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Corporate Fantasy

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This is a fantasy I have of someone I know and admire helping me in more ways than she can understand.


M is a professional career woman in my office whom I have gotten to know over the last couple of years working there. Our relationship moved on from being strictly professional to being friends. Some of our conversations have gotten a little steamy however I am fully aware of her corporate ethics and especially a strongly-held view point of relationships in the office and marital fidelity. This fantasy exists for me because of issues I have in my marriage so here goes.
Naturally like most fantasies there is a small basis in reality. I imagine that at the end of one of our one on one meetings we ask each other how we are doing and what's going on. On that particular day I am already focussed on the situation at home with regard to loss of sex. So in the meeting I blurt out something about difficulty at home and realize that I may have opened up something but think she wont ask further. She asks if I mind her asking what kind of difficulty and instead of saying something to blow off her interest I feel like I want to be more specific and then mention the sexual inactivity and the resulting frustration. Instead of her normal standoffishness, I find her tone to be unusually sympathetic (certainly not an everyday occurrence) and she says I must have tried to talk to P about this ...and I say yes I have in the past and it all comes to nothing and with other things going on I can't make her become interested if there's none there. She hesitates and tell me that I must be quite capable of taking care of myself to get some relief and I confess that that is what stops me from going completely mad - trying to laugh it off - but I also tell her that being alone so much makes me feel isolated at the same time that I have such a pleasurable physical time. I find that there's no response to this and a semi-embarrassing from look from us both, into each others eyes at that moment halts the conversation right there. I am wondering what she is thinking and whether I said too much and over stepped. She looks down to the paperwork in front of her.
After a few moments she says more brightly - its lunchtime why don't we go out and get something to eat for a change. So I agree, suddenly feeling that getting some fresh air at this point might help. We walk without speaking out of the building and to her car, which is in a secluded spot in the parking garage. We get in and she puts the key in the starter and then asks ...where should we go?. I say since we are taking the trouble of going out why not a chinese restaurant or something if she knows one.
Instead of a response to do with restaurants I am startled by her next statement about being in a committed relationship with her boyfriend and being disapproving of people who don't take their marriage vows seriously. I feel that its the beginning of an admonishment for those comments I made at the end of the meeting...but here in the car?. Then she looks directly at me says that if I need company and nothing else then if that would help me she might be ok with it. I find those words to be unclear in meaning but nonetheless those words and the look in her eyes are surprisingly stimulating for me and my heart begins to race heavily and I can feel it pulsing in my neck. I am sure I am misinterpreting whatever she meant and I simply look back at her. Being in the driver seat she picks up my left hand as I sit in the passenger seat holds it next to her in both hands. She squeezes it and I can feel the perspiration now forming in both hands. She smiles at me. It dawns on me what she is thinking. I don't remove my eyes from hers as I move my right hand over and place it on my crotch. I feel my blood rushing into my cock. She looks down and then back up at me. She says go ahead. I then start gently massaging the bulge in my crotch through my trousers. She continues to stare directly at me and I sense a small change in her face. I conclude that she is finding this to be stimulating herself and I wonder whether her pussy is responding and getting wet. I keep rubbing my crotch with my right hand as she grips my left hand even tighter with both her hands. I notice that she parts her knees under her skirt.
I feel the excitement building up in me and I momentarily stop rubbing as I slip my right hand inside the top of my pants and reach in to rub myself directly. She is now alternately looking at my hand moving inside my pants as I start to move it more quickly and then back to my eyes. Another smile, this time there is a different look in her eyes. This experience is so new to me and so exciting - and I am sure I can detect heavier breathing from her. My right hand is moving fairly quickly now and I tell her that I will have to stop because I don't want to come inside my trousers. At that moment she releases my left hand and reaches across and undoes the top of my trousers and the zip. She tells me to pull it out and faster than I thought possible her mouth is over the top of my tip and I feel the warm sensation of her mouth as she takes my cock completely. For a brief moment only I am aware of the pleasant smell of shampoo in her hair which is inches away from my face. I try for an instant to reach out and caress her left breast but at the same time I find myself at the edge of a huge climax I have barely tried to reach for her nipple through her blouse despite it being hard and completely prominent. I can't hold off any longer and within a matter of seconds from the attention she is giving me, my cock is pulsing a massive ejaculation into her mouth. I am rocked by an orgasm flooding through me and I can feel it tingling in my toes. I hear her swallowing and then I feel the cool air around my cock as she lifts herself up.
I try to guide myself back in to my trousers. And I say thank you to her. She just smiles. For a moment I am not really sure where I am as I slowly climb down from my climax and there is an unmistakable and highly charged and sensual aroma of pussy juice in the car. We both relax. Not sure about you she says, but I am quite full and suddenly don't feel like lunch. I say I hope you took that as a compliment to your technique. And she responds with, I certainly did and smiles. We both get out of the car and head back to our respective desks. I am left wondering as I look out of the window in front of my desk.



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