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Cottage With Family Friends

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A long story about a great weekend with nude girls and jerking with my friend.


Some summers ago my family went to visit with friends who we would see a few times a year. We were invited to their cottage for the first time ever. When we got there I was very surprized to see such a large place with a huge deck out front overlooking the water. Many other people were already there on the day we arrived. The weather was hot & the sun was strong that day. My friend Steven was there talking with two other boys from other cottages & two girls that were also staying with us. They were all in bathing suits & after talking for a minute I went to change into my own.

When I got back to the deck Steven said he & the others were going for a canoe ride to meet up with a few others & I was to come along. I was very interested becasue the one girl was hot & a bit older than me. I only remember Robin's name. She was about my hieght with a great pair of tits & small round bottom. I also noticed how long her legs looked in the type of bikini she was sporting. We grabbed life jackets & after much warning from dad about being safe off we all went.

We paddled our way for about 20 minutes then came to a clear spot in the trees. We all got out then carried the canoes for a short bit then in the water again to paddle for about 10 more minutes. I kept asking Steven where we were going & he just said wait & it will be worth it.

As we rounded a slight bend in the smaller lake & could see a large rock covered area at the lakes end up ahead. Steven said to the others, hey look! They're there already.

I could see a few people sitting & laying on the large flat rock area as we got closer. Suddenly I noticed that those on the rock were not wearing a thing. We got close & two guys came down to the waters edge to help pull us up. They were walking around like nothing with their dicks flopping around in front of us all. I did not know what to think then Steve said, come on lets go & jumped out of the canoe. Robin & the other girls were bopping around like they were dancing in their bikinis then walked up to the top where all the others were naked together. The two girls dropped their tops & bottoms in a flash & seconds later Steven & the other guys were also naked. Steven told me I should join in & that it was a spot the other kids at the cottages went to soak up sun & get away.

I did not want to be the only one clothed so off came my shorts. My cock was about half hard from seeing these girls naked & because they were so open & bold about it. Steven told me that two of the families other kids were nudists & that is how it all started although they still would not tell the parents about it.

We all ended up sitting & laying around on the big rock. It was huge & flat & more like high land than rock. As we sat there Robin layed out with her front pointed toward the sun. She was laying on a towel & I know she knew she was hot. She did the normal pose with one leg up & bent at the knee with her back slightly arched to push out her great tits. I kept staring at her body alot. Her long legs were so toned, she had deep red nail polish on her toes & fingers, her pussy had very little hair only at the top & her tits were hard medium sized & pointed straight out when she layed down or stood up. She also had about the longest nipples I had ever seen. They looked just like pencil eraseres.

As I sat gazing at Robin I did not even notice I was getting hard. The next thing I knew I was rock hard. I looked at Steven & he to was hard so I did not care as much. I took a look around at the other guys & only one had a soft cock while the others were hard or real hard.

We all just sat around naked soaking up sun for about a half hour then Robin stood up saying she was going in the water. Down she went & almost everybody followed her. She just jumped in then yelled out becasue it was cold. Me & the others followed then when we got out I got a huge thrill. Robin's nipples were even longer & harder now & I could hardly control myself. I did not take my eyes off them as they swayed back & forth as she walked back to lay down. She sat down then looked at me while cupping her hard tits saying, see, I can get long & hard too just like you. That actually made me feel more comfortable that she had noticed my hard cock & I loved that she was touching her nice tits while talking to me.

After a while longer we all got our suits back on & went back to the cottage. I hardly noticed the other girls there that day. None compared to Robin. She was a bit older & built just like the girls I would jerk off to in my sex magazines.

We canoed back the the cottage & I spent the rest of the day as close to Robin as possible. I kept my eyes on her body & after a while she kept saying little things to me like, didn't you see enough before? or, do I need to show you again? or, you should have taken a picture so it lasts longer. Each time she would laugh & make me feel comfortable with a touch on my shoulder or a hip bump to mine.

I was so horny that I had to go to the bathroom & jerk off. I came in less than a minute & it felt so good. Back I went to the deck & soon it was dinner time. Later the sun went down & we all had more clothes on. I was sad to see Robin in clothes until she turned my way & pulled back her jacket. She had a white tank top on with no bra & those perfect huge long nipples were pointing through perfectly. As she turned away she made sure her jacket covered so the parents could not see.

We never got a chance to get away from all the people that night. Robin was just being nice to me & enjoying the tease show. She would never have wanted a younger guy like me. It was just becasue I was the newest one there that day & I was enjoying her so much.

Later it was bed time & the girls went up to the upper bedrooms together. Steven said he & I were staying in the bunkie outside down by the lake. We said goodnight to everyone then off we went.

