watching.
So, I know the other stories about pool jets I've read here are true, based on my own experience.



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