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Couldn't Wait To Pump

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The other day I was walking home from church with my mother when I saw this guy mowing his lawn. He was wearing a pair of work shorts, a pair of boots and nothing else except some sort of thing around his neck. Oh, and he had some tattoos which I couldn't make out, but which started on his back and travelled down through to his butt so far as my eager eye could see.

The sun was out, he was tanned, lightly sweating, had a good solid build and a manly, half shaven face. I guess he was about 28. Not wanting to get a throbber in my pants with my mom by my side, I started to think of the boring sermon about how terrible divorce is (or whatever it was about) to calm myself down. But it was no use, for this sweaty stud then raised his arm to wipe his forehead and I caught a glimpse of his matted underarm fur. I was across the street from him but couldn't help wondering how he'd smell up close. How hot it would be to bury my face in there, have a sniff and a lick, and then get to work on his outrageously large nipples! Would it make him sigh and moan with pleasure? I'd never know, but I'm 15 so my imagination when it comes to sex is pretty vivid!

Well, my church pants soon tented with my throbbing cock pulsing at the thought of spurting a load, which I intended to do as soon as I got home. When I got in the door I told mom I wanted to go upstairs to finish some homework and sprinted up the stairs. Before I knew it I had all my clothes off. I had enough presence of mind to get my regular gear to put on should I be interrupted, with the plausible excuse that I was changing out of my Sunday best.

So, totally nude, I lay on the bed and contemplated my cock - which as you've guessed was hard as concrete (as I hope yours is as you read this). It pulsed against my belly, pointing straight up towards my face. The cockhead pushed red and angry part way through my foreskin, and a lovely big dollop of precum oozed out the top. There was no time for it to seep further because I hungrily squeezed the globule out between my fingers, and put them in my mouth. The sweet taste only got me hornier which in turn turned up the pressure on my cock - producing more for me to taste and rub on my nipples.

But this was no slow easy wank - my mother was expecting me dowstairs in five and my cock was desperate. I closed my eyes, spat into my hand, and began to pump. With the other hand I cupped my balls and teased my nipples. As the sperm in my balls began to churn, I thought of the half naked man I had seen and how much I'd like him to fuck me. Our hips would grind together, we'd lick the sweat off each other, and he'd be commanding me to shoot my sticky boy load between us.

Back to reality! As my hand moved over my foreskin around my hot meat, my ballsac raised even further towards my body and I felt an unbearable tightness run through my belly, my arse and deep into the base of my cock, like a cord of hot velvety steel. Soon the molten flow was pulsing through me and my prostate squeezed load after load of hot creamy goo, most of which spurted onto my hand, pubes and stomach, but a few ropes erupted at an angle over the side of the bed. I pumped away for another determined to milk every last drop out.

Cleanup involved eating as much cum as I could and wiping up with a special rag hidden away near some fuck mags.

I enjoyed shooting that load and hope this story resulted in a lot of spurting for you too.



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