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Cousin's 14th Birthday

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Found this site accidentally while looking for other things. A leads to B leads to C leads to D and suddenly, SoloTouch! Have to say a lot of contributions come under the heading of 'wishful thinking' and I think some contributors confuse inches with centimetres!


My cousin and I both attended the same school. I was in the first year, he was in the third. We didn't have much to do with each other at school, I guess he didn't want to be seen talking to one of the new boys, although we would quite often kick a ball around the local park with each other.

At the time this happened I was about twelve and a half. It was my cousin's 14th birthday, and with my parents, called round to give him his gift. I asked him what his parents had bought him, and he showed me a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. I wasn't suprised, since he liked doing jigsaws. He had lots of them, mainly just 500 piece ones, and we had on occasions done them together on the table in their lounge.

I asked him where he intended to do this jigsaw, since it was about three foot by two foot in size, and was obviously too big for the table we usually used. He said he had a table in his bedroom which would be just big enough, and would I like to help him with it because it looked as though it was going to be difficult one. I said O.K. and we arranged to start it the next day (Saturday). He had a drop-leaf table in his room, and with the leaf up there wasn't much room to spare and we both had to sit on the bed. Spent about an hour looking for the border pieces and putting them together. Then I had to crawl out over the bed to go to the bathroom for a pee. On trying to zip up my jeans I found the zip wouldn't budge, and eventually gave up. Told my cousin what had happened and he laughed and said it was better to have a broken zip in the down position rather than be busting for a pee and not be able to unzip!

A little later on he grinned and said he could see right inside my jeans. I said there wasn't much to see, and it was covered up anyway! He then slid his right hand through the broken fly, and I felt his fingers just resting on top of little Willie. I was a bit surprised, this had never happened to me before, and I really didn't know what to do. He then starting gently pressing on little Willie with one finger at a time, and then again. I felt it beginning to get stiff, but I didn't ask him to stop as I rather liked the feeling. I said, 'What happens if someone comes'. He said 'Don't worry, we'll hear them, the stairs creak.' and, just at that moment, we did hear his Dad start up the stairs and go into the bathroom! He took his hand away quickly. We heard his Dad go back downstairs but he didn't do it again. We arranged to carry on with the jigsaw on the Monday after school. I thought about what had happened and wondered if he would mention the subject again. On Monday we did more of the jigsaw but all he said was 'Did you get your zip mended?' I told him 'No, my Mum said they were past mending, and threw them away'.

On the Wednesday my parents dropped me off at his house, while they, and his parents went late night shopping. We got on with the jigsaw. After a while he said 'Can I ask you a question?' I said'Ok'. He asked, 'When your zip broke and I put my hand inside, did you mind?' I told him that, it was the first time anyone had touched it, but no, it was O.K. He asked if I minded him doing it again. I was surprised, but said 'No, I don't think so'. He then pulled down my zip and did exactly the same as he had done before; just resting his fingers on Willie, through my underwear, and pressing with each finger in turn. Little Willie became stiff quickly. He continued to do it for about five minutes and I could feel the climax coming. I gasped, 'It's coming' and I had to push his hand away as I had a dry orgasm. I pulled up my zip and nothing more was said that night. We next met at the weekend and by now the jigsaw was about 80% complete, only the really difficult sky area to do.

He said 'You know the other night, when you said it's coming, does anything actually come out'? I said 'No, the sensation gets stronger and stronger and it feels like something is coming out'. He then asked me if I knew about sperm, and I told him I knew a little about it from hearing other boys talk. He asked if I played with it until it came. I admitted that I did it sometimes in bed. We then had a discussion about such things, and he told me in a very matter of fact way about sperm and what made Willie stand up. He told me that I would eventually grow some hair around Willie and sperm would come. I would have liked to ask him some questions but didn't like to. He pulled my zip down, and did the same as before. He never actually held Willie, just pressed his fingers up and down on it.

About a week later we were alone in his house, and had just the last few pieces to fix in the jigsaw. As we were placing them in he said 'You know, I've never actually seen your Willie. Will you show it to me when we've finished?' I thought for a moment and then said 'O.K. if you'll show me yours' I thought it might change his mind for him, but he said O.K.

We finished the jigsaw quickly. He said 'Let's have a look, then!' I was wearing shorts that day so I had to pull them, and my underwear right down. 'Your turn' I said. He quickly did the same and I saw his Willie for the first time. Lot bigger than mine, of course, with a small amount of hair above it. 'Go on', he said, 'you can hold it'. So we held each others and gently stroked them till they became stiff. We decided then we would strip off completely, and began wrestling each other and holding each others erections. He then said that he would stroke mine, and before long I had a great climax. I asked if I could do the same to him, and he agreed. He took some tissues from the bedside cabinet and I gently stroked him. After a couple of minutes he starting writhing on the bed and said it was almost there. As I stroked it I felt it suddenly go even harder and the sperm spurted out, which he caught in the tissues. It was the first time I had seen sperm.

About six months later I found that I began to grow a little pubic hair, and was able to make sperm. One day, while alone with my cousin, I told him this. He grinned and said I would have to show him. So we had a repeat of what happened the day we finished the jigsaw. That was the only two occasions we saw each others Willies, and the subject was never mentioned again between us. But I have to confess that I had enjoyed what we had done together, and I was grateful for the information he had imparted to me on the subject.



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