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Cousin's Curiosity

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Me and my cousin Cindy (not her real name, of course) have always been close. She's only three years younger than me, and since she lives in the same town, we were always hanging out together growing up. She's more like a friend than cousin.

One dreary Saturday afternoon, Cindy and I were hanging out in my family room watching a movie. It was just me and her. It got to a part with some good nudity, and Cindy asked 'do you like looking at that?' Of course, I told her. Then she asked 'have you ever seen a naked girl in person?' She got my attention with that one. I told her no, and she asked 'would you like to see one now?' and gave me a devilish smile.

I had always thought Cindy was cute. I had actually seen her naked a couple of times when we were real little kids, but not since then, and definately not since she had started growing boobs. I croaked out a 'sure,' and then she said 'okay. But I get to see you.' Seemed like a fair deal to me. So I led her to my room, which for whatever reason seemed more appropriate.

Once in my room, we took our clothes off and then took a good look at each other. Cindy was still carrying around a little baby fat. She had always been just a little on the chubby side, but it gave her good curves. Her boobs were very round and full, and I'd guess a c-cup. She had a small patch of pubic hair, which looked like she was keeping it fairly well trimmed.

I guess all my looking got me excited, because Cindy smiled and said 'I guess you like what you see' and pointed to my now hard cock. I just laughed a little and said 'yeah.' She replied 'that's okay. This is making me horny, too. Do you jerk off?' I nodded. 'Can you show me?' she asked. I nodded again. I took my cock in my hand and then she said 'wait, I want to see how you do it when no one's here.'

I shrugged, then went over to my computer. I sat down and went onto the internet to find some good porn pictures. As I looked at photos of naked women, I began jerking my hard cock. Cindy sat right next to me on the bed, watching intently. I looked over and saw her fingering herself when suddenly I could feel myself cumming. I grabbed a wad of tissues and blew my load.

I looked back over to Cindy, who was now leaning back with her legs spread, furiously rubbing her clit and pushing a finger into her pussy. She was breathing hard, and finally squealed with her own orgasm. She caught her breath, then looked at me with a big grin. She didn't need to say anything.

We both took a shower together, though we didn't do any touching, then went back to watching movies. Here and there we repeated this, but once I got a girlfriend, Cindy and I stopped. Now that I'm single again, I'm thinking of giving her a call.



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