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Cousin Crush

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Some fun with my cousin crush.


I always had a crush on my cousin and still have one to this day. Every so often I would masturbate while thinking about being naked with her. She’s 5’5”, curvy blond with a solid set of c’s, which she had reduced from dd’s, they were two of my favorite things about the holidays growing up as a kid.

A few years back (I was 27, she was 29), I was finished bartending one night and was looking for somewhere to hang and I thought of her. She had just returned home from seeing a friend for a few days and I knew she would be home unpacking. We get together every so often for drinks to catch up and we hadn’t done it in awhile so I figured we were due and I didn’t feel like heading home. I called and she answered and was happy to hear from me and told me to stop by. I grabbed a bottle of wine and headed over.

Is was good to see her and what she was wearing, short sweats and a cotton tank top with no bra. Her curves were showing and her tits were swaying freely and I noticed immediately. We drank one bottle and were opening our second, laughing and catching up. She got tired from unpacking so we sat on the couch and she turned on the tv. We were flipping thru channels when she came upon Sex in the City, her favorite show. I protested on the selection but she wasn’t listening, so it was left on. It turns out the episode was about masturbation. Ut oh, after watching my cousin’s tits and ass all night and a couple bottles of wine, I was already a little worked up, I knew this would only stir things more.

After laughing at a few dirty jokes and a couple of flirty comments to each other, I noticed she was swinging her right leg up and down in short, quick bursts. Oh man, she was getting off right next to me. I was rock hard instantly.

After a comment from the show, we laughed and I replied “well it’s a lot easier for most of ya’s, guys make a mess, you’re doing it right here on the couch with no problem”. I was feeling the wine and my hard on, I took a shot and wondered how she would react. She immediately replied “well you can can do it right here on the couch too if you want.“ YAHTZEE!!! My heart started racing at the thought of jacking and jilling with my cousin. Without saying anything and wasting no time for the chance to pass, I stood and unzipped my pants as she started taking off her shorts. I could see the wet patch on her light blue panties, as easily as she could see my hard on jumping out of my boxer briefs.

She was on one end of the couch, me on the other end facing each other. We looked into each other’s eyes as we both removed our underwear. She spread one leg high on top of the couch, while burying her fingers into her glistening pussy. I could hear her wetness as she rub her clit and pumped two fingers in and out. I was stroking it hard and had no chance at lasting too long, and didn’t want to. I wanted to cum so bad while watching my cousin crush have an orgasm in front of me. She started to moan real loud and asked me to cum on her tits. That’s all I needed and within seconds I was finishing off my orgasm while spraying her beautiful tits with my hot cum. Seeing that sent her over the edge and we came in a loud, uninhibited release of pleasure. It was awesome.

When we came down from our high, we couldn’t stop laughing. We cleaned her up, and we lay naked together for awhile. I got a chance to finally play with the tits I dreamed about for years. I opened up and told her about my crush, and she said she had always felt the same way. We explored each other a bit and played with each other and we both had another cum, but nothing major happened. Just a deeper bonding with someone I love. We have a quick squeeze now and then though. We tease each other about it but nothing has happened since this encounter, but I am always hopeful it might.



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