It only took me seconds before I was talking about the day going nude with everybody & about Robin's hot body. Steven said he had seen her naked about 6 times now & each time she looks even better. I askded if she had a boyfriend & he said yes but not at the cottage & I would never have a chance. He said, you'll have to do like me & just jerk off thinking about her. I asked if he did that often & he said every chance he has had since he first saw her naked. I then admitted that I jerked off earlier that day in the bathroom after we got back & he laughed saying he did too.

We got to the bunkie & opened the door to the small room with 2 single beds along opposite walls. We walked in & I dropped my bag on the bed. Steven started taking off his clothes & said if we were quiet we could go for a swim before bed. He told me to get undressed as he stripped naked then walked out toward the water. I stripped & followed him with nothing more than moonlight for us to see with. We whispered saying it was kinda cold & then we Steven out one foot off the docks edge saying it was very cold & maybe we should not.

Once back inside we were already naked & Steven did not attempt to cover himself. I noticed he had a half hard cock now. He sat down on the bed with his back to the wall crossing his legs. He asked if I was sleepy & I said no sitting down across from him in the same way against the wall. He said to me that if I was to talk about Robin again that my cock would be hard in a second. He said, look at me as he grabbed his cock. I'm thinking about her now & mine is already there. Now he did have a full hardon & I knew he was thinking about jerking it. As I looked at him holding his hard cock I too was then at full length. Steven said, see what did I tell you. You must be thinking of Robin. Steven said you know when I'm down here I jerk off then when I'm ready to cum I go outside & let it go off the edge. He then said it's Robin fault & he needs to jerk off tonight too. I was so horny that day that for the first time in my life I was comfortable enough to jerk off with another guy watching me while he did the same. It did not even feel awkward thinking about it.

I agreed we should jerk off right there & as I said it took my hard cock into my hand. I sat up nice & straight & said this one is for Robin. I stroked what very little foreskin I have up & down using just my finger & thumb. Steven asked why I did not use my whole hand & I pointed out how little skin I had with my cock so hard & that I usually used lube for a good jerk. Steven got up & opened a small door & brought out some tanning oil. He popped it open saying this will work good. We both took a good bunch into our palms then coated our cocks agreeing it would be much better.

As we started stroking our cocks Steven rememberd it was how Robin smelled that day & we laughed a bit. Our faces went straight to no expression at all & we just wathced each other stroke his cock thinking about Robin. Steven started to describe her body as we jerked our cocks. I added with a yeah then went on about her tits & long nipples & how nice it would be to suck them. We masturbated for quite a long time & kept stopping before we would cum. With the small light in the cabin I could see Steven's cock standing high & hard each time he would stop & hold his breath holding back his orgasm.

We then started talking about our cocks & asking each other questions. I asked how often he would jerk off & found out he was much like me with a few times every day without missing ever. I asked if he had ever done it with somebody before & he said yes, two ther guys & he did it at the beggining of the summer on the rock by themselves when the girls weren't there.

We talked about when we first started & how we learned. Steven asked if I was ever caught. I was caught by my older sister who made me finish in front of her or she said she would tell on me. He was never caught before. I asked if he ever saw a girl masturbate & he said no just like me but we both agreed we'd love to see one do it. I asked if he ever jerked off at school. He said a few times & so did I.

After quite a while off talking & masturbating Steven said he wanted to cum & I said me too. He said we had to be quiet & go outside to squirt our cum off the edge of the bunkie deck.

The door squeaked a bit then we were outside. I asked Steven how often he did this & he said he did it so many times he could not remeber. We had our hard cocks in hand then Steven said he was going to cum now. He started to pump his hand fast back & forth over his hard cock then stuck arched abck saying, ok look! He stood up on his toes then I watched as the moon shined on his cock while long strings of cum squirted over the railing. He was rocking back & forth pumping his cock long after he stopped cumming. Just as he stopped I started going faster as my orgasm was building. I could only hear my hand sloshing back & forth over my oiled cock then I too arched pointing my cock over the edge then also squirted lots of cum. I was enjoying my orgasm so much that it was a bit noisy so Steven shushed me. I shut up but kept stroking my cock as long as I could until it was too sensative to touch any longer.

We both walked back inside & wiped our hands over our bodies getting the extra oil off & rubbing the left over cum into our skin. We went to sleep within minutes then when I woke up & rolled over in the morning to see Steven masturbating his hard cock again. He said Robin was still on his mind & I rolled out with my morning cock to oil it up again. We stoked our cocks for about 30 minutes that morning then I asked where do we shoot our cum. Steven said in our hand & then take it outside to drop by hand becasue it was daylight.

We kept stroking then once we both watched each other enjoy a wonderful morning orgasm we were finished.

That was the best cottage weekend I ever had in my life & to this day the best time ever with a friend just enjoying the thoughts of a beautiful woman.



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