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Cousin in Florida

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When I was 15 my mother took my 13 year old brother (John) and 13 year old cousin (Justin) to Fort Lauderdale for our spring vacation. I had always considered myself somewhat close to Justin because my brothers and sisters picked on me for being chubby like he was. Since I had turned 14, though, most of my extra weight was in my boobs and ass, and when I turned 15 I grew a little taller and it spread out a little more. I don't remember exactly what John had looked like before he turned 13 but he must have been in the midst of a growth spurt because even though he was still chubby, he looked a lot more lean.

We checked into our hotel and the four of us were in one room. I was going to share a double bed with my mom and Justin and John were going to share the other double bed. We all swam around for a little bit in one of the hotel pools, had dinner and went to bed. The next morning I woke up to Justin snoring. I slept on the left side of my bed and he slept on the right side of his bed, so I could watch him. After about twenty minutes my mom got up and told me she was going to go for a walk. She's always been into fitness and power walking and I think she was disappointed I never exercised with her.

She left and after being bored by myself I threw my pillow at John and scored a shot on his head. As he turned over he moaned. 'You're such a biiiitch, Kim.' I laughed at him and sat up in my bed, and he hurled the pillow back at me, catching me off guard. We traded the pillow a few more times until Justin woke up in the middle of it. Once he was awake he turned over and started mumbling to John.

'Yeah I'm horny too,' John answered. 'Grab your Playboys.' My brother always joked about being horny and stuff like that, so I wasn't surprised. Justin jumped out of bed, rifled through his suitcase and pulled out two magazines. He got back into the bed and handed one to John. They passed them back and forth until John said, 'Give me back that one.'

'What're you doing with it?' Justin asked.

'I'm going to the bathroom. I'm not doing it here.'

'That's my favorite one though!'

'They're yours; you can look at them whenever you want.' My brother was persistent and finally Justin gave in. John went into the bathroom while I watched Justin flip through the pages. Finally he set the magazine on the bed, pulled off his t-shirt, and reached under the blanket. The Playboy was on his left, so I could clearly watch his face as he concentrated. A couple times he glanced my way, and even though I was curious I couldn't find enough moisture in my mouth to ask him to let me REALLY watch.

His skin was really smooth, and he had two puffy nipples. His arms were faintly tanned and lean. The only real obvious fat on his body was his belly, which shook slightly as his hands worked their magic. Gradually he set the magazine on his other side but he wasn't looking at it. Instead he closed his eyes while the sheets and bed shook. I had no idea what exactly he was doing under the blanket, so I moved to the very edge of my bed to get a closer look. His left hand gripped the blanket and it crept farther off his torso until I could see his belly button but little else.

All of a sudden he gasped and the comforter moved even more, and white fluid shot out from under neath it. His knees went up and there were a few other spurts of what I later learned was sperm. His smooth belly glistened, and it dripped up his heaving chest until it nearly reached his neck. I hadn't realized it but I had gasped when he first came, and he turned his red-cheeked face to look at me. He didn't say anything, and I switched between staring at the spreading pool on his chest and his eyes. Finally he pulled back the covers and got up to clean off in the bathroom. The dwindling protrusion of his boner bounced around in his boxers, but he had put it away so I couldn't see it. I hoped some of his come had gotten on the sheets so I could examine it up close but it had stayed on him. It would be another year before I got my first-hand experience with it up close.

After John and Justin cleaned up, we got breakfast, did some sight-seeing and swimming. That night we went down to the beach and fooled around in the water. They mooned me and I flashed my tits, but I only got a peek at Justin's penis when he gave John his shorts and raced me, skinnydipping, to a nearby buoy.



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